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Flavoured Condoms

Safe sex is the best sex (again!). Add flavors to make your lovemaking more special, exciting, and pleazurable. Explore and choose from the extensive range of Kamasutra flavored condoms. There’s strawberry for passion, chocolate for sinful bliss, coffee for that extra kick, butterscotch for leisure, and there’s vanilla for the innocent and the uninitiated!

We suggest, get them all and surprise your partner with something new every-time. Keep them guessing and wondering.

Use a condom and be free from worry of unplanned pregnancy or infections and enjoy blissful moments with your love. Psst.. buying them online, allows you time and privacy to check out each type and its benefits, without having other customers looking over your back and giggling. As if!

Note: Your delivery will be 100% discreet. We believe in keeping intimate moments intimate.