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Buy Sex Whips, Floggers and BDSM Pain Products at ItsPleazure

Do you fantasize about BDSM or a frequent practitioner of bondage sex? If yes, you can look for a whip online. Understandably, BDSM pain can provide the necessary shift from the regular sex you have with your partner. Indulging in pain is no longer sadistic, but you must use safe BDSM products, like floggers, when indulging in bondage sex. You can buy from an assortment of such products online at ItsPleazure. They can cater to your tastes as we provide BDSM products to several users across the country. These products can also fulfill your darkest bondage fantasies and unique desires with your partner.

What are Floggers & Pain Products in BDSM Sex?

The reaction that pain has towards the body can differ among people. You may be astonished to know that several men and women can get aroused with pain. Even inflicting pain on someone can give them the turn-on needed to get an orgasm. The use of bondage floggers and other pain products can provide the ideal backdrop for these people before they have rollicking sex. Various adventurous couples also resort to using many BDSM toys to break the monotonous sexual encounter they have every other day. However, you must indulge in painful sex only with a reliable partner.

BDSM Flogging Products

The people who prefer BDSM have a particular liking for these sets of toys. The sex crop can provide the sensations that they choose. These products can inflict mild pain that both novices and experts can like. There are several options available that can be used in various ways.

1. Whips for BDSM

A standard BDSM product is the sexual whip. The most common ones are made of leather, but some are made of synthetic materials. The whips can also be of various types.  

The crop whip can be used for fun and inflict more pain than the ordinary whips. They are durable, lightweight and have smooth handles too. These whips are ideal for your parties. A long-tapered crop whip can be used for hard intensity BDSM play too. 

You can also get hold of a long leather whip used by experienced BDSM players. The bullwhip is ideal for dominatrix gameplays. However, both partners must understand the level of pain caused by a sexual whip before indulging in it.

2. Spanking Paddles

These toys resemble a regular paddle and are usually made of leather. It is another standard accessory for BDSM players. The sensation caused by the smacking caused by the paddles can increase sexual feelings in both people. The spanker can make the other person moan, which will lift the energy levels. The BDSM paddles can enhance the sensations manifold.

There are several options available for you. Some of them have silver studs that can provide the added environment for your BDSM play. The cute paddles are loved by dominant people for effective submissive role-plays.

 Other Pain Products used in BDSM Sex

1. Nipple Clamps

If you are willing to mix pain and pleasure, the nipple clip can be an excellent option. These clips can be easily clamped onto the nipples of both men and women. The nipple clip is sensitive for both sexes and provides the ideal backdrop to sensuous sessions. It is essential to test the steel nipple clamps before using them on your or anyone else. 

These clamps are sensitive and provide a creative option for couples carrying out bondage fun. The clamping can be adjusted too, and the products are specially designed to be comfortable and safe. However, you must know your partner's bondage preference before buying one. These metal nipple clamps are made of high-grade steel and latex to cater to your wild mood.

2. Nipple Chain

It is a unique bondage option that moves a step forward from the nipple pins. The nipple chains allow the nipples to be bound through chains that provide a unique sensation to the dominator and the submissive. The nipple chain offers a creative option, and it helps in enjoying hands-free playing for couples. These are wild options and are made from durable and non-toxic materials. They are specially designed too, and the soft rubber around the clamping portion ensures it is safe to use for novices. 

3. Nipple Stretcher

It is among the cute torture that provides immense pleasure to the participants. They have a metallic frame that can stretch the nipples slowly. The nipple pincher can also twist the nipples and provide the intensity needed for bondage exercises. These toys can help pinch the nipples, a susceptible area on the body, and the grip increases as the clamp get pulled upward. They can assure tingling sensations and support one of the players twisting the nuts to adjust the right pain level.


Things to consider while buying Bondage Whip & Pain Products Online


Buying bondage products isn't easy. There are several options at varying prices. You must consider various factors when purchasing these products online.

Buy from a renowned brand

You must research the brand you are choosing. Several online brands provide sexual whips online. However, the best brands will give hygienic options that will not cause harm to you. They will also use the best materials to make them more durable and value money. The products will be skin-friendly and assure they wouldn't be allergic to the skin. 


Check whether the styles suit your mentality

You can be blinded by the several options available online. Always understand your preferences before searching for options to buy nipple clamps online. Check the available styles and research the various options available with each brand. Also, discuss whether the products will be suitable for you with your partner. The colors, shapes and styles must match what you have in mind for your bondage plays. You must compare the available options and check whether they fit your preferences.


Going through product testimonials

It is suggested that you go through the product reviews before buying a sex flogger online. It will help you ascertain whether the products can be purchased for your bondage sessions. Before buying, you must know about the products from a third party before using them yourself. The reviews and testimonials can also explain the number of sold items. It will allow you to know what to expect from the new acquisitions of a sexual whip in the BDSM gallery.


Fixing a budget for the items

Before buying any high-value item, you always fix a budget. So, why not when buying BDSM toys? You must purchase the new entrant to your BDSM collection based on your financial capabilities. It will help you zero down on products that would not pinch your monthly budget, and it will provide you with a direction on the brands that will be ideal for you. The increased demand for BDSM toys can make some expensive, but it is better to have a budget in mind.


Safety tips while using Bondage Whips, Floggers and Bondage Clamps


Know the limits of your partner

It is suggested that you know the submissive's limits before using the kinky paddles. It will help you prevent any untoward incidents and injuries. If you are a novice, you must talk to the partner and check whether they are uncomfortable. You must stop the session in case they are getting hurt. You must have a safe word that can help you understand your partner's limits too.

Have the aftercare ready for such sessions

While you may enjoy pain, it is also essential to reduce your partner's pain sensation. You must have a first-aid kit ready after these sessions are over. Either of you may get some injuries during the session, and the appropriate creams and lotions can lessen the burning sensation caused by any damage. A soothing balm can also alleviate any tingling feeling after the bondage session. Accidents can also occur during the bondage play with bondage clamps, and you must stop immediately and provide medical attention.

 Knowing when to stop

A BDSM session can be an ideal way of arousal before actual sex. However, it is also essential to consider the safety of the people taking part in it. You must know when to stop and think about the submissive's safety. Please do not go into intense bondage games with the clamps without considering the safety of those involved in them. Check on your partner frequently and check whether the skin is changing color or bleeding profusely in any part of their body. Go slow on the genitals, too, as they are sensitive.

Buy Spanking Toys & Pain Products Online at ItsPleazure

When looking forward to buying nipple clamps in India, you must choose a renowned brand. It will ensure that you are getting hold of durable and hygienic products. Also, go through the manufacturer's brochure provided with these toys. It will help you ascertain the best ways to use them.

When you buy adult floggers & whips from a  BDSM shop itsPleazure, you can stay assured about the quality of the products and use safe ones. Several options for you will suit your tastes. Moreover, we assure you of discreet delivery to your doorstep within 2 – 5 working days. 


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