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ItspleaZure Milf Pocket Pussy

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Buy Masturbator and Fleshlight From Wide Variety Online in India at ItsPleazure

Are you looking for the perfect masturbator for men? The sweet release of sex brings so much calm to the body and the mind and same can be said for masturbation, aside for the many taboo’s (that used to be) associated with masturbation it is a healthy sexual practice and has various psychological and physical benefits as well. houses a wide variety of fleshlights and masturbators for men along with a selection of men’s sex toys to help enhance your overall sexual experience. Browse through the different types of masturbators for men and take your choice of fleshlight on a wild ride.


What is Fleshlight?

Much like the name suggests a fleshlight is a popular sex toy for men shaped as a Flashlight, a convenient name isn’t it? The sultry combination of a flesh-like texture on the inside of a flashlight-shaped object as it looks on the outside is the perfect toy for men. Fleshlights are common masturbation sex toys for men as they provide a pleasurable feel and a satisfying experience. Fleshlight is actually the name of a very popular company that makes these fleshlight masturbators.

masturbator for men is extremely important, masturbation, in general, is very important for any human being and a fleshlight can help achieve that orgasmic release with the perfect texture and feel. houses a wide selection of masturbator online to choose from and you can pick from different types, sizes and textures according to your preference.


How to Use a Male Masturbator?

The use of masturbators is extremely fun not to mention that masturbation comes with its own set of benefits, from stress-relief to a healthy sex life and more, masturbators for men have changed the way men pleasure themselves and the way they take care of their sexual needs. Using a male masturbator or a fleshlight is fairly simple and once you get the hang of it a pocket pussy is all you may need to fulfil your desires –

- You certainly need a Fake Vagina before you start stroking yourself so first familiarize yourself with the various types of fleshlights available and make a choice based on your likes and dislikes. Choosing the correct masturbator for you is very important as it defines the experience that you will have, choose from a range of different pocket pussy, vibrating masturbator, classic fleshlight, sleeves, Tenga cup and more.

- Once you’ve selected the perfect fleshlight its time to ready yourself and your toy, lubrication, the single most important thing that makes sex better than it already is. Sex toys go hand in hand with lubes and masturbators for men are no different, in fact, do not skip this step at all as the penis will be inserted completely inside the fleshlight and friction without lube can cause bruises.

- Some men even use fleshlights to try out certain techniques before playing them out in the bedroom, you can practice edging with your fleshlight, this technique usually helps delay ejaculation and makes you last longer in the bedroom. 

- Treat a masturbator for men as you would a vagina and after applying a generous amount of lubricant simply insert your penis into the cup and enjoy the textures, friction and experience.

PRO TIP – Wash your fleshlight before and after every use, to maintain cleanliness and longevity of your masturbator always use it with a condom, this will not only make clean up easy but will ensure that your masturbator does not become grounds for bad bacteria and other nasty things.


Different Types of Artificial Vagina

If You’ve decided to take your masturbation game up a notch the best way to do it is with a fleshlight, a classic masturbator to start with is perfect but you can certainly choose from a range of different types. Knowing and understanding the selection that is available can help narrow down your own choice of masturbator as well or simply help grow your toy collection –


Classic Masturbator for Men -

Fleshlights is the most common of all masturbation toys for men and a classic too, looking like a Regular flashlight, this textured masturbator is in itself the perfect disguise, making it a great travel companion and a discreet masturbator for men.


Vibrating Masturbator for Men -

Vibrating masturbators for men is a fairly new concept, the additional vibrating features with different speeds to choose from simply takes things to a more intense level of fun and pleasure.


Tenga Cups or Egg Masturbator for Men –

A beautifully designed discreet masturbator for men, the egg is a unique but usually a single-use masturbator made with body-safe materials and has a smooth and stretchy surface. Tenga masturbation cups have a longer shelf life and just as the egg comes with various textures inside to enhance the thrusting motion and masturbation experience for men.


Pocket Pussy and Oral Play

Loved by men everywhere Pocket pussy or pocket vagina toy is a favourite and extremely versatile. The concept here is that pocket masturbators while compact come in different shapes mimicking either a female vagina, a mouth (for the illusion of oral sex) or an anus for that wild anal play that you’re craving.


Sleeves and Masturbators With Suction Cups –

Other varieties of men masturbator are a Pouch type sleeve that sometimes acts as a reusable condom and adds length, girth and arousing texture on top of your penis and also fleshlights with suction cup perfect to experience that feeling of oral sex when you are all by your lonesome.


Different Material Used to Make Male Masturbator

The goal, of course, is to mimic the feel as close to a vagina as possible, not only is this goal successfully achieved but has also made it possible for men to enjoy masturbation in the most pleasurable way and, of course, accessibility to these at ItsPleazure really helps. masturbator for men is made with different materials depending upon what the product is and its uses, majorly PVC, silicone, soft plastics, polymer, TPE, latex and even plants are used to make male masturbators; the difference in brands, pricing and type of product usually tells a lot about the materials that may have been used.

Fleshlights, masturbation sleeves, vibrating masturbators, suction cups and all masturbators for men at ItsPleazure are only made from body-safe soft silicon, this has a smooth feel and great texture which is perfect for a pleasurable experience without compromising on quality. ItsPleazure associates only with the best brands that produce quality products to make sure we offer the best shopping experience to our customers.


Different Masturbator Brands Available at ItsPleazure

ItsPleazure guarantees only the best quality products which is why you will find the best brands listed here, these masturbator brands are focused on designing (and have designed) the most effective, fun and safe masturbators for men. Here are some brands you can find at ItsPleazure and their masturbators for men -


Fleshlight – 

It is clear as day that Fleshlight is the most famous among all masturbators for men, a bestseller at ItsPleazure not only do men love this product but also its popularity has made the term to be commonly used in place of the term ‘masturbator’. The classic fleshlight is one of the brands you can find at ItsPleazure along with its wide selection of products, the frequently bought ITSPLEAZURE FLESHLIGHT USA REALISTIC EROTIC PUSSY TOY FOR MEN from the brand is available among many more in variations of classic designs, textures and ridges.


Tenga – 

The second most popular brand at ItsPleazure is Tenga, its unique product has made it a must-have in a man’s toy collection, find products like egg masturbators as well as bestselling Tenga cups like ITSPLEAZURE TENGA DEEP THROAT MASTURABATION CUP- BLACK right here at ItsPleazure.


SenseMax – 

The elite of sex toys for men, the Sensemax is a well-known premium sex kit taking sex and masturbation to a whole new level. Enjoy a hands-free experience with the Senseband or a virtual experience with the cup, all in all, this is a technologically advanced wild joy ride every man would love.

ItsPleazure surely has something for everybody and whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player you will find products according to your preferences easily. The collection of masturbators for men range from a generic ITSPLEAZURE DEEP PLEASURABLE MASTURBATOR FLESHLIGHT which is perfect for first time users, a ITSPLEAZURE CHERRY POCKET SEXUAL FEEL VAGINA Pocket Pussy for a feeling of the real deal to Artificial vagina and penis sleeves, find whatever your heart desires from the best of brands right here under one roof.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days is the perfect place to find a wide variety of male masturbator in India from trusted brands offering affordable prices. Curb your cravings for masturbation with fleshlights, pocket pussy, Tenga cups, artificial vagina so much more with the advantage of discreet packaging and doorstep delivery.

We process Fast shipping for all masturbators in India and get products delivered to you within 2-5 business days across the country, you can also enjoy benefits like multiple payment options along with the assurance of discreet delivery experience.

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