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Lovely is the sex toy & app that makes couples scream with joy

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Enhance your sex life

The Lovely & Lovely App provide you with unparalleled ways to make your sex even better:

Explore New Positions

Lovely knows your favourite positions and provides you with over a hundred new ones to enjoy

Get Personalized Tips

Lovely understands your style of love making and gives you tips & ideas to make it even better

More Diversity

Lovely learns what you and your partner like to do in bed and gives you new ideas that diversify your sex life

Lovely App

It’s a beautiful place for you & your partner to communicate and sexplore new ideas for even better sex

Additional Stimulation

Lovely stimulates the clitoris by vibrating during intercourse, helping her to climax

Enhanced Erection

Lovely sits tight on the base of the penis (don’t worry, it’s very stretchy and fits easily) and slows blood circulation. Making erection stronger and last longer

How Lovely works

Lovely sits tight on a base of the penis and monitors your body movements during sex.
This data is used to provide you and your partner with highly personalized tips and ideas that make your sex life even better.

Better Communication

Good communication is an important part of sex. Lovely connects and inspires you to talk more about it and make it so much better!

Sexy Calories

For the first time you can check how many calories you and your partner burn during sex. There is no other device in the world to tell you that!

For Both of You

Get unique and personalized ideas for both you and your partner through the Lovely App. Lovely also stimulates the woman and makes man’s erection stronger, for longer. It’s truly a couples toy

Stretchy Design – One Size Fits All

Lovely is made of silky smooth and very stretchy medical silicone. It’s completely safe for your skin and stretchy enough to fit on an orange.