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All men wish to be tigers in bed but enjoy it to the fullest; you need to have good sex life & sexual satisfaction. This has become a priority nowadays. If you are dissatisfied with your marital life if your partner is away Or even if you are single and want to get a pleasurable experience, all you need is to take benefit of penis toys. Look no further as we are eager to help. You can use male sex toys to improve your sexual appetite. Of late, there has been a steady increase in the use of these toys. You can choose the sex toys in India for men and some naughty tricks to fulfill your fantasies. There are several options for you at our online sex toys store that can satisfy those looking for sexual pleasure.

 What is the purpose of using sexual toys for men?

What are the advantages of Male Sex Toys?

The use of sex toys for male has been increasing gradually. The reasons why people use it may vary, but there is no denying the fact that it is no longer the prerogative of women only. Several men are also shedding the inhibition and have started using them. It is an excellent mechanism that allows you to explore your bodies and not get confined to the same idea of lovemaking. Sex toys for men can enable you to further the general idea of having sex and fulfilling your desires.

Better satisfaction

One of the essential outcomes of any sexual encounter is the ultimate satisfaction of yourself and your partner. It is only possible if you are confident in yourself and your capabilities. It can enhance your self-esteem and lead to better sex. Sex toys for men assure a better sex life and the quality of intercourse. Single men can also use the toys to explore their bodies and fully understand their sexual prowess. Studies also show that women are more satisfied with men who use these toys.

Last longer and satisfy better

It takes practice to control the orgasm and have it at the right time. Men sexual toys can help improve the lasting power and make you more sensitive, leading to the perfect climax when you want. It makes you a better lover while ensuring that you are more comfortable with your body. You understand what the body wants and have more experience. It leads to having an enhanced sexual experience.

It helps to have a satisfying relationship

Men can easily use variety in the bedroom using men sexual toys. You need few sparks in your sexual endeavors to eliminate the boredom that would otherwise creep into your relationship. It can allow you to open and have better communication with your partner. It will help to remove any hindrances in the relationship and smoothen it too. It is also a safe way to get kinky in the bedroom, and men can utilize the outcomes from using sex toys for men in their sexual encounters.

Which sex toys for boys are available in India?

If you are willing to add an extra bit of spice to your sex life, you can get hold of one of the boys sex toys. It is fulfilling and can be used even by single men to fulfill their dark desires. The sex toys for men can be used for exploration and taken more positively than even a few years back. It can help you to de-stress yourself on a lighter weekend afternoon.

There is a curiosity among men about their sexual exploration, and they take the help of different sex toys. E.g., Several people use the male vibrator to have a different perspective of their sexual desires. For couples, these men sexual toys are known to add to the sugar and spice of their sexual activities. 

Now, you must be itching to know more about the available sex gear:

You understand your sexual desires and choose one that is ideal for you. Several options are available for you. You must learn about the available men sexual toys. We will discuss some of the sex toys for men in India.

Masturbators & fleshlights for hand free masturbation

Several male-focussed toys can titillate your sexual needs. For example, Masturbators & fleshlights can remove the pressures of sexual pleasures. Using them can also improve your sexual performance with partners. These men sexual toys are becoming common in men’s bedrooms and allow them to try new ways to induce stimulation. 

You should use a water-based lubricant to bring out the ideal stimulation that will help in your climax. It can be treated as a game-changer for men and can make your wildest dreams come true. These sex toys for men come in several designs that are ideal for your satisfaction.

Penis rings for long-lasting erection

These rings are worn around the penis’ base and can help the user to have a long-lasting erection. They can slow down the blood flow and help the erections last long for a fulfilling sexual escapade. Men sexual toys are made from different materials, but the commonly used ones are rubber and silicone. Some of the penis rings are made from metal too.

Apart from giving the user a more rigid boner, the rings can treat erectile dysfunction too. It increases the sensation that can make masturbation or intercourse like being in paradise. It can also lead to improving your marital life through hand jobs too. These men sexual toys can also boost your confidence leading to improved sexual performance.

Penis sleeves for a visually longer penis

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? If yes, then these are ideal for you. They slip over the penis and can help to increase its length to boost your self-esteem. These sex toys for men also cover the shaft of the penis and can cover the sensitive parts to prevent ejaculating quickly. 

