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Buy Condoms in India with Affordable Price at ItsPleazure 

Prevention is better than cure. Condoms were first developed for family planning and spread STD awareness in India. With recent developments in society, more and more people are becoming aware of the numerous health benefits of using condoms. While condoms are essential during any penetrative sex (if you wish to be extra careful, you can even use them while having oral or digital sex). 

Condoms are not taboo anymore and can be easily found at any local pharmacy. However, buying men's condoms online has its set of benefits. Not only do you get a variety in materials, flavours, and even design, they can be directly delivered to you at an affordable price. The condom price in India is relatively low, with some of them even starting at INR 60. 

Textured, Ribbed, & Dotted Condoms: Know Everything About Them

A condom is an elastic tube that rolls over your penis. Naturally, the condoms carry some lube, but extra lubrication is recommended. The objective of the condom is to stop the transmission of semen into the orifice. 

There are several types of condoms. Some of the most popular ones are textured, ribbed, and dotted condoms. All of these condoms have been curated very carefully and have different functions. For example, extra dotted condom brands try to create a ribbed structure for even more pleasure to the woman. Some of the best condom brands that can be found in India are Durex, ManForce, Moods, Kamasutra, Skore. 

What are Textured, Ribbed, and Dotted Condoms ?

Ribbed condoms mean condoms that have ribs or rings around the surface. These condoms create friction during penetration. The conflict ensures that the ejaculation is delayed and women may reach orgasm. However, it must be assured that the condom is placed correctly at the base of the penis. These condoms will help you last longer for an intense sexual experience.

The ribs on the condom are sufficient to provide further stimulations to the vaginal muscles. Since they are meant to touch the delicate walls of the vagina, condom manufacturers ensure that all the condoms are made out of skin-friendly materials. These are available in a plethora of colours and textures. The elasticity of branded condoms is both comfortable and durable to the wearer. Masturbatory sessions with this condom will also be pleasurable as the male orgasm is delayed. Edging with this ribbed condom means a hot night for you. 

While ribbed condoms mean resisting orgasm, dotted condoms enhance your pleasure. The sizes of the dots and the number would vary according to brands and prices. The dots' placement is essential and unique to every penis; thus, you must try what works for you. However, the shape of the ring plays the most significant part in these dotted condoms and how it is wrapped in a spiral. 

Textured condoms could be considered an amalgamation of ribbed and dotted condoms. If you wish, you can even buy condoms that are warm and cold, and this increases not just the sexual stimulations but also sensitizes the skin further. These textured condoms can also come in various other different patterns according to your requirement. At times, they can even be compared to a milder penis sleeve, which is one reason why they are restricted within the global market. 

How does a Ribbed & Dotted Condom Look ?

The looks and features of ribbed and dotted condoms are visibly different from each other. Ribbed condoms have rings around them a condom. The rings on these condoms can be simply concentric textured rings, criss-cross patterns, or even waves. Each of these patterns has its functions. When the ribs run parallel to the penis, the smoothness of the thrusting is increased. If the ribs run perpendicular to the penis, friction is created, which aids rougher sex. Every brand has its unique ribs on the condoms. Thus, you must select one which fulfils your requirements. 

Dotted condoms on the other hand, are occupied with dots. These dots are placed at particular positions to aid the stimulations at a specific part of the vaginal muscles. 

These dots can also create a stimulus to the G-spot and P-spot. Extra-dotted condoms such as Moods Extra Dotted condoms have more dots than usual. This ensures that most internal muscles are titillated and that your partner is satisfied with an intense orgasm. 

What are the Benefits of Textured Condoms? 

While regular condoms are good to use and affordable, the only pleasurable condom is textured condoms. The ribbed condom benefits are numerous. Not only do they amalgamate the same benefits of a standard condom, but they also have an increased effect on the intensity of pleasure and stimulation given to the partner. This is due to the friction created by the texture of the condom. 

While sex with a standard condom works for many people, textured condoms invoke feelings of passion and stimulus. They are a perfect product to use on special occasions. Once you realize its effect on delaying your ejaculation and sensitizing your partner further, you would not want to go back. 

