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We believe that SAFE, CONSENSUAL, & PLEASURABLE SEX is the backbone of healthy and loving couple relationships. We’re here to provide you with (almost) everything that you may need to keep the romance alive in your relationship. All this with 100% confidentiality and discreet delivery!

 And, we love coffee.

Why? Cause, it was over a coffee with friends that the idea for it’spleaZure originated. A discussion with friends on how various industries in India are performing and growing brought us to the topic of the recently emerging sexual wellness industry that led to a discussion on personal relationships which suffer the most due to the stressful and busy lives that we all lead. We are so busy pursuing our careers, fulfilling family responsibilities, and other social obligations that we don’t have time left to indulge in relaxing, fun, and romantic moments with our partners.

This discussion made us realize that despite knowing the importance of a healthy, loving, and sexually satisfying relationship, the industry that promotes love is yet to become mainstream and be treated like any other industry that endorses physical, mental, and emotional wellness. This is what safe, consensual, and healthy sex does, right?

This thought stayed in our minds long after the coffee was over. Deciding to do something to promote sexual wellness and intimacy in couple relations we set out to study and understand the industry and the legalities involved in setting up an online store that provides adult products.

Adult Product

it'spleaZure is a one-stop shop for all adults to experience the boldest, sexiest, and most erotic lifestyle products that are quality, affordable, 100% authentic, safe, and legal. We source our products from some of the best brands from around the world to ensure your intimate moments are full of pleazure, romance, and wild fun. We ship these products to our customers in discreet packaging ensuring that no one in the entire supply chain will know who the package is from and what it contains; it’spleaZure does not appear anywhere on the package or on the bill/invoice. Your privacy is important to us and we strongly believe that intimate moments should remain intimate.

The fact that you’ve read this till the end proves that you’re keen on putting in the extra effort in your relationships. And, we believe in a rewarding effort!

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Thanks for reading such a lengthy but interesting story of ours. As a thank-you note, Pick something for yourself or plan a naughty surprise for your partner. First-time buyers use NEW10 to get 10% OFF on all products.

Welcome to India's Most Erotic Online Store. Infuse your relationship with ROMANCE, PASSION, and FUN!

Be Naughty, Stay Naughty! 

We're officially registered as Anduril Retail Pvt. Ltd.

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