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Want to give enhanced stimulation to your partner during sex? Or do you think your partner has not been too keen on having sex with you? If these are your concerns, then dotted ribbed condoms are exactly the product you need. It's been observed that after some time, sex with a regular condom can start to feel boring and not stimulating enough. It is where textured condoms come to use. There are two main types of Condoms that you can choose from - dotted condoms and ribbed condoms. Of Course, there are other varieties, like extra ribbed condoms, big dotted condom, dotted flavored condom and much more. These condoms are guaranteed to help you give more stimulation to your partner and make them crave sex with you. Now, no more boring sex. Enjoy an exciting sex life with dotted and ribbed condoms

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What are Dotted and Ribbed Condoms?

Dotted and ribbed condoms, or what are generally called textured condoms, are more or less the same as a normal condom. These are made from the same material as regular condoms using materials like latex (rubber), polyisoprene, polyurethane and lambskin. The only difference is that these are meant to provide more stimulation when used during penetration. The outer surface of such top quality condoms has an elevated pattern which is supposed to add extra sensation during sex. The best dotted and ribbed condoms in India are from brands like DurexManforceSkoreKamasutra and moods. Now let us discuss in brief each type of texture. 

Dotted condoms - 

Dotted condoms have raised dots on the outside of the condom, such that when used for penetration, they can provide extra sensation and pleasure to you and your partner. 

Ribbed condoms - 

A ribbed condom is also similar to a dotted condom in its purpose. However, the only difference between dotted and ribbed condoms is that they have raised ribs around their circumference instead of raised dots. 


So, Why do Ribbed Condoms exist

Funnily enough, when textured condoms first came into living, no one thought they felt better than regular condoms. Reviews from women were all negative. However, despite all the neutral and negative ribbed and dotted condoms reviews, these continued to be quite popular and relatively popular. Over the years, other varieties were also introduced, like big dotted condoms or extra ribbed condoms, which are more popular today. 


Why do people use textured Condoms? Does it make a difference?

Most women do not find a lot of difference during sex with or without textured condoms however, brands like Durex and Trojan have started releasing multiple products that elevate pleasure. Products like dotted ring condoms, extra ribbed condoms and ultra dotted condoms have been improved versions of textured condoms over the years, effectively providing more stimulation and pleasure to you and your partner. Such an exceptional product that is guaranteed to increase the chances of orgasm is the Durex perfomax ribbed and dotted condom. You can quickly get your hands on this at itspleazureThat said, let us discuss a bit regarding both the textures available in the market today.

Dotted condoms - 

Dotted condoms have a particular type of texture, making them special. You will find a series of dots on these condoms meant to increase sensitivity. 

Ribbed condoms - 

Similarly, these are another type of textured condom with raised ribs going around the outer circumference of the condoms in a pattern. These also provide extra stimulation while having intercourse. A few ribbed condoms include thin ribbed condoms, organic ribbed condoms, extra ribbed condoms and so on. 


Can you use both extra dotted and extra ribbed condoms simultaneously?

No matter what type of dotted and ribbed condom you use, be it big dotted condoms or extra ribbed condoms or ultra ribbed condoms, you should never use one over another. In fact, forget about textured condoms, you should also not use traditional condoms one over another. It is a huge mistake for people make who do not have enough knowledge of how condoms work. Condoms, if worn one over another, increases the risk of unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and STIs as they may tear easily. You may think, "Oh, I am using two condoms together, so I get double the protection," but that is not how it works. If you wear two condoms, be they dotted or ribbed or normal, they will induce friction between each other and can tear midway between intercourse. 

So, strictly speaking, only wear one condom at a time. The condom should be your size, and use it just as the instructions says. Also, make sure to check the condom expiry date before you use it. Sometimes you have condoms lying with you forgotten, which may lead them to expire over time. These should be avoided at all costs, as when a condom passes its expiration date, it will start to break down and become less efficient in providing protection.

What is the difference between dotted and ribbed condoms?

Both dotted and ribbed condoms are more or less the same regarding their materials, use and feel. However, there is only one difference in texture. While dotted condoms have raised dots on their outer surface, ribbed condoms have raised ribs. Dotted condoms are more ticklish, whereas ribbed ones are used when extra friction is needed. All in all, both have their advantages. No matter which one you need, you can get the best dotted and ribbed condoms in India at our website. 

Itspleazure recommendations for choosing between dotted and ribbed condoms 

Here are our top 10 picks for textured condoms that you can get from our website with just a few clicks. These are from your favorite condom brands, which you will enjoy. 

  1. Durex Performax Intense Condoms Extra Dotted And Ribbed
  2. Manforce 1500 Dots Litchi Ribbed and Dotted Condom 
  3. Skore Not out 1500 Dotted condom 
  4. Kamasutra Dotted Condom
  5. Durex Extra Ribbed Condom
  6. Manforce Chocolate Dotted Condom 
  7. Skore Zig Zag Ribbed & Dotted condom
  8. Kamasutra Ribbed Condom 
  9. Durex Mutual Climax Condom 
  10. Kamasutra Orgasmax Condom

What are the 5 benefits of using big dotted condoms and extra ribbed condoms?

