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Buy Latex Dress like Bodysuits for Women, Catsuit, Leather Pants, Corset & More at ItsPleazure Online in India

Latex clothing has been associated with the fetish community as latex fetish is a popular one, with varieties in bodysuits, catsuits and other fetish wear for women you can indulge in cosplay or simply look sexy in latex clothing.

Catsuits, bodysuits, and fetishwear are available in different styles, designs, and sizes for one, and all at Live your latex dream and fulfil your kinky desires by indulging in fetish wear made with good quality and skin-friendly latex.


What is Latex Clothing?

Latex or rubber as it is commonly known is used to make fetish clothes and is immensely popular in the bondage clothing industry. When it comes to latex wear a strong, stretchy, and skin-safe quality of latex is used for clothing, especially for fetish underwear.

Latex clothing is also known as a second skin among people who frequent in bondage leatherwear and bondage products. These skin-tight catsuits and bodysuits are usually glossy in look and have a sensual appeal to it. Latex clothing does, however, require immense care when it comes to washing and storing. Catsuits, bodysuits, and fetishwear are worn in the bondage community but are also a big part of the club wear scene.


Catsuits and Other Different Types of Dominatrix Clothing Found at

The good news is if you are looking to indulge in the fetish wear segment and want to explore all the fun that comes along, there are many different types of sexy clothing you can check out. Specially designed with the latex materials, bodysuits and catsuits are the most popular kind, but you can certainly dive into a variety of other fetish wear as well -


Latex Dresses 

Latex dresses are popular both inside and outside the fetish wear community, most of the bondage apparels like dominatrix dress are made in latex but are not limited to just that, latex dresses are glossy and sexy party dresses as well, they are bold yet simple and a statement in itself. Check out the erotic blue wet look dress at ItsPleazure, which is not only an attractive but also a cost-effective piece of party wear.


Latex Bodysuit 

One of the most common uses of latex is when it is used to make bodysuits. Very similar to the infamous jumpsuit, bodysuits are the body-hugging and wet look version of it. A fetish for leather and latex is one that can be fulfilled by flaunting a tight-fitted and stylish bodysuit. The trendy yet vintage look of the sexy ItspleaZure Milena Latex Cleavage Bodysuit is just one example of the possibilities of latex bodysuits for women.


Latex Bikini 

Latex bikinis are the range of sexy fetish wear that most latex lovers will definitely own. The latex bikini is true to its name, it is essentially a bikini in various styles and types made of durable and high-quality latex material. The different variations of latex bikini can be found at ItsPleazure among latex one piece bikini gold, sexy metallic wet look bikini, and pink handmade crotchet neoprene latex bathing suit.


Leather Bra  

Leather bra is more than fetish wear for many, it is a symbol of sultry fashion. You can find latex bras suitable for all indoors and outdoors activities, whether you’re looking for one to wear at the beach, flaunt at a club, or tease with behind closed doors. Check out the very many options available at ItsPleazure or add to cart our bestsellers - chained open leather bra, yellow spiked bra and the busty boo black latex bikini.


Latex Skirt 

The latex skirt is a sexy piece of clothing that has taken the BDSM and fetish world by storm. Many latex-loving women are fond of flaunting their toned legs in a hot latex skirt. The confidence to carry skirts especially made in latex material adds the ‘sexy’ element to the attire. Skirts can be worn as cosplay like the itspleazure spanking skirt or just for a fun party like the women's latex micro skirt.


Latex Leggings 

Leather pants are a symbol of sexy and popular among a lot of people, from party goes to celebrities and fetish wear lovers to bondage practitioners, latex leggings are extremely versatile. You can find a wide variety of latex leggings in different sizes, designs, and styles among party wears like the itspleazure chad punched leggings gold, sexy bondage attire like the wet look slit leggings and many more.


Latex Thong

One of the first attires fetish wear lovers indulge in are thongs and various types of innerwear/underwear. Latex thongs like the sexy silver bullet chip thong is the perfect fetish underwear for couples looking for something naughty in the bedroom, other variations in latex fetish wear is the belted thong fitted for the bondage and BDSM lovers, shop for these and many more styles of latex fetish wear thongs at


Latex Corset 

Corsets, as you may already know, accentuates the figure and provides the hourglass look that you’re going for, the different types of corset available can complement your needs in many ways, from classic black corset lingerie to fetish wear like the itspleazure basics latex corset and thong.


Why Wear Bodysuit?

Bodysuits are a trend, the bold look of latex wear is attractive and eye-catching, people indulge in fetish outfits for many different reasons, and some are looking to fulfil their deepest darkest fantasies with their partners while others are looking to flaunt their figure and feel sexy & confident. Here are three major reasons why people are gaga for bodysuits -



Bodysuits are extremely fashionable and tight-fitted that you can show off the best parts of your figure in the right way. Bodysuits accentuate the figure and automatically provides you with an entire sexy ensemble look. 



Most Bodysuit or latex lovers start trying out the former because out of the fascination that comes along with the look and feels. Bodysuits feel warm and smooth to the touch and look shiny and sexy while hugging your best features.


Sexy Look 

It’s tight, it’s shiny and for the most part, this second skin is associated with kinky sex, need we say more? The sexy look of bodysuits is one of the most popular reasons why women worldwide try these out in bed and outdoors as well.


What is Sexy Latex wear? Do Women Like Wearing It?

Sexy latex wear like catsuits, latex leggings, corsets, and many more are immensely popular in the fashion industry and among BDSM practitioners. It’s safe to say that women all over the world certainly adore fetish wear or latex clothing and do like wearing it.

While there are many different types of sexy latex wear available, leather lingerie is unique in them. Leather innerwear can be worn indoors to seduce your partner and kink up your game in the bedroom. A majority of latex wear like catsuits and fetish wear can be found among the range in BDSM clothing as they are a big part of cosplay and help to set the scene in bondage. A favourite among women is bondage sexy lingerie; latex lingerie can arouse instantly and goes well with a wide variety of clothing too.


How to Wash and Dry Latex Fetish Clothing Properly?

While bodysuits, catsuits and latex wear are fascinating, fashionable and sexy it does need a good amount of care. There are plenty of ways you can wash, store and care for your fetish wear –


Get Discreet and Faster Delivery from Itspleazure in 2 to 5 Business Days

Catsuits, bodysuits, and all fetish wear can now be delivered across India in just 2-5 days. Enjoy safely packaged and discreetly shipped parcels with your favourite latex clothing delivered to your doorstep.

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