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Product Information

Pairing the gratification of steamy, intimate sex and delicious chocolate, Kheper Games presents the Game of Chocolate Decadence, a two-player romance board game that will have your creativity and sensations spinning. As each player takes their turn, they roll the die and move their marker the amount of spots indicated, performing the task listed on to complete the round. 

How to Play: The object of this game is to reach the wining square at the end of the game board before your lover, collecting Decadence Game Cards along the way. Depending on your task, you may be required to perform sexual favors or indulge an erotic fantasy to your partner. 
You will want to prepare with sexy clothing and a comfortable play area before getting started - these tasks are far from innocent! Once the winner has reached the end of the board, they get to choose their favorite task from their own collection of Decadence Game Cards to act out. Play in English or French - bilingual game cards are included. 

Product Includes:
    1. 36 X Chocolate Decadence Game Cards
    2. 1 X 30ml Bottle of Body Chocolate
    3. 1 X Game Board
    4. 1 X Brush
    5. 1 X Blindfold Mask
    6. 1 X 1-Minute Timer
    7. 2 X Game Markers
    8. 1 X Die
    9. Game Rules

      Chocolate Decadance

      Kheper Games

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