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Buy Sex Toys Online In India

Sex Toys for Men, Women, Couples, and LGBTQ at Online Sex Toy Shop Itspleazure

Sexual toys, or adult toys, are objects that people use to have more pleasure during sex or masturbation. Sex toys in India can also be used for medical purposes if there is any kind of sexual dysfunction or medical condition. These sexual toys and sex products are beneficial for sexual health, and they have a rapidly growing market around the world.

Itspleazure is an online sex toy shop in India where you can buy sex toys and other sexual wellness products. Our adult toy store has a wide variety of sex toys in India, so you can choose from a wide range of adult products. You can order sex toys online from the comfort of your home from our sex store. All types of sex toys in India can be found here. We are among the most trusted names in the online sexual toys and products market, offering affordable and quality sex products for men, women, couples, and the LGBTQ community.

The Current Market Scenario Of Sex Shops and Sexual Toys In India

According to this Statista report, India is the fifth most sexually active country globally, and the market for these sex toys in India is ever-growing. Therefore, shopping for sex toys online in India has become very easy nowadays. 

According to this Mumbai Mirror report, during the COVID lockdown period in India, many industries saw a downfall in their sales, but the market for adult toys saw an increase in sales of up to 65%.

Out of all the most popular sex toys bought during this period, massagers and male penile siphons wore the pants, involving 19% and 16% of the all-out deals of sex toys in India, respectively. Different sex toys featured in the list were male and female performance enhancement products, pleasure rings, strokers, and lingerie. 

The Indian sex toys market was valued at USD 227.8 million in FY2018 and is expected to grow at a double-digit CAGR of 15.87% until FY2026.

Is the use of sex toys in India safe and legal?

Are adult toys in India safe to use?

The safety of adult toys in India, just like in any other country, can vary based on several factors. It's important to approach the purchase and use of adult toys with caution and consideration for your well-being. Here are some points to consider:

  • Quality and Materials: The safety of adult toys largely depends on the materials used. High-quality, body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone, ABS plastic, and stainless steel are generally safer to use. Cheaper toys made from potentially harmful materials like phthalates or porous substances might pose health risks.

  • Reputable Brands and Retailers: Choosing products from well-known and reputable brands or purchasing from established retailers can increase the likelihood of getting safer products. These companies are more likely to prioritize quality and safety in their manufacturing processes.

  • Reviews and Recommendations: Reading reviews and recommendations from other users can provide insights into the safety and quality of specific adult toys. Online communities and forums can be valuable resources for gathering information and experiences from people who have used the products.

  • Packaging and Information: Legitimate sex toy manufacturers provide clear packaging, proper instructions for use, and information about the materials used. Make sure the packaging includes safety instructions, cleaning guidelines, and any relevant certifications.

  • Certifications and Standards: Some countries have specific regulations and certifications for sex toys. While these might not be universal, looking for products that adhere to recognized safety standards can be a good indicator of their quality.

  • Hygiene and Cleaning: Proper hygiene and cleaning of sex toys are essential to prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of infections. Always follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the toy's safety and longevity.

  • Allergies and Sensitivities: Be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you might have to certain materials. If you're unsure, opt for hypoallergenic materials and start with smaller, non-insertable toys to gauge your body's reaction.

  • Discretion in Purchasing: In India, adult toys can still carry a stigma due to cultural and societal factors. When purchasing, consider the discretion of the retailer and their packaging to ensure your privacy.

  • Personal Comfort: Ultimately, the decision to use sex toys is a personal one. Listen to your own comfort levels and take your own preferences and feelings into account

To ensure the safest experience, do your research, choose products from reputable sources, and prioritize your well-being. If you have specific health concerns or questions, consulting a healthcare professional can provide personalized advice.

Are Adult Toys Legal?

As of now, there’s no such law that denies the sale or purchase of sexual toys at online sex stores, the material possession of them for personal use, or the import of sex toys in India. Still, you cannot display or exhibit them openly because that may violate Indian laws on the grounds of obscenity.

