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Stella Graduated Kegel Ball Set

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Buy Ben Wa Balls for vaginal tightening at ItsPleazure

After gaining popularity in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, Ben Wa Balls or Pleasure Balls are now well known to the people. As these balls are famous as Kegel Exercise Balls, they also help to tighten vagina and pelvic floor muscles so that you can have better pleasure in bed. As Ben Wa Balls are the most popular and favorite to elevate the joy of seeking pleasure, finding the right pair can cost time, energy and money.  Although Ben Wa Balls are mostly associated with Kegel exercises, in this article you'll find out to elevate your pleasure game. These kinds of orgasm balls are not only easy to use but also help to get your vagina tightened for lasting pleasure.

How to tighten vagina walls using Kegel balls?

The very first thing that comes to everybody's mind is 'what are Ben Wa Balls?' or the benefits of it. Well, you are in the right place!

Ben Wa Balls are comprised of small balls of varying sizes. They are made up of different skin friendly materials so that they can be inserted into the vagina. They are mostly paired so that you can experience elevated pleasure in your bed. Ben Wa Balls are not only used for vaginal tightening but also used to get pleasure and orgasms while doing chronic activities anywhere, anytime. This women sex toy help with loneliness and explore self-pleasure and self-love.

These paired up balls are inserted in the vagina and rest work is done by pelvic floor muscles. These muscles hold on to the balls and tighten the vagina. As the sensation of these balls varies from person to person. The feeling intensifies with movement or any work done by a person. Targeted exercises help a person to achieve what they want to do with the balls. From seeking self-pleasure to tightening the vagina, Ben Wa Balls are of multi-purpose use, if used correctly.

What are the different varieties available in Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls are made up of different materials with different textures, sizes and weights. From beginner to advanced, Ben Wa Balls have much more to offer to its user. For beginners, you can try out plastic or silicone balls as they are lightweight and have various textures to feel. While for intermediate and pros, metal and glass options are available so that they can hold on to the weight and size. 


Kegel Ben Wa Balls are mostly popular for women who are seeking to intensify the pleasure of lovemaking and tighten the vagina, while vibrating ones are most popular to work with self orgasm and have better alone time. String Ben Wa Balls are mostly found everywhere as it is easy to insert and remove; these Love Balls are popular for people with kinks and self-pleasure.


Frequently asked questions about female vaginal balls

1. How to insert & remove vaginal Kegel balls the correct way?

The question that arises after you buy your Ben Wa Balls is the correct way to use them. How to use Ben Wa Balls in the right manner is given right below so that you can experience your first play in a better way.

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position and stretch out legs in eagle position. 
  2. Use Water-based lubricant; apply lube all over the ball to lubricate them so that you won’t feel any pain while inserting.
  3. Gently insert balls inside the vagina and squeeze the pelvic muscles to hold on to the ball.
  4. As Ben Wa Balls come in pairs and are attached with strings, after the first ball is in, gently push another ball.
  5. As the insertion is complete, make sure that the balls are inside vaginal walls and the string is outside, so you can remove it easily. 

2. What precautions should one take while using vaginal balls?

These love balls are great for self-pleasure as they intensify the erotic feeling before the actual game. But great things come with big responsibilities. These Vaginal balls are also known as women bladder control toys as this toy helps in squeezing and relieving the muscles as per need.

Here are some precautions that you need to follow even though you are pro or new to these lovely balls.

  1. Hygiene- It is vital to make sure that the balls are cleaned with antibacterial soap and then cleaned with a dry towel for better hygiene. As our vagina is prone to infections, cleanliness is important to stay away from bad bacteria.

  2. Prohibit the use of balls while pregnant or right after child birth - After childbirth, there are women who feel the need to try out these toys, it is a big no if you are recovering from the childbirth process or are pregnant. A woman may experience pain or discomfort using Ben Wa Balls in such health conditions.

  3. Selection of the right balls-  Choosing the type that fits you and the choice of material is important while searching for Ben Wa Balls.

  4. Purchase of Toys- If you are planning to buy this little happiness to make your life pleasurable, make sure you buy it from a renowned retailer or seller, to ensure the quality of toys but also assist to find what you need. ItsPleazure has a wide range of sex toys and balls to give what you are looking for.

3. Vagina balls: How often should be used to tighten pelvic floor muscles? 

Ben Wa Balls are perfect for Kegel exercises and pleasure which helps to tighten pelvic floor muscle. However, you should not use Ben Wa daily as it can cause strain in muscles if used for a longer period. It is advised to use Kegel balls for not more than 6 hours in your body throughout the day. Exercising while using these balls is easy and this vagina tightening toy is more into use for people who love kinky stuff. 


Shop the best quality Ben Wa Balls at the lowest price at ItsPleazure

ItsPleazure is India’s most trusted site for sexual wellness toys and everything you can imagine of. When it comes to sexual preferences or any toys which go inside your body, it is important to look for better material and non-porous textured and material toys so that you are least prone to vaginal infections. 


You can buy Ben Wa Balls online at ItsPleazure which gives you the best quality sex toys and other kinky stuff that you can surprise your partner with or buy for yourself. For Beginners, ItsPleazure Silicone Ben Wa Balls are the perfect choice as it is lightweight and easy to use for newbies. And to elevate your experience we’ve got Stella Single and Graduated Ball set which helps to give you the best feeling inside to get the erotic feeling while getting ready for your most awaited date or self-play to pleasure yourself.


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