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Buy Spanish Fly and other Sex Power Medicine to Improve Your Sexual Performance

What matters in the bedroom, well, apart from how big your sex toy collection is, your stamina to use them. You certainly want to play along to your (and your partners) heart’s content with all the naughty toys and lingerie that you’ve invested in. If you’re not able to perform in the bedroom, all your effort and kinky toys crumble and fall as the both of you will be left unsatisfied. Well, ItsPleazure is here to help and certainly doesn’t want anyone ever feeling inadequate in the bedroom.

Find a wide variety of ayurvedic, safe and natural medicine for sex power and stamina pills to enhance your sexual experience, boost your stamina and overall sexual health. The biggest USP of these sexual performance medicines and sex sprays is their ingredients, the ayurvedic herbs, plants, roots and extracts of Ashwagandha, Moringa, Gokshura, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Safed Musli, Shilajit and many more play a vital role in the effectiveness of the Sex power medicine


How Do I Improve Sex Power?

Understand and identify the need to improve your sexual performance before diving into sex power medicines or sex sprays. Pinpointing the reasons, symptoms and requirement to use sexual enhancement medication is important for both men and women, it helps narrow down the product that you should be using to counteract your symptoms or medical condition.


Here are some reasons why you may need to improve sex power –

- Loss in libido

- Low sperm count

- Depression, Anxiety or Stress

- Unwillingness to have sex

- Low stamina/loss in stamina

- Fatigue

- Infertility (inability to reproduce)

- Hectic work-life balance

- Pressure at work

- Strains in relationship

- Bored with sex or the relationship

- Monotonous sexual routine

- Medical conditions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

- Consciousness in the bedroom

- Low confidence

- Side-effects of ongoing medication

- Physical ailments or medical conditions (heart problem, diabetes, chronic illness etc)

- Menopause or age (for women)

Now, that you’ve established what’s holding you back, there are several sex power medicines and stay on oil that is dedicated to treat or help the above and many more conditions. A massive number of symptoms are often of a phycological or environment factor and boosting stamina and reproductive health through sex power medicines and sex sprays can get you back on that horse, so to speak. Top-notch brands bring a variety of sex capsule for female and men.

You can choose to improve sex power through the use of ayurvedic and all-natural supplements for men and women that work to increase libido and counteract the above (and more) symptoms, you can also use various sex sprays and sex oils, these are all non-expensive, safe and easy ways of addressing your sexual problems. Find the best, verified and trusted brands on ItsPleazure for all your sex power medicine needs.


Types of Sex Power Medicine for Men

There are different types of sex power medicines for men, all equally effective, budget-friendly, made from ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients, and available at


Male Sex Capsules and Tablets – 

The most common form of sex power medicine for man is tablets and capsules, these tablets are made to help increase your sex drive exponentially, ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Musli, Moringa, Shilajit and many more are present in these sex power medicines along with essential vitamins and minerals. Sex power medicines in the form of tablets and capsules are, of course, non-invasive oral medication and can rejuvenate your sexual health by relieving stress and boosting your stamina.


Male Oral Liquid – 

The liquid form of sex powder medicine acts as the perfect elixir to help enhance your sexual performance and sexual health. Another non-invasive way of medication, liquid Sex power medicine is easy to digest, quicker to effect and a very effective sexual enhancement technique. The oral liquids just like the power capsule for man works well to counteract problems that you face in the bedroom especially erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


Oils and Sprays – 

Other popular types of sex power medicines are the ones that need to be applied, these Oils and sprays are made with careful consideration, these are skin-friendly, condom friendly and come with almost no side effects. Applying them directly allows them to act quickly and show results in bedroom effectively.


Climax, Vega and other Delay Sex Spray for Men That Give an Instant Effect

Sex spray or a delay spray as it is so fondly called is gaining popularity among men because of its instant effects and ability to help men struggling with sexual performance. The objective of a sex spray is to make you last longer in bed since it is directly applied to the penis not only does it absorb faster but it shows its effects quicker too. You can find the best delay sprays in India right here at, take your pick from a selection of trusted brands and cost-effective choices.

