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Buy Chastity Belts, Cages & Locks Online at ItsPleazure 


Chastity Belts are common sex toys that are advantageous in realizing power play. Thus, these chastity devices can be a perfect opportunity for beginners and experts alike to spice up their sex lives and let them play out their kinks in a submissive role. You can easily buy a chastity cage online from any recognized store in India, and some adult toy stores such as ItsPleazure, carry a wide variety of male chastity products. 


What do you mean by chastity lock? 


A chastity cage was seen in literature and art forms unearthed from the Medieval era. However, it was proven that chastity devices were not prominent then. Due to the propagation of the idea and to test out the kink, chastity locks were created. Since then, they have been quite in demand for the general practitioners of BDSM. 

Chastity cages have also been surrounded by gendered discourses, where most people believe that women only wear these chastity locks to uphold their virginity. These can also be considered fetishes. Thus, the production of chastity belts for women commenced. Later, chastity devices for men were created to stimulate the fetish. The power dynamics introduced via these chastity devices remain unparalleled, resulting in a steady rise in its sales. 


Chastity devices and penis locks can be used for foreplay to obstruct your partner from getting an erection or used for days, weeks, and months as an exaggerated kink. These devices are the window for a subversive gendered power discourse. Research has proven that most couples in which men relinquish power to take on a more submissive role by using a penis cage end up in a healthy and loving relationship. 

Submission is a core part of BDSM. While using a penis cage, you cannot touch your penis. While inside, despite getting a blood rush, you would not be able to get an erection. Thus, a chastity device also works on the principle of edging and delayed orgasm. Frequent users of these chastity products have explained how pleasurable non-penetrative sex can be. Without an orgasm, your erogenous zones become even more sensitive, which can intensify your sexual foreplay. 


Using a chastity device takes the pressure off to perform better during sex. The major objective in using it is not to sideline men from having penetrative sex but to increase the body's sensitivity to respond favorably to the soft stimulation touch. They are perhaps the only toys that work well for emotional desires of intimacy, trust, vulnerability, and feelings. 


How will you choose a type of chastity lock in India? 


A dick cage is an essential BDSM tool for men. Once you have decided to incorporate the penis lock into your sexual life, the next obvious step is to select one that matches your requirements the most. All chastity devices usually consist of three parts; a cage for the penis, a ring to be put at the base of the penis, and a lock to connect the other two pieces. There are several dick cages for men based on their expertise. They are: 

  1. Chastity Products for Beginners 

A multitude of chastity belts is available online. They can vary based on their mode of operation (manual/automatic), function (vibrating, shock, etc.), material (plastic, metal, etc.), and more. Thus, if you are new to the world of chastity and want to select a chastity product for yourself, you need to research first the result you wish to accomplish. 

The first problem men are often riddled with is the penis cage. As a beginner, you must try a lightweight lock such as a plastic chastity cage. Once you get used to it in your bed, you can opt for advanced ones such as the metal chastity lock. There are even options to buy a silicone chastity belt, though it can harm the penis. 

Chastity belts can be used for just a few hours to enjoy the instantaneous kinks of sex or used for weeks and months to intensify the sexual experience. You can select products for both men and women for this purpose. If you wish to reap the gratifications of non-penetrative sex in your bedroom, you can use either a chastity thong or a chastity harness. These products are

made from skin-friendly materials and are soft to touch. A chastity thong is a classic thong, albeit with a lockable zipper. A chastity harness is a classic harness made to cover your intimates seductively. 


     2. Chastity Products for Expert Users 


You can opt for extreme chastity cages once you get used to having a chastity lock around your penis. It must be noticed that expert users of chastity products have their unique purposes. Not only do they restrict their sex lives to constantly edge and thus get a more stimulating sexual satisfaction, but they also shift their focus from sex to accomplish daily goals. 

