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Buy Sexy Nighty and other Sexy Night Dresses for Your Girl online in India at Itspleazure

Lingerie shopping is a lot of fun, there are different types of night dresses for ladies available from which one can buy based on their body type, comfort level, style, etc. Night dresses and intimates ranging from wedding night dresses to sexy ladies nighty can be found online at

Lingerie is something women are very particular about especially when it comes to buying first night lingerie for your honeymoon, find a variety of fabrics, designs, and colours in sexy nighty online in forms of baby dolls, teddies, and many more varieties. Women are careful when it comes to lingerie as it not only helps entice one’s partner but also gives you the confidence to wear what you want comfortably.


What is Sexy Night Dress for Ladies?

Have you been eyeing that lace lingerie or the mesh nightgown but never end up buying it? Night dresses are an integral part of every woman’s closet, it needs to be comfortable enough to sleep in and look good too. Night dresses for women come in various shapes, styles, patterns and designs and sexy night dresses and women sleepwear lingerie play a big role in how comfortable women feel with their bodies.

The range of sexy night dress for girls include babydolls, nightgowns, teddies, lingerie sets, micro dresses and more. When picking out night dresses or lingerie you can always choose according to your taste, desired fabric and of course whether its an every-night look or a special one. Check out these wild bestsellers from

ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN SEXY LONG SEE THROUGH RED GOWN - As the name suggests this see-through gown is an alluring and seducing nightwear and perfect to grab his attention on a sultry night.

ITSPLEAZURE EVENING ELEGANCE GOWN – the Elegance gown is a sight to behold, the long black sexy night dress is as exciting as it is graceful.

How To Choose Ladies Nighty and other sexy nightwear for women?

If you’re setting out to shop for night dresses and night lingerie there are certain factors you should consider, knowing what kind of nighty you like and want can make your shopping experience easy and fun. Shop for night dresses for girls based on the following parameters –


Budget – 

First and foremost everyone likes to set a budget while shopping, though it is okay to splurge and is necessary in some cases, however, it is ideal to find sexy lingeries and night dresses that fit your taste and your budget. You can find a wide selection of variants at ItsPleazure among a plethora of designs at a pocket-friendly price point.


Colour – 

Night dresses are more like comfort wear and these too come in your favourite hues, be it mesh nightgowns, sexy lingerie or babydoll night dress there are prints, Pastels, Solid colours all available when you shop at


Fabric – 

Fabric is one of the most important things you should look at when shopping for clothing, especially when shopping for night dress and intimate wear. Lingerie and night dresses are all made in different fabrics depending upon their style and pricing. Select what material suits you the most and buy according to your comfort level only.


Style – 

Well, once you have your budget, colour preference and fabric sorted you can focus all your energies on browsing through the vast collection at ItsPleazure. We house a range of babydolls, teddies, sexy bikini sets, lingerie combo’s and nightgowns to choose from. Pick your style and then pick pieces that compliment your style the most. Do all of that and more within extremely budget-friendly rates.


Which is the Perfect night dress for honeymoon for the Bride?

Wedding bells bring with them a lot of joy, fun, and laughter but behind the scenes, it’s a stressful event that needs to be planned with every element perfectly fitting the bride and groom’s taste. Even if you have the day you wanted and we sure hope you do, the celebration continues with a heavenly honeymoon, here is where your intimate needs come into play and ItsPleazure is here to help.

When you shop for a night dress for honeymoon a million things are crossing your mind, you certainly want to look your best and have the time of your life on your honeymoon. Here are some must-haves in your honeymoon trousseau. –


Honeymoon Lingerie – 

You should certainly have more of these than clothes in your honeymoon backpack, bringing some naughty lingerie sets with you will surprise your partner and be a good note on which to start the new chapter together. There are many different types of honeymoon lingerie you can opt for, check out the ITSPLEAZURE BRIDAL LINGERIE SET and find many more options just like it at very pocket-friendly prices.


Lingerie for Sex – 

There are some lingerie sets you can look ravishing in and others that are solely to arouse your partner, rotchless pantiesc, edible candy Bras and more are a treat for honeymoon shenanigans. Pick a few of these that you can almost literally have sex in.


