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Product Information

    A devilishly sexy, deluxe game for lovers that has guaranteed pleasure as an end result, Sex! takes you around a circular board, placing you and your lover in various tantalizing situations
    Whether you're answering or asking a steamy sex trivia question, seductively stripping off an article of clothing or licking something sweet off your mate's body, as you move along the board, you might forget about the game altogether, although the object is to get to the end before indulging in full-on sex 
    An easy to read key is included, which explains each symbol on the board, these incorporate the sexy dice in some instances, along with the various trivia and action cards
    With thousands of unique ways to win and a million fantasies to build, the Sex! game is guaranteed to make for hours of fun with your object of desire

    Product Includes:

      1. One 13 11/6” x 17 3/8” Game Board,
      2. 35 “He Asks” Trivia Cards,
      3. 35 “She Asks” Trivia Cards,
      4. 60 Sex! Cards,
      5. 3 Dice
      6. Two Game Markers
      7. Game Rules.
      8. 1 Million possibilities