How To Buy a Sex Toy

Buying sex toys online is the easiest way to avoid public embarrassment. Many online Indian sex shops offer sexual playthings for both men and women. Still, one should only buy from a trusted online sex store like Itspleazure, which will give you discreet delivery and 100% quality products with excellent customer service.

Popular Categories Of Sexual Products & Toys Available At Itspleazure

There are many different categories of adult sex toys available at India’s well-known sex store, Itspleazure.

  • Women Sex Toys

These contain dildos, vibrating sex toys, ben wa balls, vibrating eggs, vibrators, and sex machines.

  • Men Sex Toys

These have fleshlights and masturbation kits, penis rings, sex dolls, prostate massagers, penis sleeves, and extenders.

  • Couples and LGBTQ toys:

It includes toys and games specially designed for couples and LGBTQ people, like strapons, dildos, butt plugs, and anal sex toys.

  • Sexy Lingerie: 

This sex toy shop has huge varieties of sexy lingerie for men and women.

  • Sex Medicines and Supplements: 

Sex medicines include performance and stamina boosters to delay sprays, and they also have supplements like sex lubricants and condoms, which have an insane variety in them.

  • BDSM and Bondage Products: 

It includes all the wild BDSM toys and furniture that one can use for the kinkiest fun.


Get Sex Toys For Women 


Women can use this adult sex toy by placing it on the sensitive erogenous zones or inside the vagina, which increases sexual sensations. 


They look like an erected penis and can be put into the anus or vagina. They are available in all different materials, shapes, and sizes.

Sex Machine:

It is a device that performs sexual activity. Women can use this machine to masturbate and to enjoy sex alone. 

Ben Wa Balls:

These are small, weighted balls designed to be inserted into the vagina for vaginal tightening and pleasure.

Best Sex Toys For Men At The Lowest Price

Pleasure Sex Toys in India for Men are: 

Masturbation Sleeves: 

Also known as fleshlights, which can be used in mutual masturbation, virtual sex, hand sex, and oral sex. It is also called external genitals, which are available in various materials, shapes, and textures.

Sex Dolls:

These are human-like dolls that provide the real touch experience of the whole human body. Sex dolls come in different genders, body shapes, and designs for better exposure.

Penis Rings:

This sex accessory is primarily used to maintain a longer and more rigid erection. It does so by preventing blood from flowing back down the penis. The vibrating ones can be used for pleasure purposes. They are worn around the balls and penis. 

Urethral Sounding:

To attain sexual satisfaction, men may insert glass, metal, or fluid into the urethra. Past the extent of medical practice, urethral sounding is typical among men for various reasons. Mostly, it envelops a sexual propensity to uplift sexual joy and excitement

Prostate Massagers:

Prostate massagers are like vibrators or butt plugs, which are meant to massage the prostate gland in men. This stimulates the prostate and ensures the healthy flow of seminal fluids. Along with this, these massagers have multiple health benefits as well.

Buy Couple and Lgbtq Sex Toys Online

Anal Sex Toys:

Lots of people prefer to stimulate their anus for sexual pleasure. These are usually meant to be used with lubricants to make them feel comfortable and avoid any injuries to the user. To get an orgasm with the help of your anus, use butt plugs. These can help with partner play or solo play. Buy your butt plugs now from Itspleazure.com.


These are similar to dildos, which you can wear with a harness. You can buy both of these separately or together in one set. People with both a vagina and a penis can enjoy this product. Strap-on is a hot favorite in the LGBTQ community.

Sex Products To Try Something New In Your Bedroom

Couples need to try different things in the bedroom to spice up the romance and satisfy their partner in a relationship. This is where BDSM play can be fascinating to try out. Making up fantasies, dirty talking, going rough, and swallowing it are some things the partners can try. But it would be best if you also had some adult toys to stir up the game.