Womens Sexy Night Dress –

The times when you’re not between the sheets going and crazy for each other you can still entice him with your beautiful smile and your body, flaunting sexy women nightwear like the ITSPLEAZURE WHITE SATIN ROBE to enjoy the intimate moments with your better half, or don bridal nighty like the ITSPLEAZURE WHITE OPEN FLORAL BABYDOLL to show just enough and seduce him for round 2. One of the most popular styles of hot nighty for bridal wear is the chemise, for example, ITSPLEAZURE DREAM GIRL MIDNIGHT WHITE SATIN CHEMISE, these are elegant and seductive mini night dresses ideal for a night with your special someone.


Baby Doll Dress, Teddy Lingerie and Other Types of Lingerie

Before you fill your shopping cart with everything you see here’s a guide on the types of lingerie you will find at ItsPleazure, this will not only help you figure out the style you like but also make sure you make the right purchase to your utmost satisfaction.


Babydoll – 

The babydolls style of lingerie is one loved by many, baby doll dress is essentially a short night dress in a comfortable and loose fit, babydolls exude sexiness in their many designs and additions of lace, mesh and more. Find a wide collection of sexy night dress and ladies nighty like the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S PINK BABYDOLL Q2LCL035, the modern twist on a classic ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S WHITE BABYDOLL Q2LCL008WH and the ITSPLEAZURE PINK SEXY HALTER NIGHTWEAR LACE BABY DOLL.


Teddy – 

When it comes to choosing sexy sleepwear the teddy style of nightwear takes home the gold, designed similar to a one-piece or swimsuit or a really sexy and small bodysuit; teddies turn up the seduction level by a lot. Considered to be hot nighty as well as womens lingerie for many the teddy nightwear is a big hit among couples looking to indulge in passionate foreplay before sex. These adorable and sexy teddies are an absolute must-have for a bride, check out the sheer ITSPLEAZURE FRILL SEXY TEDDY, the lovely lace design in the ITSPLEAZURE EVENING ENCHANTMENTS SEXYTEDDY, the body-hugging ITSPLEAZURE BLACK MESH FRONT SEXY TEDDY, and the red-hot ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN RED OPEN CROTCH LINGERIE UNDERWEAR HOT TRANSPARENT EROTIC SEXY TEDDY among many more on ItsPleazure.


How to Choose Lingerie for Different Body Types

The easiest and most effective way to shop for lingerie is first knowing what type suits you best, that way you buy lingerie and sexy nightwear for women that flaunts your body perfectly, compliments your curves and accentuates your personality along with your body.


Pear Shaped – 

Pear shape body type is a common body shape among women and ItsPleazure has a wide selection of women's night dresses and lingerie for the cute and sultry pear-shaped ladies. You can don a variety of sexy lingerie with your desired one with your curves around the waist and sensual hips. The ideal lingerie or bikini choice for this body shape is a two-piece lingerie set or swimsuit, the individual piece of clothing on top and bottom helps you stay comfortable and sexy at the same time.


Upside Down Pear – 

The upside-down pear body shape is one ideal of busty women flaunting their curvaceous figure, at ItsPleazure you can shop from collections of hot nighty dress and lingerie suiting the upside-down pear body shape.


Hourglass – 

An hourglass body shape is what most women dream of having, the similar width of the hips and shoulder gives this body shape a slender waistline and a petite look. Teddies help flaunt the waistline and corsets compliment the hourglass shape perfectly. While most things suit this figure, you can certainly pull off garter belts and teddies better than any.


Broad Shoulders – 

Also known as the inverted triangle body shape, broad shoulders are top-heavy in certain ways and you can find lingerie styles that fit your body well at ItsPleazure. Pay attention to your bottom half if you have broad shoulders, use of thongs and teddies can accentuate your buttocks and show off your sexy figure in the right way.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

We all want to look and feel comfortable yet sexy in our night dresses, lingerie plays a vital role when it comes to sleepwear and with ItsPleazure you can easily find affordable, good quality and a wide selection of sexy night dress online. Get all your sexy nightwear shipped to you in discreet packaging and delivered within 2-5 days of placing the order across India.

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