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ItspleaZure Impassioned Black Dress

Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 899.00

ItspleaZure Erotic Black Wetlook Dress

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 699.00

ItspleaZure Checkered Hoodie Romper

Rs. 1,099.00 Rs. 699.00

ItspleaZure Glitter Skirt Set Dress

Rs. 1,599.00 Rs. 899.00

ItspleaZure impassioned Pink Dress

Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 899.00

ItspleaZure White Party Dress

Rs. 1,299.00 Rs. 899.00

Why ItsPleazure should be your go-to Store for Sexy Party Wear Dresses and Gown for Women?

Dressing sexy is mostly about feeling confident in what you wear, carrying yourself well and flaunting a revealing yet stylish look with flare. ItsPleazure houses a collection of designer Sexy party dresses that are versatile in nature and work well both in a public setting and behind closed doors. The top priority when shopping for apparels online is to find a brand you know and trust with Quality and value for money, with ItsPleazure you get them both along with a classy selection of sexy dresses to choose from.

A wide variety of sexy dresses for women

You can find a large variety of dresses for women in a dedicated section, here there will be variations in classic, sultry, outdoor and bedroom outfits. Choosing the perfect piece of Sexy Clothing and Outfits for yourself depends on a number of factors –

There are different types of semi-formal, casual and kinky outfits available at ItsPleazure, depending on your style and body type you can select and pick what suits you. An option like the ITSPLEAZURE LECHEROUS BLUE CHARMING DRESS,  ITSPLEAZURE IMPASSIONED PINK DRESS, and ITSPLEAZURE RAUNCHY GOLDEN NEW CHARMING DRESS are a great choice as clubwear. ITSPLEAZURE WOMAN'S GREEN CUTOUT PEPLUM DRESS is perfect for a semi-formal setting like a workplace party or outdoor meetings, the ITSPLEAZURE NEW BLACK UMBRELLA DRESS and ITSPLEAZURE ONE SHOULDER LONG SLEEVE LACE DRESS is both great choices as casual wear or for night outs while the ITSPLEAZURE FLORAL PRINT MULTICOLOR DRESS and ITSPLEAZURE ROUSING BLACK DRESS are revealing hot clothes.

Another important factor is the Occasion, whether you are shopping for a particular event, looking to indulge in some cosplay with a partner or simply browsing through party dresses, knowing where and when you wear it will help narrow down the best options for you.

Sexy Cocktail Dresses that are Really sexy

The perfect attire for a night out, a high-profile party or an evening of drinks and fun all call for being Sophisticated and sexy, finding an ideal cocktail dress that flaunts your figure the way you like it can be an easy task with ItsPleazure, hop on over to the sexy collection and we promise that you will be spoilt for choice.

If you have a wardrobe full of sexy clothes that are party wear you will love the collection at ItsPleazure, check out the ITSPLEAZURE VOLUPTUOUS BLACK NEW DRESS that has a raunchy look good enough for a night on the town as well as a naughty bedroom one too. Semi-formal party dress like the ITSPLEAZURE WOMAN'S LACE SPLICED APRICOT VINTAGE DRESS WITH BELT and ITSPLEAZURE COCKTAIL BEACH DRESS will flatter your curves giving you that bold and beautiful look.

Shopping for hot and erotic clothing is all about how you carry them and how confident it makes you feel, check out the super trendy cocktail dresses ITSPLEAZURE EROTIC BLUE WETLOOK DRESS, ITSPLEAZURE BLACK BODYCON DRESS and the ITSPLEAZURE T FRONT PURPLE DRESS that are actually really sexy.

Easy Return Policy and Customer Assistance for Buying Sexy Online Clothing at ItsPleazure

At ItsPleazure we understand that a product may look different in real time and the size might in some cases be an issue if you face such a dilemma when shopping with us fret not. The easy exchange and return policies are convenient and made for you.

Our customer delight team will be happy help you understand the return policies, process and refunds of the same. You can buy sexy clothes online worry-free with the customer-centric services provided by ItsPleazure.


Please note that products will only be accepted if they are in perfect condition, there will be a time period after the purchase which will allow for the package to be returned, please adhere to the terms on the website and ask for assistance if any queries.

Sexy Dresses Ideas for Various Occasions

Buying the perfect outfit is a lot about knowing where you are going to wear it, a specific event or occasion may call for a certain type of attire. The different type of gatherings namely whether and settings play a vital role in choosing any attire, at ItsPleazure you find sexy clothes for women for almost any occasion,

Cocktail dresses with a sexy and stunning look. ITSPLEAZURE SEXY RED DRESS, ITSPLEAZURE SPICY BLUE SIDE SLITS DRESS and ITSPLEAZURE SEDUCTIVE BLACK DRESS make for the perfect choices for a rousing evening.


Getting your day outing outfits sorted is really important, for a quick Sunday brunch or an emergency girls lunch picking out and throwing together an outfit should be an easy task, with the collection at ItsPleazure you can do just that and more. Popular sexy day outfits like ITSPLEAZURE BLACK & WHITE JUMPSUIT STRIPED ROMPER, ITSPLEAZURE SALMON HIGH NECK BODYCON DRESS WITH KEYHOLES and ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S WHITE LACE TOPS will do justice to your wardrobe and are also within a budget-friendly range.

What factor should be considered while wearing a sexy outfit

When you shop for Sexy party dresses for yourself or someone else some factors need to be taken into consideration, while you may look good in most things the way to be comfortable and look pleasant in what you wear is largely determined by your personal style.

Age & Comfort

While age, not a barrier for what you should wear but it does determine what would look good, irrespective of age one should make sure an attire is comfortable, especially when picking a sexy outfit. With shapes, patterns and cuts an attractive outfit in all its glory in some cases can be very uncomfortable which is why knowing what you can according to your age and your comfort level is important.

Body shape & Skin Tone

one of the most important parameters of apparel shopping is to buy the correct size and colour, if you adore A-line dresses but are pear-shaped it would be the wrong choice, similarly amber yellow would probably not flatter a dark skin tone. These examples prove one simple thing, choose apparels that flatter your curves, skin tone and overall personality.


Be careful to read the wash and care instructions before buying clothing, each fabric calls for different care. Knowing what material feels great in your skin and suits you is vital. You want to be comfortable and get that glam look too. Also look out for allergies if any to a specific type of material.

Your dress will be delivered in 2-5 days anywhere in India

We have a special tie-up with delivery companies so that you can get your dresses as soon as possible. Metro and Tier-1 cities will get delivery within 2-4 days while other locations generally get delivery in 3-5 days. You can order the products at home or at the office and neighbour aunty or nosy colleague in the office will never know what’s inside. Thanks to our discreet shipping policy.

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