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Erotic Stories

The day when we tried sex 4 times in 1 day

Making love is obviously on everyone’s mind ever since they understand what it means. I mean who wouldn’t like to do it and enjoy the pleasure and warmth that it brings along with it. The whole act of seducing, tempting and the physical closeness just doesn’t seem to go off your heads. But then how comfortable you think one can be while doing it many-a-times in one single day.

The other day I was teasing my boyfriend by talking about intimacy and physical closeness. I was telling him how I liked making love to him and that we should try to do it more often. Just as we were talking about it, I could sense some hormones fighting within me. I could see him turning sensuous too. I don’t know if it was the talk or the closeness we shared that prompted us to get indulged.

I can tell you it was really satisfying but I just couldn’t stop asking for more. I could feel the energy still rushing in my blood and asking me to do more of it. Though my boyfriend was skeptical about it at first, but he eventually gave in. Since we did it pretty much immediately after the first time, it was a bit painful to both of us.

He didn’t really like the idea of doing it so soon again but he hardly had a choice. As we continued I could feel the vibrations tingling across our bodies and heating up the atmosphere. I only wished that he never stops and keeps making love to me for long. It was an amazing feeling to enjoy intimacy in back-to-back sessions. And also it was something we had never tried before.

I later got up to get some snacks and drinks for us. We were acting so stupid to each other that day. While being naked, he chased me inside the house. We even had a hot bath session after that. It was so fascinating to be naked in his arms while enjoying a hot bubble bath. The hot and the sensuous closeness prompted us to do it one more time. But on this occasion, he was more eager than me and insisted on making love in a standing position.

Imagine yourself being completely wet and undressed in front of your lover. I don’t think there can be something more tempting than that. I could already feel his gun tingling between my legs. It was such an exhilarating experience that wowed me from within. We just couldn’t stop kissing and smooching each other. It was getting horny and wild. He finally fired and that brought us to a screeching halt.

 It was our third time in a span of few hours. I was really enjoying that day. It was like an out-and-out love making day sort of thing. We never felt so pumped and high. Though it was tiring, I still craved for more. But we decided to give it a break and try something else. We engaged ourselves in bedroom plays and started having fun with adult toys and vibrators.

We had an early dinner to ensure we clean up things in time before bed. Since it was quite some time since we made out so we were doing things hurriedly. We started making out as soon as we hit the bid. The urge, the pleasure and the wildness were making us go crazy. It was little hurting but then we didn’t really care. All we wanted was to get lost in each other.

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