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it'spleazure ID Frutopia - Mango - 30 ml


Welcome to fruity heaven

100% natural fruit flavour for 100% pure fun!
Contains no sugar
100ml / 3.4oz pump bottles
100% Vegan
Water based & Latex friendly
Flavoured & Sweetened Naturally
For Best Oral Sex Experience

The taste and smell of juicy ripe mangoes in a personal lubricant sounds crazy but somehow it works and works very well as exemplified by ID Frutopia Mango Lube here in a 100ml Bottle. The pump bottle makes it easy to dispense some of this delicious lube onto your hands so you can rub it where you want. The ID Frutopia Mango Lube can safely be used with any type of condom but also on sex toys or simply on the skin or sex organs to add glide to intercourse, foreplay and masturbation. Being water-based, the ID Frutopia Mango Lube will not stain your bed linen and your clothes. This lusciously sweet lube is also non-sticky and contains no added sugar. Vegans can also indulge in oral sex with the ID Frutopia Mango Lube as it does not contain any trace of animal products. Let your imagination run free and use this lube without moderation.


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