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Buy Sexy Party Wear Western Dresses, Jumpsuit for Women Online in India at ItsPleazure

Getting ready for a night out on the town? Need something trendy and fashionable? Check out the party wear dresses for women at that houses a vast collection of fancy dresses to choose from.

When picking out the perfect hot dress for a party consider things like the setting, time of the day, the theme of the party and most importantly what kind of attire you’re comfortable in. sexy bodycon dress and bandage dress are go-to options as Sexy party wear dresses, they exude the glam you want them to and are unique in their own ways too.


What are Sexy Party Dresses?

There are many different kinds of parties one can be invited to, from an intimate gathering of friends or brunch with that special someone to birthdays at the hottest club in town or partying on a Saturday night with your favorites. The one thing that is common and rather vital is how you decide to carry yourself; most women choose a hot sexy dress from the western dresses collection at ItsPleazure. You can easily find party wear dresses online at ItsPleazure that holds a large selection of designs, patterns, style, materials and more.

When we talk about party wear dresses or hot dresses for ladies the most important question that comes to mind is, what makes women exude sexiness in the first place? The answer is Confidence; donning something as classic as a little black dress to latex wear or an evening flowing gown, no matter what you wear, it's important to wear western dresses with confidence and be comfortable in your skin.


Which type of Western Dresses are Available for Women?

Women's clothing is a sea of opportunities, there is quite literally something for everyone no matter what your style or personality is, when it comes to a sexy night out dresses the three major must-haves are - jumpsuits, sexy lace dress or a cocktail dress and an evening gown. Check out the bestsellers of ItsPleazure here –


Jumpsuit for Women – 

One of the latest fashion trends in party wear dress and western wear is jumpsuits, it’s a mix of comfort, casual and chic all rolled up in a onesie for adults.

ITSPLEAZURE FRONT OPENING ELASTIC WAISTLINE BLUE JUMPSUIT – This sexy jumpsuit brings all the girls out to play, the simplistic colour combined with the sexy style makes this western dress appropriate for a casual cafe as well as for date night.

ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S BLUE KEY HOLE SHORT JUMPSUIT NO SLEEVES SPAGHETTI STRAPS  – Prints never go out of style, they are just enough vibrant to be an entire ensemble, the floral patterns are a favourite of the customers and so is the fabric quality.


Evening Gown – 

Dinner parties, formal get-togethers, and romantic dates all call for sexy evening dresses like party wear gowns. Western dresses are appropriate and a requirement in various settings, party wear dresses like long evening gowns are a part of the collection at ItsPleazure.

- ITSPLEAZURE SEXY SLIT LACE BODYCON DRESS– This well-fitted revealing bodycon party wear dress is a head-turner and the mermaid-inspired design would do justice to a slender figure.

- ITSPLEAZURE ONE SHOULDER SHEER HALF CUP CHAINS LACE UP NIGHT GOWN – If you’re losing your night’s sleep shopping for sexy long dresses for women but haven’t found one yet, check out this bold lace gown that would have everyone be envious of you.


Cocktail Party Dresses –

What can be more sensual than sexy cocktail dresses? they’re trendy, chic and almost always stay classic to their essence of partying. With cocktail dresses like mesh, bodycon or shimmer dresses all your western dress needs will be fulfilled.

ITSPLEAZURE BLACK ASYMMETRICAL DRAPED MAXI DRESS WITH FRONT WRAP TIE – ItsPleazure bodycon dresses are not only elegant but also a cost-effective option, this party wear dresses fit your party soul and wallet both.

- ITSPLEAZURE WHITE ONE SHOULDER PARTY COCKTAIL MINI DRESS – You can find a range of popular sequin dresses here as well as sultry graceful mini dresses like the white one shoulder cocktail dress.


Factors to Consider While Buying a Sexy Bodycon Dress


Body shape – 

When shopping for western dresses especially a bodycon dress one always wants to find something figure-flattering, as this party wear dress style is a body-hugging one. Consider your body shape when buying party dresses as it helps identify the flair, fabric, and style you should go for. Whether you have an apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle or an inverted triangle body shape you are sure to find clubwear of your choice at ItsPleazure.


