Valentines Day DatekiNight Contest FAQs

Q. What is the contest and how can I participate in this?
A. You get a chance to take your partner on a date fully paid by it'spleaZure. You need to participate in DatekiNight contest by following the below mentioned rules.
1. Register with Us.
2. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Q. What I need to do to become the winner of this contest?
A. You just need to buy products from as much as you can. Top 2 buyers will take their partner to romantic dinner date fully paid and organized by it'spleaZure. You need to purchase minimum products of Rs.3000

Q. Is there any last date for this contest?
A. Yes. You can keep participating in the contest from 6th February 2016 0:00 AM to 12th February 2016 3:00 PM IST. We will be announcing the winners on 12th February 2016

Q. Will you be continuously announcing the details?
A. We will be regularly declaring the top 5 spends which are happening at the end of each day.

Q. How will I know that I have won the contest?
A. We make sure that your discreetness should not be compromised. So, we will be emailing you notification of your winning the contest.

Q. Can I register through multiple email Ids?
A. No. You have to buy all the products from the single email ID.

Q. Will I get the cab pick-up and drop option also?
A. Yes. In case you need it, we will provide you with pick-up and drop option.

Q. Can I order and do anything at the place?
A. Once you are selected, we will let you know the exact details. But don't worry, it will be more than awesome.