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ItspleaZure Swirl Mushroom Tip Rocket Dildo

Rs. 3,799.00 Rs. 2,499.00

Itspleazure 8" Glass Dildo

Rs. 2,999.00 Rs. 2,599.00

ItspleaZure White Transparent 7" Dildo

Rs. 3,999.00 Rs. 2,499.00

ItspleaZure Super Long S-Curved Glass Dildo

Rs. 5,629.00 Rs. 3,749.00

ItspleaZure Blue Wave G-Spot Glass Dildo

Rs. 4,049.00 Rs. 2,899.00

Buy Dildo for Women Online in India To Enhance Your Sexual Experience

A unisex adult sex toy, dildos are phallus shaped pleasure toys used alone or with a partner. These can bring a lot of spice in your mundane night times; a non-vibrating lifelike dildo Is extremely versatile. Dildos are made from materials like Silicone, Rubber, Jelly, Plastic, and Glass, picking out what works for you and turns you on is important in exploring your sexual wellness.

Using a dildo is like the next best thing because of its look and feel, making it the perfect toy for masturbation as well as couple play. The best thing about using dildos is the manual operation since this is a non-vibrating toy you (or your partner) can control the way you want it to feel inside you (or him) the speed, intensity and how deep you would like it to go. This makes using the toy a very intimate experience one that can bring about a satisfying sex life for you.

You can take your pick and try them out to find the perfect one for you, fun options like strap in dildo, silicone dildo, and glass dildo among many others are available at Itspleazure.

What Dildo Should Be Made Of And What The Pros and Cons of the Specific Material?

Dildos are popularly made of material like silicone, rubber, plastic, steel or glass among others, selecting which one you are comfortable using is key. The difference in material means they feel differently on your body too and sure they have certain pros and cons to look at before selecting which one suits you best.

Material like Silicone or rubber is widely bought and used because of its texture and flexibility, the soft feeling on your sensitive parts might just be what you need. These are phallus shaped and due to their flexibility, they look and feel lifelike making them the most durable and likable type of dildo.

For women or men who are looking for a stronger, firmer feel with the dildo can go for the plastic, stainless steel or glass ones, they come in designs or dotted, ribbed, curved and more to form stimulating sensation upon penetration. The advantage of these stronger materials is that they have a longer shelf life, are very easy to clean and store and can be a great way to experiment with your desires.

As Per Your Choice, You Can Choose Between Realistic or Non-Realistic Dildo

While most people prefer to go for the realistic approach for many dildos are more adventurous, fret not we have both the options for you that too in colourful and brilliant designs.

Realist Dildo provides the look and feel of a penis which is the actual agenda, it is not exactly a replacement of a penis but an independent form of sexual pleasure for both self-love and couple play. The look, size, and material are what attracts people the most and makes it feel like the real thing which is silicone and rubber dildos are frequently bought due to its texture that matches a real phallus. Non-realistic dildos while differ in shape makes up with their one of a kind designs since the main focus stays on ultimate pleasure with penetration, different shapes and patterns available make them a multipurpose toy for both vaginal and anal penetration.

Check out a few like the Itspleazure Colorful Dots and Heart Handle Glass Dildo, Itspleazure Swirl Mushroom Tip Rocket Dildo, Itspleazure Blue Wave G-spot Glass Dildo and take your pick.

What Is the Common Dildo Size Requirement

Adult toys like Dildos are available in many different sizes, this factor certainly needs to be taken into consideration when shopping for a dildo. If you are a new toy user it is best to stick to a size you are familiar with or simply start small.

You can always buy a full-size large dildo and penetrate yourself little by little to see just how much you are comfortable with. Glass dildos are sleeker than silicone or rubber dildo and might be a good start for a new user, they are easy to clean and store as well. Check out these Itspleazure Pink Heart Glass Dildo for Women and Itspleazure Dual Ended Zebra Glass Dildo.

Can Vibration Be Added to The Dildo?

Dildos certainly feel more real than vibrating toys and while we may love the sensation and texture adding vibrations to that cannot hurt, can it? Many women like to keep vibrators and dildos separately and use whichever they are in the mood for but in this case what do you do when you want to use a dildo but want it to vibrate too?

There are two easy ways to customize this for yourself and reap sexually pleasurable results by both, either you can use a vibrating penis ring at the end of the dildo which can send intense vibrations through the toy or harness them into a strap-on. Itspleazure cares only and only about your safety and sexual wellness needs and we have made sure that you can find everything at the website with the click of a button.

Buy Dildo for Women from Different Shapes, Size & Colors

Itspleazure houses a vast collection of various different styles. Types and fabrics in dildos. You can select among numerous options in shapes, sizes, colours, and styles.

If you are new to using sex toys dildos are a very good choice, they are an easy no-hassle toy that you can use the way you like for both anal and vaginal penetration. Starting with mini dildos is the best way to go. Apart from mini, you can find large and big dildos, curve dildos, crystal plugs and double ended dildo for female too. You can play with its temperatures by wither submerging them in warm water or keeping them in the refrigerator for a while and play out your fantasies or bondage play with warm and cold dildos.

Tip – Please read the manual/instruction/warning labels clearly before use, even if you are a regular sex toy user, all toys are not the same and it is best to follow instructions to avoid spoiling the toy as well as hurting yourself.

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