Skin tone –

we’re sure you will look fabulous no matter what shade of fabric you choose, the USP of selecting bodycon dresses or any western dress considering one’s skin tone is that you can easily shortlist colours that can complement your look and personality.


Fabric –

When it comes to clothing, fabric is ideally the most important thing about any attire, always be careful about the fabric you select for your bodycon dresses or party wear dresses.


Comfort – 

While style is essential, comfort is a must, when buying body-hugging dresses or even party wear long dresses make sure that you are comfortable wearing them for longer periods of time and that the fabric suits your skin.


Color –

Bodycon dresses come in all shapes, sizes, materials and of course, Colour. Find your favourite color in a dress that compliments your figure and your sense of style.


Sexy Dresses Ideas for Various Occasions


Freshers Party Dress – 

Starting your new journey at university can be intimidating but a fresher’s party is the perfect place to mingle and get to know your batch mates. Check out these party wear dresses ladies -

- ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN SEXY SHINY METALLIC STRAPLESS MINI TUBE BODYCON DRESS - GOLDEN – Bodycon dresses are completely in style and a sexy dress like the apricot vintage dress exudes confidence.

- ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN METALLIC SEXY HALTER NECK BACKLESS BODYCON MINI DRESS-BLACK – Are you going for simple yet elegant? If you are the black hue and this mini bodycon will do justice to your choice.


Christmas Party  –

This is a time of the year when everyone is shopping for the perfect western dress and party wear dresses to enjoy Christmas cheer to the fullest. You can go for a fun backless dress, long evening gown or flattering bodycon dresses to highlight your Christmas holidays. Choose from your favourite pastel shades, neon colors, prints and hues to flaunt this Christmas.


Pool Party –

It is very important to dress for any occasion appropriately, with western dresses like sexy jumpsuits available at ItsPleazure you can enjoy pool parties worry-free.

- ITSPLEAZURE WOMAN'S BLUE LACE OFF-SHOULDER MINI DRESS – This cute lace party wear dress is a classic by the pool western dress, flaunt this with drinks, games, and conversations at the next pool party.  

- ITSPLEAZURE PEPLUM WHITE JUMPSUIT – Playsuits are divine, they are jumpsuits that pair perfectly with the pool party vibe and can be worn as it is or over your swimsuit bikini.

- ITSPLEAZURE WOMAN'S BLACK FITTED V NECK SLEEVELESS HAREM PANTS JUMPSUIT – A pool party is somewhere you want to be prepared, bring a change of clothes, a swimsuit and sunscreen for sure but with womens party wear like a black fitted V neck pant jumpsuit you will fit well in the setting and have many heads turn.


Bachelorette Party – 

Party wear dresses available at ItsPleazure cater to everyone’s needs, especially when it comes to choosing womens dresses for specific occasions, western dresses are quite popular for bachelorette parties and usually come with quirky and wild themes too. mini dress, a revealing cleavage dress, and strapless dresses are favourites to flaunt at a bachelorette party.

- ITSPLEAZURE NARROW STRAPS AND V-NECK WHITE DRESS – this little white Shoulder strap dress is cute and sexy at the same time, perfect to show off to your envious friends and flaunt at someone’s last night of singlehood.

- ITSPLEAZURE BLACK VINYL CLUBWEAR – The vinyl tight dress is appropriate for clubbing or a night on the town bar-hopping, this dress compliments a slender figure and exudes the leather look vibes.


Beach Party -

Beach parties are more often than not destinations for hosting beautiful galas around nature, whether you’re attending a beach function or simply jumping into the water for some fun here are some hot clothes from ItsPleazure you can rely on.

- ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S SEXY FLORAL MINI DRESS - Western dresses at ItsPleazure like sexy short dresses are customer favourites especially for beach parties and pool parties, white floral mini dresses blend perfectly with sunny days and are a sexy choice for the beach.

- ITSPLEAZURE SHIMMER MICRO DRESS - open dresses or micro dresses are highlights of beach parties, makes you look glam and garners compliments galore.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Your search for Party wear dress for women ends here with cheap sexy dresses, quality fabrics, unique designs and chic collections with something available for everyone here. At ItsPleazure Enjoy Fast shipping of all your western dresses and party wear dresses discreetly and delivery in 2-5 business days across India.

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