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Buy Penis Sleeves online in India at low price only at ItsPleazure 

Penis Sleeves are one of the few products that are still not popularized in the mainstream. Due to their unconventional design, and lack of knowledge, they have been considered hard to use. Missing out on the use of these penis covers is not recommended. These sleeves act as an extension of your penis and can be used by all men inside their bedrooms. They have also been noted to help the sexual stamina of men diagnosed with any form of erectile issues, without compromising the pleasure of their partner. These penis sleeves in India can be found at all adult sex stores online. However, they wouldn’t have as much variety as ItsPleazure has to offer. 

What is a Penis Sleeve and how does a Penis Sleeve work? 

A penis sleeve for men is simply a sex toy, which fits at the top and the sides of your penis to bring an increment to your penis’s original size. Alternatively, penis sleeves are also known as cock sleeves, external penile prosthetic, penis enhancer, penis extension, or penis sheath. Dick sleeves vary in size and materials and must be chosen carefully. The thickness can be increased or reduced with mutual consent. 

Penis sleeves is an umbrella term for three distinct products: penis sleeves, penis sheath, and penis extender. Penis sleeves are contraption, which only covers the side of the penis and is open at the head, the only part that can feel the sensations. A penis sheath covers the whole penis, though its purpose is to reduce the pulsations and in some products increase the girth. They do not affect the length of your penis. The third category, the penis extender imparts the required length and girth to your penis, while also shielding you from the sensations. 

A penis sleeve can lessen the sensations of sex, without compromising on your partner’s turn-ons. This permits a delay in the orgasm and an intense sexual experience. Alternatively, they can also increase orgasm. With the use of textured penis sleeves, the rhythm of the penetrative action would be much more concentrated. 

These men’s sex toys are analogous to a thick condom, which veils your penis from the sensations, until and unless ribbed, or textured from the inside. There are some penis sleeves, which are textured

both inside and outside. Those are made for the sexual fulfillment of both partners during penetrative sex. 

Several customers have asked as to why they use a penis sleeve. A penis sleeve comes with an array of satisfactory, physical, and mental health benefits. Therefore, the masses are now trying to incorporate it into their bedroom lives. Penis sleeves are usually made from rubber or silicone. On more advanced levels, or for BDSM play, some sleeves are made out of stainless steel, metal, or even leather. 

What are the Advantages of using a Penis Extension Sleeve? 

Penis sleeves have been bestowed with innumerous advantages. This assures that men of all demographics can access and afford them. Here are the reasons why you should invest in extensions for penises-

1. The most noticeable advantage is the size. Dick sleeves increase the size of your penis to your and your partner’s preference. The length and girth of the penis are enlarged, which may help your partner orgasm with penetrative sex. Some men only wish to increase the girth on their penis, and therefore must opt for open-ended penis sleeves. The girth of the penis can also be adjusted. Penis sleeves with bulbous heads or a girthy bottom are also developed for all penis shapes and sizes. 

2. There are times when the anxiety to underperform in the bed may crawl. This anxiety reflects in intimate moments and maybe a cause of discomfort. However, with a sizeable sleeve for the penis, you would be able to regain confidence and give your partner sexual satisfaction, without worrying about your erection. 

3. For people suffering from erectile dysfunction or other penile problems, a penis sleeve can guarantee an extra boost of your sexual stamina without risking the loss of your erection. This will make sex more enjoyable for your partner and you. In case of premature ejaculation, the nerve endings at the top of the penis are unable to feel the sensation, which helps in delaying the orgasm and fulfilling your partner. Therefore, sleeves for the penis are a must-have for men who cannot use medication due to health issues. 

4. Penis sleeves are different from other sex toys. The sensation that is felt while using a dick sleeve is different from the sensations associated with many toys. They do not manage the flow of blood or massage the prostate. The true pleasure lay in the sides of the penis rather than the top, which is massaged through penetration and lessens the stimulations of sexual intercourse. If you wish, textured dick rings can help to concentrate the stimulus with an added spice. 

5. If during intercourse, you lose your erection, the penis sleeve ensures that your partner is being pleasured. This has a great psychological impact on men’s health. For such circumstances, a sleeve with a belt-hook at the waist or the base of the penis is recommended. This ensures that the sleeve doesn’t fall out at any point. 

These were some of the uncountable benefits of penis sleeves, which guarantees that a penis sleeve will work excellently in your bedroom. This makes it altogether a reason to buy them online right away. 

Different types of Penis Sleeves for men available at ItsPleazure 

India doesn’t have legal physical adult sex stores yet, though it doesn’t mean that one cannot buy penis sleeves online. A good quality penis cover can be bought from established online sex stores, ItsPleazure being one of them. They house a variety of penis sleeves that serve a multitude of functions. There are only two types of penis sleeves. 

