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Intimate Earth Hydra Lube 60ML

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ID Juicy Lube Bubblegum Blast

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Intimate Organics
Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger Massage Oil

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Sex Massage Oil & Couple massage Products from ItsPleaZure

Foreplay is a wonderful thing and very important in any relationship, building up to the act is what arouses both the partners most. A massage can be both a stress reliever and the perfect way for you and your partner to get into the mood. ItsPleaZure has the perfect collection of erotic edible and non-edible sex oils that can be used both for massages as well as a lubricant.

Who wouldn't like to leave behind all their worries and enjoy a nice rub down? A very intimate form of foreplay, massage gives you the power of touch, when you touch your partner everywhere it can help find what his/her sensual uncontrollable spots are.

The fun of adding edible body massage oils to your life is endless, do need to stop and wipe down any more, oral pleasure can be enjoyed like never before with the Edible massage oil collection at ItsPleaZure. Variations like sugar-free, vegan and organic is an added benefit when you shop with us. Intimate organics defence lube is most trusted and purchased organic lube by our customers. A tasty treat at night for you and irresistible pleasure for your partner can be brought about with Edible lubricant and body sex oils, also, these make the sexiest gifts. Passion Luxury Kit by Shunga is the one package carrying edible lubes and oils.


Why You Should Have Sexy Body Massage Oil

Body massage has many physical benefits for individuals, they help you unwind and relax your muscles and pressure points but a lesser known fact is that a sexy body massage given to a partner can actually enhance your sex life as well your relationship.

Couples find less and lesser time for each other as their relationship progresses, apart the wooing and honeymoon period as your relationship matures couples rely on each other in their routine lives as well as sex and an erotic massage every now and then can help you bond with each other and share the sensual experience (it eliminates stress and daily chore discussions into something sexy), at ItsPleaZure find an array of exotic massage oil like the fresh orange & wild ginger massage oil and sunga erotic art organica kissable massage oil intoxicating chocolate.

The power of Touch can do wonders, especially when it’s your partner trying to relax you through their warm touch with an erotic massage. The hormonal reaction and release of dopamine stimulate furthermore which is why body massage oils are the best type of foreplay there is. At ItsPleaZure you will find a vast variety of both edible and non-edible personal massage oil. Many of these oils heat up on touch when it comes in contact with skin, this can stimulate both the parties even further and will prove to be a great tease.

A couple’s massage is the perfect way to set the mood for sex, both are already oiled up and ready to go plus the rejuvenation your skin gets from all the nutrients from oils is a bonus. The calm and aroused that you feel after a rub down leads to a sexually active and healthy sex drive. ItsPleaZure shunga oriental body to body massage - strawberry and champagne and Intimate earth sensual massage oil cocoa bean and gogi berry are a few options of the best massage oil for couples at ItsPleaZure.


Different Types of Body Oils or Lubricant Oil for Couples You Can Buy

At ItsPleaZure you can find different types of Lubricants and oils that will add the much-needed lubrication and fun into your sex play.

There are different kind of Lubricants available to choose from - Water-based lube, oil-based lube and silicone lube are the varieties and each has their strengths. While water-based lubricants are highly recommended and popularly bought, the oil and silicone lube oils are wondrous in their own ways. massage and lube go hand in hand when you choose the right products.

Body massage oils at ItsPleaZure comes in variations of Edible and non-edible flavoured massage oil, these natural oils filled with nutrients (most have the ability to warm up on touch, especially when it comes in contact with the body) is a nourishing and sexy addition to your night cravings.

Durex play massage 2-in-1 stimulating lube and ItsPleaZure shunga chocolate intimate aphrodisiac oil are both perfect examples of a combination of lubricant and oils, ready In a bottle for ultimate sexual pleasure. Why to limit just with the one oil when you can enjoy romantic essential kit with your partner, that comes with

  • Chocolate warming massage oil (60ml)
  • Rose scented bubble bath (60 ml)
  • Red scented silk rose petals in a cream organza bag
  • Two tea lights
  • Two mint candies and a Romantic Essentials Guide.

    How To Use Sex Massage Oil?

    Just in case you are a first-time user of Body massage oils, do not worry it will be fun and maybe just a little bit messy the first time but will ultimately lead to good sex.

  • If you are great at giving massages then you are sorted, simply use your massage techniques but add the oil to it. For a better approach heat the oil (do not boil, just heat for a few seconds to give it a warm touch) and apply on your partner's body with your hands in whichever motion you prefer (or whichever will arouse him/her the most)
  • New to body massage? Pick a day that your partner is already in a good mood, a stress-free day so that your message does not rile up anything. Be gentle and slow at first and find out step by step what and where your partner enjoys your touch, proceed the same way with a small amount of oil on your palm, heat if needed.
  • Keep Sexy massage oil handy as it can help as a lubricant and add more spice to oral sex as well, women who do not get aroused much or do not self-lubricate can include Sex oils in their daily life (not only does it eliminate pain, resolves vaginal dryness but also leads to intense orgasms)

    All Erotic Massage Oil Provided by ItsPleaZure is Made Up Of 100% Safe Ingredients and It is Effective

    which is the biggest USP when shopping with us, the natural ingredients assure you that you can explore your sexual wellness safely without having to worry about the product. The feel of the lubricants and oils enhances your overall experience leaving you and your partner wanting for more.


    Get your oils and other products delivered fast and secretly!

    We have a Discreet Shipping Policy through which we ship all the orders in the package which does not mention what is inside. Only people who know what’s inside are you and us. Thanks to our agreement with courier companies we are able to offer faster delivery. Metros and Tier-1 cities receive delivery in 2-4 days while other locations generally takes 3-5 days.

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