Bdsm Sex With Bondage and Bdsm Toys:-

Pain Devices:

These include whips, chastity cage, nipple clamps, and spanking paddles, which give pain with pleasure.

Body Restraint:

These include handcuffs, leg restraints, mouth gags, and body restraints to block your partner’s movement.

Sex Furniture:

These include position furniture to explore each and every position with your partner. 

Bondage Kits:

Bondage kits are the best to use when it comes to BDSM play. They are easy to use for beginners and provide good pleasure.

Foreplay With Adult Games:-

Without a good foreplay, your sex wouldn’t feel pleasurable. Adult games are the best way to make your partner feel the romance. Buy sex items like adult dice, sex board games, and sex cards to use during foreplay to make your sex life more fun.

Your Sex Life Is Empty Without Having Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie will make your partner aroused, and it will spice up the nights! There are different types of lingerie available in this sex store.

Look Seductive With Sexy Bedroom Wear

You can wear transparent robes with lace and short skirts to arouse your partner and have a healthy relationship. Try buying baby doll lingerie or men's briefs online; they can enhance the fun in the bedroom. Trying on different panties and skirts is also very much in demand by couples to experience a memorable night.

Partywear and Sexy Outdoor Wear for women

Latex or leatherwear, bikinis, and party dresses are very effective ways to find new partners or make your partner aroused even outside the bedroom. You can always grab his attention by wearing bikinis, backless dresses, deep V necks, mini dresses, and much more.

Range Of Sex Supplements Will Solve Your Sex Problems

If you have a sexual problem or want to step up your game in sex, then sexual wellness medicines are the best solution for you. These may include male & female enhancements, contraceptives, and massage oils.

Medicines For Sexual Problems 

Having sexual problems is not a shame; about one-third of all people have sexual issues that can be cured with sexual medicines or lubes.

Having low libido (loss of sexual drive) can be very depressing for your partner. However, you can improve your sexual drive by taking sexual medicines, following a healthy lifestyle, and setting aside time for sexual activities. 

Sex stamina is the foremost thing you need during sex; taking medicines for this is fine as it will increase your sex power, resulting in an improvement in your sexual life.

Having incredible stamina will help you have long-lasting sex and excellent foreplay. Specially made long-lasting and delay sprays are great for people to stay longer in bed.

Supplements for Intimate pleasure

Condoms significantly decrease the chance of having an STD (Sexually transmitted disease). At the same time, it is also beneficial to experience different pleasures in oral and penetrative sex. Along with this, lubes are used as a favorite sex product for smooth and painless sex. 

Similarly, using lubricants and massage oils can overcome unnecessary dryness and relax your muscles for better sex.

Why Should You Buy Adult Sex Toys and Sex Accessories at Itspleazure?

You should buy your sexual toys at the adult store-Itspleazure, as we offer free shipping across India on an order of ₹1000 or more, apart from also offering discreet delivery. You can easily explore our wide range of sex products and adult toys at our online sex store.

You can place an order directly after selecting your product or even ask your queries using our WhatsApp number provided on the website. 

We offer the best quality, affordable, and hygienic sex products and Sexual toys.

Our products are rigorously checked and hygienically packed before being dispatched for delivery. We ensure the best quality products for our customers for greater satisfaction.

Itspleazure follows strict customer privacy and safety policies during the online purchase of sex toys in India.

Discreet delivery for adult products and sexual toys is our primary policy, and we give it the utmost importance. We ensure that all the sexual products delivered to your doorstep don’t mention any product or company details.

We provide strong customer support when you decide to buy adult products from us.

Our 100% customer satisfaction policy will leave you satisfied every time you buy any sex toy from us. Throughout the buying process, if at any time you need assistance in selecting the products or clearing any of your doubts about the products, then do reach out to our live chat support. Our support staff is just a phone call away to solve all of your doubts. So why wait? Let us help you have a happy and satisfying sexual life. So come, explore, and choose your favorite sex products at your trustworthy sex shop, Itspleazure.