A) Open-ended Dick Sleeve 

Open-ended dick sleeves are predominantly popular with men, who are happy with the length of their shaft but wish for more thickness. These are also known as half penis sleeves. These penis extensions stick to the side of your penis, thanks to the virtue of their spiral and adjustable bodies. These penis sleeves can be made from either metal or silicone. In some cases, a penis corset is used, which acts as a ribbed leather extension for the penis. 

B) Close-ended Dick Sleeve 

Close-ended dick sleeves are prescribed to those suffering from erectile disorders, as they surround the penis. The contraption is connected at the base of the penis. The penis is covered by a textured extension, which will stimulate both partners during sex. Close-ended dick sleeves are always advised to be used at your partner’s ease. The size of the penis sleeve must be discussed beforehand. 

            Sleeves for the penis can also be distinguished based on their functions and materials. These are: 

A) Vibrating Penis Sleeves 

As the name suggests, vibrating penis sleeves are those penis extensions, which are fitted with a vibrating system. These pulsations cause the ribbed interior to rub against the skin of your penis. This constant yet edging massage will both delay and smoothen your orgasms. While engaging in penetrative intercourse, the vibrating penis sleeve will also arouse your partner and take your sexual chemistry to another level. 

B) Silicone Penis Sleeve 

Silicone penis sleeves are those penis extensions that are made with silicon. The silicon is used in skin-safe and soft material to heighten sexual stimulation. These silicone penis sleeves are bulkier and therefore popular as they compete with the simulation of the skin. 

How to choose the right Sex Sleeve for you online? 

Using a sex sleeve is not as hard as it sounds. However, choosing the one is. To understand how to use a penis sleeve, you must understand the following points. 

1. You must be aware of the size. Sleeves for the penis come in both open-ended and close-ended types. Thus, you must discuss with your partner their comfortable size. These also give you the option if you simply wish to extend the girth of your penis or the length as well. 

2. The penis sleeve should fit well when the penis is erect. To buy a penis sleeve online, you must first measure the size of your penis and then buy it. The measurement should be done with a flexible measuring tape, which can be later used to calculate the diameter and the length of your required size. The penis sleeve should only be used on a flaccid or semi-erect penis. If you are not able to achieve an erection, a harness, a ball-loop, or a belt must be used. It can be tied either at the base of the penis or your waist. 

3. To use the penis extension, lube should be put both inside and outside the contraption. Slowly massage your penis inside the sleeve and stroke it for a quick erection. If your penis does not snuggle the sleeve when erect, you might want to change the size of the sleeve. Lubrication must be used outside to aid the penetrative sex. Water-based sexual lubricant is recommended for it. 

4. Cyber skin penis sleeves are the most common to find. They imitate the feel of real skin. They also come in all thicknesses and textures. The textures provided outside would pleasure your partner while the thickness will sheath your penis from any sensation. The skin-like texture is really titillating in the perfect size for both you and your partner. 

Tips and Precautions while using Dick Extender Sleeves 

When using a dick extension sleeve, with your partner, there are several precautions you must take to achieve an enjoyable and intense orgasm. Different tips work well with different toys. Some of the commonly encountered risks of using a dick sleeve include: 

1. Since the sleeves are meant to engulf the penis, you must ensure that the size of the penis sleeve fits all of your requirements. A wrong size will lead to an uncomfortable sexual experience. Penetrative sex may restrict the penis and cause friction. This leads to soreness or pain in your genital area. Prolonged use of penis extension rarely causes a penile fracture, which is treatable. Silicone sex sleeves though easier to use, must always be checked for size, as it is very unforgiving when used and may cause you harm. 

2. Although some brands create penis sleeves with skin-safe rubber or silicone, they may be seldom expensive. In such cases, latex, or plastic can also be used to make them. Thus, you must buy them after confirming the absence of any allergy. 

3. A penis sleeve must always be washed after use. Reusing the dick sleeve without disinfecting it might lead to fungal growth. Penis sleeves are simply tools to aid the sexual intensity at the moment. Using a penis sleeve will make you prone to STDs, or any minor penile fracture. 

4. For men with erectile dysfunction or penile issues, buying a textured penis sleeve is not recommended. They must buy a close-ended penis sleeve. They would lower the sensations on the penis. Even if you lose your erection, your partner would be satisfied till they orgasm with this penis sleeve. Textured penis sleeves if used to enhance the intensity of orgasm must always be used with lube, both inside and out. With water-based lubrication, sliding your penis in the sleeve would be made easier. They are also good for penetrative sex. 

Buy Affordable Penis Sleeves online at ItsPleazure 

Penis sleeves are not hard to find online. To buy a penis sleeve online, you must navigate the current Indian sex stores. You must check the aspects of diversity of products in terms of materials and functions and price range. Only some stores rise to the occasion and amongst them is ItsPleazure.  

The online sex toys shop ItsPleazure gives its customers the best sex sleeve for men at a frequently discounted price. Whether they are open-ended penis sleeves or vibrating penis extensions, the website houses all varieties, types, and materials to do justice to every customer’s sexual life. So why not get started and explore more with these penis sleeves.


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