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Product Information

Explore sexual cultures from around the world, right in your very own bedroom, with Sex Around The World Game for couples.
A unique way to spice up your love life, this game borrows sex practices from across the globe throughout history, seasoning you and your lover with new ideas, sensations and intimacy as you learn together. 
The objective of this game is to attain a Visa from each part of the world, filling your passport as you complete each Visa instruction card from a specified continent, aiming to do so before your partner to win the game. Including a silk tie and a candle, you're sure to be left satisfied, if not aroused, even if you don't end up the winner by the end of your journey.

    Product Includes:

      1. 36 Visa Cards (18 for Him, 18 for Her)
      2. 2 Passports
      3. 1 Silk Tie
      4. 1 Candle
      5. 1 Spinner
      6. 2 Custom Dice
      7. Game Rules
      A perfect weekend gift to surprise your partner with things like erotic massage from France, right in your bedroom. Select and break the routine to be more spicy.

      Sex Around the World

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