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Premature ejaculation is a problem for many men worldwide. About 30% to 40% of men suffer from it. It is a very common sexual dysfunction that makes it difficult to reach orgasm and makes you ejaculate early during penetrative sex or any other form of sexual activity. It is also a pervasive problem affecting Indian men as well. Research has shown that Indian men aged between 19 and 26 suffer from PE, which accounts for about 7% of the country's population. This is a huge issue that often needs proper medical intervention. However, the issue can be treated with a few tricks and techniques for most men. One such effective method is the use of delay condoms.

Delay condoms (also known as extra time condomslong lasting condoms, or time delay condoms) are condoms that are used when you want to delay ejaculation during penetration sex. Most condom brands like DurexManforceSkoreKamasutra, and Moods manufacture such types of condoms. These are great ways to get past premature ejaculation without having to take medications. 

Obviously, these do not cure PE but are just one-time solutions. These time delay condoms are very handy when it comes to such male problems, and are quite popular on the market nowadays. They not only delay ejaculation for you but also provide an intense sensation for your partner with their ribbed and dotted texture. You can get this condom at our store from the comfort of your home. We also stock more varieties of long lasting condoms from the brands mentioned above. With that being said, let us see what exactly these condoms are. 


So, what are extra time or long lasting condoms?

Long lasting condoms help people with PE. It can also be used by people who want to enjoy penetration sex for a longer time. Usually, people with PE ejaculate within 5 minutes of penetration, which is not ideal. So, these condoms extend the time and are thus also called "extra time condoms." 

Time delay condoms have a lubricant on the inner surface of the condom. It is a form of a desensitizing agent like lidocaine or benzocaine. When you put on the condom, this agent comes in contact with your penis skin and numbs it to some extent. It reduces the sensation and feel of the penis, decreasing the reaction to stimulation. So, it's less sensitive and thus prolongs the ejaculation. That is how the delay condom works. If you are sensitive to such numbing agents, thick condoms are a perfect alternative. However, these might be less effective. 

The idea of using a condom with local anesthetic and slightly numbing the penis can sound a bit scary to some of you. However, do not worry. This amount of anesthetic is perfectly safe to use. Furthermore, these time delay condoms have been adequately checked and tested before being released to the general public.   

How are long-lasting condoms different from normal condoms?

When it comes to condom material, these are completely the same as our normal condoms. These types of condoms are also made of very thin latex (rubber), polyisoprene, or polyurethane. They are intended to act as a barrier to stop your semen from entering your partner’s vagina. These also come in multiple flavors and textures, like regular condoms, and can be used by anyone. However, these extra time condoms are a must for people with erectile dysfunction. The main difference between normal condoms and time delay condoms is that these not only have lubrication on the outside but also on the inside. It is because the inner surface of the condom that faces the penis has the numbing agent that does the work for you. But this is not the only reason people use long lasting condoms. There are other benefits to it as well.


What are the benefits of Extra Time or Long lasting condoms? 

Long lasting condoms do not just make your sex session last long. They are beneficial in a lot of other ways as well. Let us look at all the benefits of using extra time condoms

Helps prolong ejaculation - 

As already mentioned, the main task of long lasting condoms is to prolong ejaculation through the use of desensitizing agents. These have proved most useful for people with erectile dysfunction, especially those with PE. These contain a very small amount of such a numbing agent, so it is completely safe to use. Doctors also recommend these as a way to get past erectile dysfunction.

Improves sex stamina - 

Premature ejaculation leads to shorter sex sessions; thus, you do not get to work on your stamina. This is a huge problem alongside PE. Using the best climax delay condoms can help you improve sex stamina, thus letting you satisfy your bed partner. 

Emotionally connects you and your partner - 

Sex is an essential part of a loving relationship. Having problems related to sexual activities needs well-thought solutions as it not only ruins the physical relationship between you and your partner but also the emotional bond that you two have created. To strengthen this emotional bond, long lasting condoms can be used. This will satisfy both you and your partner and, in turn, help you maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Protects against pregnancies and SIDs - 

Long lasting condoms also serve the basic function of a regular condom - avoiding unwanted pregnancies and protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. This is essential to promoting a healthy and hygienic sexual life. STDs are really serious diseases, and thus precautions against them are of utmost importance. Since SIDs can be transmitted through all kinds of penetrative sex oral, anal and vaginal - it is important that you use condoms during the whole sex session and not just for vaginal penetration. The more you reduce skin contact, the less chance you have of catching SIDs.

