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Buy Intimate Wash and Other Personal Hygiene and Health Products from ItsPleazure

We can talk about sex toys and pleasure kits all day long and that would be fun but your collection of kinky surprises and sex accessories is incomplete without the correct personal hygiene products like an intimate wash or an enema bulb.

You can buy a range of Personal hygiene products like an intimate wash for vaginal cleansing and douches for anal cleaning from ItsPleazure, not only are these effective but also ensure that you can look forward to more pleasurable experiences without having to worry about infections, diseases or irritation. Nothing dampens the mood than uncomfortable genitals, choose from top-notch brands like V wash and clean and dry wash among many more at ItsPleazure to keep your vagina clean, dry and fresh, similarly you can choose from a range of skin-friendly douches for that extra effort to rinse out the anus and enjoy anal play without an embarrassing mess.


What is Intimate Wash or Invaginal Wash Products?

As the name suggests intimate wash products are intimate care products which help maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your intimate areas. The intimate area is prone to infections like Bacterial vaginosis which is very common in women, other diseases, rashes or irritation, odour and more and intimate washes especially a vagina wash plays a very important role in a woman’s personal hygiene.

Intimate wash products like V wash, clean and dry wash, intimate wipes and enema bulbs are very useful as their primary function is to help maintain personal hygiene. Intimate wash products are formulated carefully with safe and natural ingredients and while most of them are for women today there is a huge variety of intimate wash products for men as well especially anal care products.


What Is Douching?

The act of douching is usually done either under medical advisement or to maintain personal hygiene, just like clean and dry wash and V wash; douches and enema bulbs are intimate wash and care products. Douching is essentially a flow of water entering a body cavity for purposes of rinsing and cleaning, this can be done with multiple douche products available at ItsPleazure.

The intimate wash process known as douching can be done to clean out the vagina as well as the anus and can, of course, be used by both men and women. One such easy-peasy vagina cleaner is the ITSPLEAZURE BLUE DOUCHE AND ENEMA FLUSH BULB which is made from skin-friendly materials has a comfortable nozzle and is an effective product for vaginal cleaning (and can also be used for anal douching).

It is safe to say that excess use of anything is harmful and moderation is key, similarly, it is ideal to use douches or enemas for an intimate wash under advisement by a medical professional or for personal hygiene purposes (not daily). It is important to understand that douching Is performed to rinse out the cavity which can, in turn, upset the natural decorum, in this case, the PH level of a vagina which is why it is recommended to only douche if advised by a medical professional.


How to Use Vaginal Douching Product?

The vagina is a self-cleaning body part so to speak, it maintains the pH level and healthy bacteria within the intimate area balancing its cleanliness and overall vaginal health, while a clean and dry intimate wash is highly recommended for women it is a miracle of biology how the vagina is built to clean itself out especially the regular discharge and after a menstruation cycle. Various other factors getting involved like the use of soaps, exchange of bodily fluids through sex, hormonal imbalance induced irritation, itching and rashes, the use of foreign objects like sex toys, pregnancy, age, and medical condition can too affect vaginal health.

It is important to understand when, how much and how to use douching intimate wash products, one should only use best intimate wash in India and not compromise on quality as it is the matter of our intimates. Here’s are some useful tips on how to use Vaginal douching products for women –


Using a vaginal douche step guide

Select a vaginal douche for an intimate wash, base your selection of personal hygiene products on durability, materials used, size & shape, intimate wash price, and brand/quality.

A clean and dry wash of any personal hygiene product is a must, thoroughly clean and pat dry the enema bulb or vaginal douche before use.

- Fill the bulb with water (or your choice of liquid), the cleansing liquid can easily be found in a pharmacy or you could make one at home.

- Gently insert the nozzle into the vagina, you don’t have to insert it all the way through just enough to ensure that the intimate wash liquid doesn’t leak.

- Squeeze the bulb (with light pressure), this will release the flow of water into the vaginal cavity and you can repeat till the water runs clear or till the vagina is rinsed/cleaned to your preference. Do not over-do this step, the vagina needs to maintain a good number of healthy bacteria and a thorough rinse may end up cleaning them out too.

- It’s safe to assume that you’d want to take a shower after the douching process, clean out the enema bulb and any other products that you may have used during your intimate wash routine.

Dry all personal hygiene products before storing them


How to Keep Your Vagina Fresh at All Times

A clean and dry wash is the ultimate way to keep your vagina happy and fresh at all times as well as maintain your intimate/Personal hygiene. Some do’s and don’ts of vaginal intimate wash –


Do –                                                                                    

- Try and keep your vagina as dry as possible

- Wipe your intimates (vagina and anus) dry after every wash/shower with the use of skin-friendly tissues

- Use vaginal cleanser instead of regular soap to maintain pH level and good bacteria in the vagina

- Let your vagina do what it does best and clean itself out, or use a vaginal or anal douching process for a manual approach

- Wear breathable materials or cotton clothing for a comfortable and sweat-free experience

- Use trusted brands like V wash and clean and dry wash for best results.


Don’t –

- Use any scented soaps or perfumed products on vagina instead use products like V Wash or lean and dry wash which are vagina clean liquid.

- Over-douche, it may eliminate all good bacteria and encourage infections

- Don’t Ignore personal hygiene and use only what suits your skin type

- Use petroleum jelly or any DIY lube, trust skin-friendly silicone lubricants as they are gentle on skin.

- Have sex without protection.


Intimate Wash is Important for Everyone

Personal hygiene is indeed important and a must for everyone, taking care of oneself physically, mentally and intimately is what makes for a fulfilling and enriching life, no one wants an itchy vagina or an infection to come in between their daily routine or bedroom fun.

Intimate hygiene is not just about cleaning up after sex but maintaining a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina, luckily the vagina is designed to clean itself out automatically and strategically and there are ways we can help with intimate washes, wipes, douches and more.

Intimate wash is for everyone, since many external and internal factors affect our personal hygiene and intimate health it is important now more than ever to introduce vagina wash products into your life, today intimate wash for women come in a variety of vaginal wash liquid brands like V wash or clean and dry wash to a selection of intimate washes, wipes and more.


Some Benefits of Using V Wash Product

V wash is one of the most popular intimate wash brands in India, V wash has introduced a wave of awareness in the personal hygiene segment especially for women and educated people about Vaginal health and the importance of an intimate hygiene wash.


Here’s why you should invest in V wash –

V wash is a trusted name around the country and has been formulated with natural ingredients keeping in mind the requirements of a healthy vagina.

- V wash acts as a mild liquid soap that can be used around the vagina (outer area only) and clean thoroughly without the risk of infections.

V wash helps maintain the PH level of the vagina and does not harm the good bacteria

- The V wash intimate wash product is packed with anti-bacterial agents and lactic acid

- V wash helps maintain overall vaginal health, all while being the perfect and safe cleaning solution

- Eliminate any unusual odours, irritation or itchiness with an intimate wash like V wash.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 days

You know now that intimate hygiene is very important and there are carefully designed personal hygiene products like V wash, clean and dry wash, intimate wipes, enema bulbs and douches available at ItsPleazure for all your intimate care needs. Enjoy your intimate care routine with best quality products, affordable prices and facilities like Fast shipping and quick delivery at ItsPleazure, get discreet doorstep delivery across India in 2-5 business days.


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