Apart from the sexual functions, well-branded condoms are pleasurable condoms and prevent STDs. The material used in these condoms is meant to make it elastic, so it hugs your penis tightly and doesn't get off quickly. These condoms are not to break if handled with caution despite the elasticity. This way, the semen is barricaded, minimizing the risk of venereal diseases. 

Popular Textured Condoms Available at ItsPleazure 

Condoms can be easily purchased at a pharmacy. Many online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart also sell condoms. However, it is advisable to buy condoms from a recognized online adult store. ItsPleazure is one such online platform where you can purchase condoms and sex toys for men & women. We house the collection of the best-dotted condoms in India.

These ribbed condom prices vary from INR 40 to INR 160. However, you must ensure the number of condoms inside the pack, which affects the price. Some condoms that can be easily bought in our store include Playguard Super Dotted condoms, ManForce Extra-Dotted condoms, Kamasutra Ribbed condoms, and more. 

Flavoured Condoms: Know Everything About Them 

These days flavoured condoms are enjoying popularity. With flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, and more, the sales of these flavoured condoms have skyrocketed. The competition between the market is so intense that new condom flavour varieties are being produced periodically. Interesting flavours such as biryani flavour condoms jasmine flavour condoms are also in existence. These condoms vary in colour, too, depending on their flavours. For example, a strawberry-flavoured condom is red, whereas a chocolate-flavoured condom is dark-brown. 


Flavoured condoms are generally used during oral sex for taste appeal. The flavour lies in a bit of lube that is used on the condom. However, after a while, once all the lube is removed, the taste of the flavour dissipates. The condom becomes dry. To avoid this, lubrication must be kept close. Due to this sheer fact, many customers ask us why flavoured condoms are used. This is due to the multiple physiological benefits that they can provide. 

 What are Flavored Condoms & Varieties Available in Flavored Condom? 

Flavoured condoms impart flavour to the giver. While the receiver is stimulated through these sensations, the giver may be turned off by the taste of regular lubricant that the standard condom is coated in. In flavoured condoms, with a variety such as chocolate flavoured condoms, mango flavoured condoms, strawberry-flavoured condoms, the giver can be turned on with the taste of these exciting flavours in the mouth. This way, both of them can enjoy oral sex.

Weird Flavored Condoms 

While primary varieties of flavours are available in every store, some condom flavours have been unheard of. Not many people have used them, though the excitement to try them can be enough motivation to buy them. Condoms such as ManForce Jasmine Flavored Condom does not solely constitute the taste but also the smell. The partner can have a pleasurable oral experience with both these senses titillated. 

Many brand manufacturers have also poked fun out of the rising competition. In a post shared by ManForce on their Twitter handle, a biryani flavoured condom was in talks, which pushed the audience into a frenzy. Other weird condom flavours which have slowly seeped into the mainstream conversations are banana-flavoured condoms and apple-flavoured condoms. 

 What are the benefits of using flavoured condoms? 

Flavoured condoms might have a bad reputation amongst the masses, but they come with many benefits. The usage of these condoms is for oral sex, and some of the flavoured condom purposes are listed below. 

● Flavoured condoms, just like standard condoms, help minimize the risk and prevent any STDs. They create a barricade between the sperm and the vagina without pulling the man out. They also relieve the stress of unwanted pregnancies. 

● Flavoured condoms have lubricant perfumed with flavour. These flavours can range from apple and banana to berries such as strawberry to weird combinations such as jasmine. Several times they are not good tasting but also have a good smell. 

● The flavours of the condom can assist oral sex for the receiver, and a good taste and smell can prove to be a turn-off for them. With more fantastic oral sex due to a heightened physiological simulation, you will receive intense stimulations on your penile nerve endings. 

 Popular Flavored Condoms at ItsPleazure 

Many brands compete to give their customers the best oral experience. For the same purpose, there is competition in the market between flavours. At ItsPleazure, you can find some of the best-flavoured condoms in India. There are several condoms with extra flavouring if required, and you can also find those with us. 

