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Shop Ben Wa Ball, Kegel Ball and Other Sex Balls Online in India at Itspleazure

Shop for all your pleasure ball needs online at ItsPleazure, here you can find a variety of Ben Wa Ball, Kegel Balls and Egg Vibrators in different materials, shapes, sizes and compositions. Sex balls are extremely fun to exercise with, not only do they help enhance your vaginal health but also bring novelty into your workout routine.

The use of Kegel balls is not a new concept and has been a part of women’s health and pleasure for the longest time, while Kegel balls, ben wa balls and egg vibrators have their respective uses, the one constant is sexual pleasure.


What is Kegel Ball?

Kegel ball is another term for Ben wa balls, these round lightweight balls are specifically used for Kegel exercises by women which are essentially done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

The use of vagina balls for Kegel exercises (which is extracting and releasing the muscles) helps strengthen the vagina, women eventually lose sensation and the ability to Orgasm due to various reasons like natural ageing, menopause, childbirth etc and using Ben Wa balls or Kegel Balls is the perfect way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. There are a variety of Kegel balls or ben wa balls available, some hollow and some weighted but most can be used as balls for sex and make for great foreplay toys.


How to Use Kegel or Ben Wa Ball?


Here are some easy steps you can follow when using Ben wa balls or Kegel balls –

- Depending upon what activity you’re going for one must choose the Kegel balls accordingly, although the use instructions are standard for Orgasm balls as well as the exercise special Kegel balls.

- Ben wa balls or Geisha balls as they are popularly called are essentially two balls (one hollow and the other weighted with another smaller ball inside it)

- The First step is to thoroughly wash and dry your sex balls before using them for any purpose, whether you are gearing up for a workout session or foreplay.

- Inserting Kegel balls can be intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite enjoyable. Step two is Lubricant, be generous with the amount of lube you use on the ben wa balls as well as on/inside your vagina.

- Step three, you can lay down or squat depending upon how much experience you have with this, we recommend to lay on your back, relax your muscles as best you can and slowly inset the ben wa balls into your vagina. (Be careful and make sure the string attached to the Kegel balls are hanging outside your vagina at all times, this enables easy extraction)

- Step four is to simply hold it in place, by contracting muscles and doing a couple of Kegel exercises you can help the Kegel balls stay inside.

- Use them to help strengthen your pelvic muscles, fight libido, arouse yourself and your partner. Wash and store carefully after every use.



What is the Benefit of Kegel Ball?

The advantages of using Ben wa balls or Kegel balls –

- ben wa balls are extremely beneficial for women’s vaginal health Kegel balls are regularly used for Kegel exercises which help strengthen the vaginal muscles.

- Kegel exercises aid women’s sexual and health problems like the loss in libido, loose vagina, inability to orgasm and more such issues caused by menopause, the natural ageing process, childbirth etc.  

- The use of ben wa balls or vibrating Venus balls called egg vibrators can play a crucial role in reaching that orgasm release while masturbating or even with a partner.

- Many doctors believe that Kegel exercises after childbirth can help weak pelvic muscles strengthen up again as well as controlling your bladder.


How to Choose Ben Wa Balls and Vibrating Eggs?

A couple of tips to consider when buying your first ben wa balls or a vibrating egg –


Size Matters – 

In this case, size really does matter. Ben wa balls are available in different sizes and varieties, picking the correct size determines how comfortable it would feel inside you and if it would be able to stay in place. Depending upon your age, vaginal condition and whether or not you have conceived yet you can choose from small, medium or large size ben wa balls.


Quality – 

As it goes with any sex toy or accessory Quality of the product matters most, do not compromise on quality for price when you buy Kegel balls. As a beginner you will notice that this toy can be extremely uncomfortable, that is only until you learn to place it properly, prioritize quality and reap the pleasurable results. While egg vibrators are a single egg-shaped object, Kegel balls or ben wa balls are twin balls attached to a durable handle and are available in both hollow and weighted variations.


Materials – 

Kegel balls and vibrating eggs are both made in a lot of different materials, you can play around with strong metal ben wa balls or smooth silicone vibrating egg depending upon your comfort level and of course experience. If you’re a beginner pick the silicone Kegel ball as they stay in place quite comfortably and can give you feel of how to actually use these little toys. Most of the ben wa balls come with a string or band to hold/help remove, pick these over the No-strings-attached (Pun intended)


Safety Approval – 

Some ground rules that apply while using any sex toy is that Safety always comes first, understand what you’re using and take precautions accordingly. Use lubricant while inserting ben wa balls or vibrating eggs but make sure to not overuse as the toy can easily slip out then too, wash thoroughly before and after every use and only use quality products.


What is Egg Vibrator?

Egg vibrators are one of the most compact types of vibrating sex toy that there is, majorly used for vaginal penetration the egg vibrators are usually wireless and come with remote control access which takes things up a notch in the pleasure and fun department. Love Egg or vibrating ben wa balls as they are commonly referred to also come with string/handle for easy removal, these make comparatively less noise than your average vibrator, its small but powerful functions are orgasmic and the remote access is something you can play around with yourself or hand over the power to your partner.

Egg vibrators and vagina balls (Kegel balls) are extremely fun to use alone as well as with a partner.


Best Remote-control Sex Toy – Egg Vibrator

vibrating egg toys so far makes for a compelling sex toy and one of the best remote-control vibrators.

- Egg vibrators are compact, easy to store and carry

- Both manual egg vibrators (turn on then insert) and remote variations are available

- Preference of material, size and shapes are also available

- Pulsating vibrations while inserted into the vagina is exactly what women are looking for in a vibrator

- You can use egg vibrators inside the vagina while enjoying anal sex or visa versa.



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