With this in mind, expert shoppers usually opt for electric shock chastity cages. When you wear this cage and get an erection, the cage's in-built mechanism will send a small pleasing and tingling shock down to your penis. This helps recede the erection quickly. During sex, several men prefer to wear pulsating chastity cages. This particular chastity device vibrates when you have an erection, thus teasing the nerve endings on the penis further until your partner decides to take it off. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Chastity Locks 


Whether an expert or a beginner, everyone has diverse questions about using and maintaining these penis cages. A lot of customers have approached us surrounding these questions of chastity play. Thus, some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below to ensure a healthy, safe, and sexually charged chastity play. 

Is it safe to wear a chastity device? 

Wearing a penis lock cage is extremely safe. There are diverse chastity locks, which are skin-friendly and soft to the skin. However, you must ensure that you are not allergic to these materials. The major discomfort when buying a chastity lock lies in getting used to it. Thus, you must use a plastic chastity cage as it is comparatively lighter, so you do not feel the weight stretching your penis.

Once you have used the chastity lock, your experience must guide your choices. If during your erection, your penis sustained harm or bruises, you must stop the use of the penis lock cages immediately and explore your options for a softer material. In this case, silicone chastity devices can be bought and used. Another important recommendation while using a penis lock is to keep it clean when not in use. You must also tend to any injuries or wounds on your penis during this time. 


How to wear and clean chastity locks? 

Using a chastity penis lock can prove wonderful in the bedroom, but it can also be harmful if not cleaned periodically. When using a chastity lock, you cannot unhook it even while peeing. Thus, you can imagine how a dirty penis lock can fester ground for various infections. 

To clean your penis lock, you need to soak it in a mixture of soap and lukewarm water. After a few minutes, you must clean it and rinse it under cold water. It is recommended to sun dry them before using them again or storing them. The materials of the chastity penis lock will dictate subsequent actions. If your chastity lock is made of plastic, you must substitute warm water with cold and immerse the belt longer than usual. 


Metal chastity devices and silicone chastity locks can be cleaned with the exact procedure. However, a revitalizing talcum powder must be used after the silicone chastity cage is dried to render it soft. Before using a chastity lock, you must ensure that your pubic area has been neatly trimmed and shaved. The hair generally adds an extra girth to the base of the penis, which can alter the size of the penis ring. The removal of hair will also help you assess the number of bruises developed, if any. 


How long can you wear a chastity device? 


A chastity device can be worn for as long as a few hours or even months. Though cleaning a dick cage chastity device is important, the purpose governs the use of such devices. If you only wish to wear it to take a quick peek into the BDSM fetish, you can use a chastity device for just a few hours a day. Though if you wish to experience intense orgasm while working under a schedule, you can wear chastity devices for as long as weeks and months. 


If you are wearing a device for a longer duration, you have the option to buy cages that do not imprint on your pants. Thus, you no longer have to compromise on work. For these scenarios, the use of light-weighted chastity devices is recommended. This is because they do not stretch your penis as opposed to metallic rings, which drag your penis down. 

Erection indicates a periodic sexual life and a healthy body. If you wish to wear a chastity lock for longer, they may hamper your erection from manifesting. Thus, it would help if you warranted that your chastity lock allows for erections at night or has a detachable front. 


Order Penis Lock Online in India at ItsPleazure 


Now, you can buy a chastity lock online. Before buying a lock, you must consider the store first. A recognized store would not only house a variety of chastity devices based on just materials and design, but they will also have affordable sex toys for all economic sections. 

Fortunately, ItsPleazure is one such brand. We have a vast array of bespoke chastity locks for both men and women. They are unique due to their designs and are available in different sizes and skin-safe materials. These easy-to-use penis locks, chastity thongs, chastity harness, and more are available for purchase within a price range of INR 1,000 - INR 7,000. Discreet shipping

and a short delivery period of 4-5 days makes it more of a reason to buy a chastity lock for you and/or your partner at the earliest.


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