Some of the most popular flavoured condoms are manufactured by Durex, Kamasutra, Manforce, and Skore. These are distributed in various flavours (extra, if required). These flavours constitute strawberry, grapes, pineapple, mango, chocolate, litchi, butterscotch, bubblegum and more. With a vast inventory, you can easily select one of the condom packets according to your partner's needs. 

Thin and Ultra-Thin Condoms: Know Everything About Them 

Thin and ultra-thin condoms are made from the most elastic materials available, and this ensures that you do not feel like the condom was ever there. Despite its many advantages, several customers have approached us to ask, 'are ultra-thin condoms safe?' The answer to that is a yes. There are several companies in the market known for developing thin and ultra-thin condoms. Some of them are Durex, ManForce, and Kaamasutra. 

 What are Thin and Ultra-Thin Condoms?

Thin and ultra-thin are the condoms which do not add any sensation to your penis during intercourse. These condoms are made so that you can shift your focus from worrying about it to pleasuring your partner. These condoms are so thin that the skin and the veins of the penis are made visible. Despite that, the amount and quality of lubrication on these condoms are impeccable. 

Due to the thinness of the condom, the sensitizations on the nerve endings of the penis are maximized. Thus, while having intercourse with your partner, you will be able to feel all of them and massage their body internally. These condoms also make up for a wild masturbatory session if used right, and the intensity of the subsequent orgasm would be the one to beat. This makes it altogether a great commodity to get your hands on. These ultra-thin condoms in India can be bought online or at a local pharmacy.

What are the Benefits of Thin and Ultra-Thin Condoms?

Due to the thinness of the condom, customers remain curious if the condom can sustain their lovemaking. However, the stigma attached to these condoms is outweighed by the advantages of using these condoms on the bed. These thin condoms benefits can be further explored with the following list. 

● While using these condoms, you do not need to worry about protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Their advanced latex technology ensures that the sperm and the vagina contact does not happen.  

● Due to the thinness of the condom, the sensitivity is increased. The penis could feel the muscle of the mouth, anus, or vagina. This will help you achieve a good orgasm.

● Not only are these condoms lubricated with good lubrication, but they also smell nice. Due to better lubrication, any discomfort on the orifice can be avoided. 

Limited Edition Condoms Available Online for That Special Experience 

There are numerous cheap condoms in existence curated explicitly for special occasions. However, it is a challenging task to decipher which condoms are good. At times, the limited editions condom would be inspired by the experiences of a celebrity endorsing it. Other times, they may have additional textures, unique flavour, or more to make things more exciting for you in the bedroom. Many brands compete to provide you with the best sexual adventure and hence come out with limited editions periodically offering more. 

One of the most flavoured special editions is the Durex Red Special Edition Pack Extra. This condom is manufactured to be ultra-thin and is imbibed with extra dots for your pleasure. Sunny Leone endorsed another limited edition condom: ManForce Ribbed and Dotted Sunny Edition condoms. 

Order Condom Online in India at ItsPleazure 

Now that all types of condoms have been discussed, it must implore you to buy yourself one right away. The next step is finding a local pharmacy or buying it online. Sometimes, your nearest pharmacy might not have the condom brands or types you need. Thus, it would be best to stock up on your favourite condoms via online means. Online stores will give you much choice and sometimes have limited edition condoms up for grabs. If you have decided to buy condoms online, ItsPleazure is the best place to buy condoms online

The condom's online shopping experience would be enhanced in our virtual store. At our condom online store, you will have access to condoms that are flavoured, ultra-thin, textured, and more. Several condom brands such as Durex, ManForce, Skore, etc., can be bought from us at an affordable rate. You do not need to worry about shipping or delivery either. Once you purchase these condoms, they will be delivered to your doorstep discreetly within 4-5 days of purchase. 

At this point, nothing should come between you and your partner's pleasure. Hurry up, get these condoms so that you can experience an unparalleled sexual adventure.


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