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Play Very Cherry is a luscious, flavoured, intimate lube. It's totally sugar free meaning it's guilt free so use as much as you like! It's a water based lube so safe to use with condoms. This lube is condom friendly. 

Direction for Use: Remove the cap, twist the pump to open and gently squeeze. Smooth on a little lube.

More information: Play Very Cherry is water soluble and easily washed off. It's non sticky and won't stain but it's best to avoid contact with eyes. If you experience irritation, stop using the lube. If irritation continues or additional lube is required all the time then please contact your doctor.

Best stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. Use within three months of opening. Whilst safe to consume, the product is best kept away from children.

Durex Lube - Play Very Cherry


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