Some of the frequent delay spray for men purchases like the INVIGRA DELAY SPRAY FOR MENS and ITSPLEAZURE SUPER VIGA 100000 SEX DELAY SPRAY FOR MEN LONG TIME SPRAY effectively help with premature ejaculation and increases confidence in the bedroom, therefore, creating a more satisfying sexual experience for both the partners.

Other popular sex sprays like the KAMA SUTRA LONG LAST EXTENDED PLEASURE SPRAY 10GM and the ITSPLEAZURE ORIGINAL DEADLY SHARK 48000 LONG TIMING DELAY SPRAY work wonders to increase sexual stamina and get you the vigour back.


Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine for Sexually Long Time Available at ItsPleazure

Ayurveda is centuries old, maybe more and its medicinal practices are widely known, from traditional Chinese medicines to Indian healing practices, Ayurveda and its benefits are known far and wide.  Sex power medicines and sex sprays available on ItsPleazure are made only with rare ayurvedic herbs, minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients automatically making these products safe for use, skin-friendly and filled with goodness.


Ashwagandha Powder – 

Ashwagandha is known as the most powerful ayurvedic herb, it benefits range anywhere form boosting immunity, increasing stamina to relieving sexual ailments and rejuvenating the body. This Sex power medicine has been incorporated in a lot of daily essentials, medicines and sexual enhancement products. Ashwagandha is very well known to increases testosterone levels in men, reduce stress and depression and increase fertility in men. Check out the ZENITH NUTRITION ASHWAGANDHA 400MG - 60 CAPSULES.


Shilajit Capsules – 

Mineral packed Shilajit is popularly known as an aphrodisiac and is a very effective sex power medicine, not only does it increase stamina and sexual arousal but also body strength in general. Check out the NOVEL NUTRIENTS SHILAJIT 60 CAPSULES among many other Shilajit capsules to choose from at ItsPleazure.


Stay on Capsules –

Stay on capsules as the name suggests are primarily used to last longer in bed and stay aroused, a combination of strong herbs and natural medicinal components make up stay on capsules which guarantee satisfaction in the bedroom for you and your partner. Fight impotence, low libido and erectile dysfunction with this sex power medicine.


Safed Musli Powder – 

Safed Musli is commonly consumed to increase fertility in men, it increases libido and the sperm count in men making this is an ideal sex power medicine for men’s reproductive health. With stronger erections and better sperm quality reap the benefits of the elixir from a wide selection at ItsPleazure like the ZENITH MENS VIGO & VITA 30 VEGICAPS (FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION AND IMPROVE SPERM QUALITY) and INLIFE SAFED MUSLI 60 CAPSULES.


Moringa Capsules – 

This plant called moringa is a boon to your body, unisex in its advantages, the moringa plant has been called ‘the miracle tree’ time and again. The sex power medicine Moringa is useful for both men and women, not only does it relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps but also acts against erectile dysfunction and low libido.


Gokshura Tablets – 

Popular among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders the main function of Gokshura is to boost physical strength and stamina. The Gokshura herb is used in many Sex power medicines for men like the INLIFE VITALITY & VIGOUR 60 CAPSULES


Ginseng Capsules –

Ginseng is a very effective herb for both men and women, while its advantages can be seen in better penile health and stronger erections in men it is a libido enhancer for women as well. The ginseng extract is widely used for various health benefits as well like to boost immunity.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 days

When it comes to sexual performance, more is more, the longer you stay in bed the more you and your partner can be satisfied, then again, some men and women face barriers in the bedroom too. AT ItsPleazure we have a dedicated section listing all sex power medicines, sex sprays and more, take your pick and remedy what ails you with a variety of sex capsule for long time and ayurvedic sex power medicines. Enjoy fast shipping, safe packaging and discreet delivery across India within 2-5 days.


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