Improves intimacy - 

Extra time condoms essentially help you satisfy your partner, and if your partner is satisfied sexually, she will also be satisfied and content emotionally. This will have a huge positive impact on you and your partner's intimacy level and create a strong bond between the two of you.

With that being said, here are a few long-lasting condoms that will help you reap all the benefits mentioned above. 

  1. Durex ultra spiked ribbed delay ej reusable pleasure condom
  2. Skore not out climax delay long last condoms
  3. moods condoms all night climax delay
  4. Score climax delay condoms have a spermicidal effect
  5. Durex Performax intense ribbed & dotted with delay condom
  6. Skore time less climax delay condoms
  7. Manforce extra dotted more long lasting condom
  8. Sore more delayed condoms 

What are the side effects of using Extra time condoms? 

Just now, we looked at all the benefits the extra time condoms brings for us. However, it is not all. Of course, just like any other product, the misuse of long lasting condoms can also lead to severe consequences. So, if you are asking yourself the question - "Are climax delay condoms safe to use?" then we have to say that, without a doubt, these are safe. Time delay condoms won't cause any side effects. 

However, there is one thing that you should be careful about, and that is the overuse of long lasting condoms. Since these condoms use numbing agents to make you last longer, excessive use of this condom will improve your resistance to the numbing agent. It will not only make the use of such extra time condoms useless for you but can also make your penis lose its sensitivity. Thus, it should always be used in average quantities. Also, some people may experience irritation, inflammation, or itching after using long lasting condoms. But rest assured, this reaction has nothing to do with the condom itself and affects you due to your allergies to any ingredient present in these time delay condoms. Such a reaction can also be seen in your partner during penetration. So, ensure that you immediately stop using the condom in case of discomfort. 


Frequently asked questions about Extra time condoms and long lasting condoms.

Are Extra Time condoms safe to use?

Yes, extra time condoms are entirely safe to use. The desensitizing agents used in the condom have been around for years and are generally well tolerated by most people. Of course, there will be a few exceptions, but that's all. These have been tied and tested in laboratories before being mass-produced. Also, if you are worried about tears or breakage, know that extra time condoms are a bit thicker than standard condoms, which adds up to protection. These provide up to 97% of the protection offered by any other kind of condom. Though extra time condoms manufactured using lambskins provide less protection and safety, reducing the standards to 95%. 

Can long lasting condoms be recycled?

That is a big no! Any kind of long lasting condom cannot be recycled, meaning each condom can only be used once. It is essential from a hygienic perspective. Making condoms recyclable and reusable defeats the whole purpose of using condoms - avoiding the spread of diseases or infections (i.e., STIs or STDs). However, on a positive note, the condoms are biodegradable, i.e., the semen, along with the condoms and other fluids present in them, will completely decompose in the environment. It ensures that you are not only protecting yourselves but also the earth. 

How long do Extra Time condoms last?

Extra time condoms are used by people who have premature ejaculation, or PE. Thus, these condoms provide extra time for them to stay in the game. Now, the question arises, how much extra time do you get? Well, objectively speaking, it varies from person to person, as the effect of the numbing lube will not be the same for each individual. But on average, extra time condoms are used by people who ejaculate within 5 minutes of penetrative sex. So, for these condoms to actually have an effect, they need to extend the time by at least 5 minutes, which they rightfully do. However, a person with no PE can use a condom to extend their ejaculation, making the intercourse more intense. 

Are long lasting condoms as effective as traditional condoms?

If you ask from a protection perspective, then yes, 100%. Long lasting condoms provide protection up to 97% of the time,, just like regular condoms. These are made the exact same way as normal condoms, with the exception that these have an additional lubricant on the inside of the condom. However, when it comes to their effectiveness at increasing stimulation, these are much better than regular condoms. Using extra time condoms has proven to make sex more sensual and effectively increase the chances of reaching orgasms, especially among females. It is because when the man uses long lasting condoms, they can provide stimulation for a longer time during penetrative sex, thereby helping the female partner reach orgasm. 

Do Extra Time condoms break easily?

Extra-time condoms or normal condoms sometimes rip or tear, but this is nothing exceptional. Condoms are meant to act as a preventive measure to reduce the chances of getting pregnant or getting sexually transmitted diseases, not completely block them. Similarly, long-lasting condoms provide protection most of the time, but even these can rip or break sometimes. However, one thing you need to know is that extra time condoms are usually made thicker than regular condoms, which reduces their chances of breakage considerably. But, the strength of the condom also depends on the material used to make it. While latex (rubber), polyisoprene, or polyurethane condoms have higher resistance, lambskin condoms tend to tear easily. 


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