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Shop Sexy Halloween Costumes & Adult Role Play Costumes Online in India at ItsPleazure

Are you and your partner wild in bed? Well, that’s exactly how it should be, one of the best ways to keep that intimacy alive and create new memories between the sheets is by adding fantasy play and adult costumes into the picture. Whether you fancy being a sexy nurse, police officer or a French maid, no matter what your fantasy is, playing it out with your partner not only results in sexual stimulation but also increases the quality of your relationship.

Spooktacular outfits for all your Halloween cravings can be met with at, the collection of quirky fun sexy Halloween costumes for girls and Halloween costumes for boys double as sexy role play costumes too. The real world is great, for the most part, especially with a partner, it’s better but the fantasy world is a place where you can become whoever you want to be, flaunt sexy couples Halloween costumes to make your night even more exciting.


What is a Role-playing Costume?

Has your wild side ever wanted to show itself when you’re in the middle of having sex? Talking dirty to your partner is the beginning and sign of wanting to indulge in cosplay, acting out your desires in the most realistic forms with appropriate costumes, accessories and toys can be very satisfactory.

While role-play costumes are associated with sensual wear they also work seamlessly and innocently as sexy Halloween costumes. Invest in sexy women costumes and enjoy them as sexy outfits for your night time shenanigans as well as sexy womens Halloween costumes. Role-play costumes are the easiest of the lot to disguise as you can use them at that time of the year for Halloween parties and then play out your favourite scenes in the bedroom, you have the power to become a pirate, a fireman of who so ever your heart desires.


Different Types of Sexy Outfit

The choices are endless when it comes to sexy Halloween costumes for women, the plethora of designs and styles that are available give you the freedom to explore different sexy outfits for Halloween and play out your imagination to the best of your abilities. Complimenting outfits, accessories, and toys for sexy Halloween costumes for men make for the perfect gift for your special someone.


School Girl Costume – 

A popular among customers and cosplay enthusiast the school girl costume is one of the subtle yet wild choice loved by both men and women, check out the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S SCHOOL GIRL ZOMBIE COSTUME that is an absolute treat and extremely seductive.


Nurse Costume – 

Another well-known fantasy that plays well among the BDSM community players as well as the doctor or nurse/patient one, everyone likes to be taken care off and the nurse role play costumes provide the perfect balance between sexy and sweet, the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S NURSE TEDDY  is one of the bestsellers at


House Maid Costume – 

Who doesn’t like to be pleased, greeted with their favourite drink at the door and not have any chores to attend too? Well, the housemaid costume is one such gift that can seduce men and women with the essence of the power dynamic, arguably the most popular role play costume and Halloween costume too is the ITSPLEAZURE ORDER ME MAID COSTUME.


Kitty Cat Costume –

 Kitty cat costumes play well for people with the said fetish, a fetish is an integral part of role-playing as it adds the perfect elements to carry out the fetish-fantasy, ITSPLEAZURE SEXY ADULT KITTY CAT COSTUME FOR WOMEN is a sight to behold and a very cute outfit too.


Cop Costume – 

Most of us enjoy the chase, the thrilling feeling and the adrenaline rush of being pursued can be very arousing. Punish your man the way you want and play out your favourite scene wearing the ITSPLEAZURE 4PCS SEXY FEMALE COP COSTUME.


Army Costume for Men –

A pool of Role play costumes for men are available at ItsPleazure catering to the fantasies of men and their women counterparts, the army man role play costume like the ITSPLEAZURE NEW MENS ARMY COSTUME FANCY DRESS FOR MEN exudes confidence and sexiness and is the perfect gift wrapped in an enticing outfit for your loved one.


Fireman Outfit Costume for Men – 

Let him wash away all your troubles donning the overly sensual ITSPLEAZURE RED & BLACK MEN FIREMAN OUTFIT COSTUME, when your man flaunts the sexy fireman role play costume, the fire between the two of you is something you wouldn’t want him to put out.


Men’s and Women’s Sexy Costumes Buyer's Tips.

Bondage, BDSM, Role play costumes, fetish wear and more can be accomplished with mutual understanding and a shopping date at Here are some expert tips for men and women to help them choose sexy Bedroom Costumes and sexy role play costumes.


Figure Out Your Fantasy –

While the concept of donning a sexy role play costume and playing out your fantasy may seem alluring, it can be quite a daunting task. Figuring out your fantasy is the first step towards role-playing. If you have something in mind that you’ve been looking forward to trying out be vocal about it with your partner and decide the roles you want to play or the scene that arouses you. Fantasies are versatile and fit people’s individual needs and likes, people associate their role-playing scenarios to many different things, incidents and turn-ons. Figure out what exactly is it that excites you sexually before indulging in with role play costumes or before getting the Halloween costumes out of the attic. Your scenarios could be a cop-criminal dynamic, nurse-patient, maid-master, etc which can easily be fulfilled with the fun and sexy role play costumes available at ItsPleazure.


Share with Your Partner –

The next step after you figure out what you want is finding out if your partner is comfortable with it and what is it that turns them on in the bedroom. A successful role play scene include two people who are passionate about the scene and dedicated to playing it out with ease, sharing your fantasy and finding out theirs is a bonus as it allows you to explore your relationship on a much deeper level, it is very reassuring to know that your partner is on board and not only understands your fetish but also shares it.


Establish Some Limits –

Much like bondage, role-playing too, calls for some rules, for example, having a safe word or knowing exactly how far you can go with the fantasy and how wild you can be is integral. Keep your fantasy relationship as open as possible and communicate with your partner about what fetish you would like to attend to and how much you’d want to indulge. Establish valid limits like a safe word that can be used with mutual understanding, some limits as to what you are not comfortable with doing/performing, etc.


Set the Scene – 

Lastly, if you’re going to dabble in role-playing do it the right way, set the mood with the perfect ambiance, accessories, props, toys and most importantly role-playing costumes. A nurse-patient fantasy can be fulfilled with a sexy nurse Halloween costume or if you’re looking for a hot night with a fireman make your man wear the fireman role play costume. Play with the colors, furniture, and available props to make the fantasy as realistic as you can to arouse both of you.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days is home to a range of sexy clothing collections. You can find adults Halloween costumes here in a wide variety made with the best quality materials available at very affordable rates. Are you looking for roleplay costumes in India? Dabble in the art of bondage with role play costumes shipped in discreet packages and delivered within 2-5 business days across India.

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