The simple thought of the penis sleeve and your partner enjoying it can help you attain marital bliss. It does not lose rigidity and can provide the added stimulation needed. However, the user and partner must be comfortable with these sex toys for men.

Urethral sounding for urethral pleasure

Are you a person who thinks out of the blue? You may also be looking out for some kinky ways to arouse your sexual desires. This method of sexual satisfaction requires you to insert a glass or metal object into the urethra. You can also insert a fluid. Urethral sounding leads to heightened sexual pleasure and arousal that is long-lasting. These men sexual toys have a mechanism of arousal that can make you feel less depressed about your marital life. However, the feeling is not the same for everyone. Several users have had a strange feeling while using it for the first few times. But it is more pleasurable when you get used to it. These sex toys for men are safe, but only if you maintain proper hygiene and sterilize them before using them.

Sex doll: Your secret sex partner

Is your partner away? You can use dolls to fulfill your fantasies. Several models of sex dolls are so beautiful that men are even marrying them. There are doll brothels too in western cities. So, if you feel that only creepy perverts own these men sexual toys, then you are mistaken. Several men are fascinated with the female body, and many of them prefer to get their hands on the prettiest dolls available.

What are the myths associated with men adult toys?

Sex toys can enliven your life, and it is fun for you and your partner too. The sex toys for men can make your sex life spicy and help connect with your inner self. As a result, your self-knowledge is improved, and utilize the benefits of using one of the male sex toys. 

Myth 1: They are for singletons

We always come across this misconception – sex toys are for singles. But several men use them to revitalize their sex lives with their partners. Studies also show that those who use any sex toys for men have a better sex life. It is also excellent for self-pleasure when the partner is away. There are several options, and you can use one of them to complement sex with your partners.

Myth 2: Replacement for sex

There are several of us who assume that sex toys for boys are a replacement for actual sex. We look down upon the users as remaining unfulfilled from their sexual encounters. No, it isn’t. Those who use sex toys for men have a more fulfilling relationship with their partners. Always keep in mind that sex tots will only complement your sexual desires. It can never be a substitute for real sex.

Myth 3: It can desensitize you

Do you feel bored while having intercourse with your long-time partner? If the answer is no, you will also not get desensitized if you use one of the men sexual toys. So the myth of desensitizing your nerves by using these toys is baseless. You will get familiarized with the sensation, but that does not mean it will lessen your sex craving. Nor will it hamper the pleasures you would get without using these toys.

Myth 4: It speaks loudly about your sexual prowess

There is an assumption that those who use sex toys for men do not get satisfied with their partners. It can be an ominous sign of our culture that does not facilitate people to take charge of their sexuality. On the contrary, the reality is just the opposite. It acts as a catalyst to have an idea of the limits of their sexuality. As a result, men can try out their sexual fantasies with these men sexual toys and use the experience with their partners. 

Tips & precautions while using sexy men toys

The demand for adult toys for men in India is constantly increasing, but the point remains that we are never cautious when using them. Most of the products are unregulated, which makes them even riskier. How can men protect themselves while enjoying using these men sexual toys? We will discuss a few tips for you.

Tip 1: Check the materials used

There is very little product literature associated with the toys, but you may find some at the e-commerce stores when buying online. Please do not use any porous men toys as they could transmit infections. Also, do not use sex toys for men made from phthalates as they pose serious health risks. 

Tip 2: Only use branded ones

Many of us generally choose the cheapest products in the marketplace. However, do not go for the cheap ones. Moreover, being expensive does not mean being the best. Always select from among the branded ones from a reputed online adult products store. There are several affordable sex toys for men from renowned brands for you. Also, do not exchange your toys with others.

Tip 3: Wash them regularly

Always keep in mind that reckless behavior can lead to severe urinary tract infections. It would be best if you washed the toy regularly to stay away from diseases. It is essential to go through the documentation provided with the sex toys for men to know how to clean the toy. It is equally crucial to use the right lube for the men toys too. 

Where to buy men sex toys online in India?

If you are searching for men sex toys online in India, then Itzpleazure can be the ideal pit-stop. You can find all categories of sex toys for men, and there is an assortment of products that will suit your needs. They believe in the necessity for a healthy and sexually satisfying relationship between consenting adults. Single men can also use the products to spruce up their hidden imaginations.


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