Textured condoms were introduced in the early 1970s with a purpose, a purpose more than what normal condoms can fulfill. These are meant to be used as protection and contraception against unplanned pregnancies and various sexually transmitted infections and diseases like Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, HIV, HPV, Pubic lice, and Syphilis. And Trichomoniasis. However, it also has more benefits to it.
Let us now look at a few benefits which dotted ribbed condoms provide us.

Enhanced sexual satisfaction - 

Extra dotted and ribbed condoms are a great way to enhance your sexual satisfaction with your partner. Using these is the next step if regular condoms can not do your job. Now, you wonder how does it enhance your sexual pleasure? As mentioned, dotted and ribbed condoms have a series of ribs, dots or both on their surface. So, when you wear them during penetration, it adds a little more sensation. 

Improved intimacy between you and your partner - 

Coming to another benefit is it has been observed that the use of dotted condoms and ribbed condoms has visibly improved mental and physical intimacy among couples. As we already know, a good physical relationship also helps with a good emotional relationship, so no wonder that textured condoms are so helpful in this case. 

Adds a little fun to your sex life - 

Then again, if you are bored of using the same old plain condom, it is one of the many things you can try. Dotted condoms, ribbed condomsflavored condomsthin condoms. All are meant for one thing - to add a bit more fun, to spice up the bedroom scene. You can find other products like big dotted condomsdotted flavored condomsthin ribbed condoms and much more across multiple condom brands, especially Skore, Kamasutra, Manforce and Durex very easily. 

Helps to reach orgasm -

Textured condoms can also be a necessity for some people as using them is one of the few ways that they can reach climax. You may think that these are pleasurable for only women and work just for them. Still, surprisingly men have reported also experiencing extra pleasure due to the feel of ribs or dots through the condoms and reaching ejaculation early. 

It lets you experiment with multiple variations - 

Experimentation in your sex life with your partner's consent is always great and helps you bond better. Using dotted and ribbed condoms can also be considered an experiment if you have been using plain condoms all your life. However, if you have already familiarized yourself with the basic textures, here are a few condoms you can try out next.

  1. Kamasutra Dotted Condom Desire Series 
  2. Skore Assorted Flavoured Dotted Condom
  3. Durex Performax Intense Condoms Extra Dotted And Ribbed
  4. Manforce Sunny Edition Ribbed and Dotted Condom
  5. Durex Extra Ribbed Condom
  6. Kamasutra Orgasmax Ribbed and Dotted Condom

Are big dotted condoms and extra ribbed condoms safe to use? 

Worried that dotted and ribbed condoms might not be safe to use? Fearing pain and irritation upon use? Well, you have to take that into consideration. There will be no pain or irritation but only pleasure while using any textured condom, like ultra-dotted or extra ribbed condoms. All condoms are tested before mass production. The fact that these are so widely distributed and consumed globally guarantees no side effects upon use. 

But, if you or your partner experience discomfort, irritation, itching, or even swelling, immediately remove the condom. However, it is not because these are big dotted condoms or extra ribbed condoms but due to the condom material and your allergic reaction to any of the components of the condom. You will experience such symptoms even if you use regular condoms, in case you have allergies. Latex and latex friendly lubes mainly have the components responsible for allergic reactions among people. 

Importance of using condoms for safe and enjoyable sex

With that being said, it is still important to keep using condoms. However, since latex condoms aren't an option for people with allergies, most companies have kept all-natural lambskin condoms or organic condoms as alternatives. So, to enjoy safe sex, let us learn and spread awareness as to why sex with protection should be of utmost priority. 

Provides protection against unwanted pregnancies

Using condoms will save you from having unplanned children while letting you enjoy sex with your partner. It is one of the two main reasons why you should use condoms of any kind, be it ribbed condoms or flavored condoms, or regular condoms. 

Provides protection against STIs and STDs

STDs and STIs are serious things you need to look out for. These infections can spread through oral, anal and vaginal sex equally if no protection is used. To save yourself from such pain and infections, using condoms is a must.

These are the cheapest form of contraception. 

Pills, injections, or spermicide gel can cost you a few bucks and must be taken regularly for contraceptive properties to work. On the other hand, condoms are a cheapest way of stopping pregnancies. Just use them when having sex, that's all. Also, methods like sterilization are permanent procedures, whereas condoms allow you to choose when you want to get pregnant and when not. 

Much easier to use with zero side effects

Condoms are one of the many forms of contraceptives. Other options include pills, injections, sterilization and vaginal gel (spermicide). Now, the disadvantages of these methods are that they come with many side effects that can last years, if not lifelong. Women especially experience nausea, hair fall, hormonal imbalance, mood swings and more severe effects if contraceptives are taken as pills or injections. It is the reason why we encourage condoms over other methods.

Boosts sexual pleasure

Lastly, multiple varieties of condoms have been introduced in the market today, like Thin & ultra-thin condomschocolate flavored condomsbig dotted condoms and extra ribbed condoms and dotted ribbed condoms that allow you to experience better sex than ever. 


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