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Buy Vibrating Sex Machine Online in India at ItsPleazure

Are you looking for a good Sex machine? Here’s something that will help you Jazz it up every once in a while, enjoy an exciting and sensual experience with a Vibrating Sex machine. While you may have mastered using your vibrator or dildo, a sex machine will take things up a notch and relieve you from manual actions. Sit back, relax and let the vibrating sex machine bring you the intense orgasm that you want.  


What is Sex Machine?

The sex toy machine is essentially an electric sex machine which has a stationary base with suction legs and flexible attachments, check out the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN FUCKING SEX MACHINE (PURPLE & BLACK) for an idea of the look and fittings.

A Sex machine or a vibrating sex machine as the name suggests is a machine which can be used for penetration, it has multiple functions so that you can enjoy different positions by yourself or with your partner. You can simply mount your vibrator or dildo onto the bar and enjoy the reciprocating motion of the Sex machine. A sex machine or a vibrating sex machine, although a pricey purchase is well worth it because of its hardy structure, solid (good quality) material and the different positions one can enjoy with it.


What Are the Types of Vibrating Sex Machine?

There are essentially three different types of Sex machines available to choose from, find all vibrating sex machines like the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN FUCKING SEX MACHINE ( PINK ) at, a leading adult products and accessories website in India. When it comes to choosing a female sex machine you should study about the different types of sex machines that are available, understand their features and buy only what suits you and meets your requirements.


Thrusters –

The thruster machines (casually called the Fucking machine or Sex machine) is one of the most common types of automated vibrating sex machines widely used. The thrusting machines’ basic function is an automatic reciprocating motion which is simply moving forward/backwards or upward/downwards at the instructed speed. This is usually a heavy-duty piece of machinery as it needs to stay in place while the attachment is in constant motion. Check out the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN FUCKING SEX MACHINE ( BLACK) for an understanding of a vibrating Sex machine.


Gliders –

The Glider sex machine is a whole different experience; it is a manual sex machine for the most part. The glider works in a way where the penetration occurs when your body is in motion, the glider vibrating sex machine typically has a seat where you can sit and move forward/backwards, this motion, in turn, will cause the attachment (dildo) to move upward/downward and penetrate you. A rather fun and effective sex machine, gliders guarantee orgasms and is certainly a perfect choice for hands-free masturbation.


Saddles – 

Another very popular sex machine India is the Saddle type (also known as the Ride-on machine) the perfect example would be to imagine riding a mechanical bull or at least the same intensity but with an orgasmic release. The use of a saddle sex machine is that it is in an upright position and You are essentially enjoying while on-top, this base does come with a lot of internal and external stimulators to make the experience more intense and enjoyable.

One thing is certain, no matter which type of vibrating sex machine you choose,    masturbation will never be the same again and orgasms is a guarantee.


The Benefits of Using a Fuck Machine

Pleasuring oneself can be extremely fun so can sex with a partner, sex toys and sex machines simply add that extra spoonful of excitement and Intensity. Sex machine or vibrating sex machines are popular among women as it allows a hands-free experience, stimulating effects and a much need orgasm.


Explore – 

Just like with sex toys and adult accessories, a vibrating sex machine can be an addition to your toy collection and can help you explore your own body, from positions to intensities you can explore your desires and likes with a Sex machine. In fact, for many the use of a sex toy can be arousing for their partner and a vibrating sex machine is a perfect choice for that.


More Enjoyable Sex –

Most women admit to having either never felt an orgasm or rarely feeling it, sex is about both the partners involved and at the end of it all both should be equally satisfied. Sex machines can not only ensure that you have a good time but also add a twist to your mundane sex routine.  


Makes Long Distance Easier –

If you’re single, add the vibrating sex machine to your collection and reap its sweet pleasure but if you’re in a relationship that too a long-distance one the sex deprivation will kick in soon. Sex toys and sex machines help get the release that your mind and body needs, a long-distance relationship is still going to be difficult but with a vibrating sex machine you can enjoy a sexual release and give way to Better communication and relationship with your partner.


No Pregnancy Scare – 

One of the biggest advantages of using sex toys like sex machines is, of course, the sheer pleasure without any pregnancy scare. It is, of course, fun to have sex with your partner but when they’re away or when you’re simply looking for a good time and a good release a vibrating sex machine is a correct choice.


How to Use Electric Sex Machine for Max Pleasure?

This is the fun part, once you’ve chosen the kind of sex machine that suits you its time to get down and dirty (pun intended). First things first, you will have to assemble your automatic sex machine and fit a preferred toy (Dildo) on the bar, make sure to read instructions carefully and assemble accordingly, for the best selection of sex machine India shop at ItsPleazure.  


Study –

To best understand how to use your vibrating sex machine you need to study the model and fit the toy correctly. After assembling the sex machine, read/understand the kind of Dildo/Vibrator/Masturbator that is compatible with the machine and one that would fit well. In short, this is a pricey purchase and buying the correct one, to begin with, can not only be a good deal but also a satisfying buy.


Importance of Lubrication – 

Just like any sex toy the use of lube is a must, all the sex toys especially sex machines and vibrating sex machines are made with skin-friendly materials but are still harsh on our sensitive skin. Using lubricant can enhance the experience by making the touch and feel easier on the skin especially during penetration. With thrusting automated machines like sex machines apply lubricant generously to ensure a pleasurable experience and a pain-free one too.


Slow and Steady – 

Play around with the settings of the vibrating sex machine, the power supply will usually have a speed regulator which can help you control the speed form 1-5, start with the lowest setting and let your body get used to the penetration (thrusting motion of the machine) before exploring the more intense speeds. Starting slow not only allows your body to get accustomed to the sex machine but also keeps you safe from any skin tears/painful experience.


Attachments and Placements – 

Another very effective way to use your sex machine is to place a rubber mat below, once you have finalized the placement of your vibrating sex machine the mat will be a smart addition because you don’t want the base of your sex machine to move when in use. Play around with attachments to enjoy maximum pleasure, masturbators, dildos, vibrators in different shapes and sizes that are compatible with your sex machine can certainly take things up a notch.


What to Look for When Buying a Sex Machine for Women


Type – 

The very first thing to look for is the quality of the Sex machine, there are multiple types of sex machines to choose from, of course, made in different materials. This determines their weight and quality as well. Prioritize the type, build and quality before moving on to other factors.


Power – 

sex machine price matters a great deal but so does its effectiveness, here’s where you want to check the power, speed, intensity and all necessary functions that the sex machine provides.


Adjustability – 

buy fucking machine that is flexible, vibrating sex machines are an investment and rightfully so because you certainly don’t want to buy a cheap/ineffective machine so go for the one that is a little pricey but doesn’t compromise on quality and functions. One of the most important functions being, flexibility. You should be able to adjust the attachment and the machine itself to your comfort level.


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