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Buy Body Jewelry Like Nipple Pasties, Chokers and More from ItsPleazure

Chokers, belly chains, bejewelled bikini bra, nipple stickers and many more, Body Jewellery at its best with ItsPleazure. The attraction with the word Jewellery comes naturally and love for the adornment is strong too but why just stop at Finger rings, earrings and necklaces? Why not explore our bodies and flaunt them with the best of jewels and pasties to enhance our look and feel more confident too?

Accessories, that is exactly what these are, while we may love to flaunt loop earrings and chain bracelets other parts of our body can equally be the perfect places to wear jewellery. Check out a tantalizing and breathtaking collection of Body jewellery right here at ItsPleazure.

What Are Different Types Of Sexy Jewelry & accessories You Can Buy From ItsPleazure

There is a large variety of Body jewellery available at Itspleazure and the possibilities of how to adorn them are endless, finding what suits you and flatters your body type and your preference is key.

gold choker necklace is a trendy type of jewellery and a chic style loved by many. chokers necklace chains and choker bands can be worn in place of the regular pendants to enhance the look of the apparel as well as the entire get up. Itspleazure Rhinestone Choker and many more available on the website are statement body jewellery that brings attention towards the adornment easily.

pasties clothing and pasties jewellery is very different from any kind of jewellery, as their make and wear style is different, they stick to your skin which makes them the kind you should always buy carefully. Pick out sexy Itspleazure Sequined Glove Pasties as a hot gift for your girlfriend or wife and play out your favourite fantasies along some nipple tape that can be used for some light bondage too. Nipple jewellery is one of the most erotic kind, options like Itspleazure Sweetheart Sequin Pasties With Tassel and Itspleazure Seduction Villus White Nipple Pasties will be an extremely sexy addition to your wardrobe.

One of the most sensual types of body jewellery there is is a gold bra. Itspleazure Gold Rhinestone Chest Cover can be worn as is or above a skimpy bra (sometimes below depending on the designing) the best place to wear these, of course, is a with a partner. It would act as a great tease and arouse him exponentially while you look your stylish and sexy self.

Waist Chain 

Itspleazure Antique Gold Waist Chain, thigh chains, leg chains and waist chains bring attention to the lower part of your body, so if you have an hourglass figure or the kind you’d like to flaunt these are made for you, their delicate look and elegant designs bring a classiness into the look. Some example of Belly Chains would be the Itspleazure Turquoise Beads Belly Chain, and leg chain would be Itspleazure Women's Rhinestone Thigh Chain Silver. Of course, the jewelled bikini Itspleazure Rhinestone Bikini Set stands out on its own and is the ideal tease.

Body chain 

Wear the Itspleazure Sexy Erotic Body Metal Chain Teddy, Itspleazure Gold Plated Waist Summer Chain or the Itspleazure Shoulder Body Chain Necklace above bikinis or below them, the sexy and interesting look will highlight your entire ensemble. A good apparel choice would be low neck or v neck tops and dresses which are perfect for body jewellery necklace chains. Another way is to flaunt them with your bikini set on the beach, walk out with that extra oomph with a different look of silver or gold body chains. Usually either beaded or made in delicate patterns on the back or neck area these can enhance the look of any attire.

Tips to Enhance Your Look With Jewelry Like Waist Chain and Other Hot Jewelry

Body Chain Bra

For the sexiest look wear above nipple pasties and flaunt your sexy figure as is, pair with a jacket and skirt and you’re good to go, another good way of wearing body chain bra is above any neckline complimenting attire, like that which has a low neck.

Pasties or Breast Stickers

While these are super versatile you can literally wear them with anything and everywhere, below your apparels when they are flat pasties or as an accessory when they have tassels or decor on them. These come in handy the most when you want to flaunt a backless dress or a skimpy number and want to avoid straps and lines.

Body Jewellery Chains

These make for appropriate clubwear, while there are many different types of body jewellery some designed to flaunt your back, some your waist and some can be adorned on the shoulder while some are Thigh Chain taking sexiness to a different level. Wear them over your sexy night party apparels and welcome compliments, the hollow body chains and bondage body jewellery make for amazing sexy gifts for that special someone.

How to clean Your Sensual Jewelry

The easy steps to follow to make sure your sexy jewellery has a long shelf life lies in the way you take care of them –

What Precaution You Should Take While Using Erotic Jewelry

It is very important to take care of body jewellery just as you would any other piece of fine jewellery since these come in close contact with your skin and you wear them for a fairly long period of time. Jewellery like piercing, pasties, chokers and more should be cleaned regularly to avoid any infection or irritation.

Avoid contact with chlorine water as the product may damage or in some cases the ‘stick’ feature may remove, so no swimming with body jewellery.

Storage is a very important factor when it comes to any jewellery, make sure to store each and every piece separately.

Depending upon on the material the wash instructions will vary, be careful to while washing and no not use harsh chemicals or detergents or scrub them under any circumstances.

Body chains, belly chains, thigh chains practically any chain jewellery’s make is very delicate in nature so make sure to remove these before you sleep and store individually so as to avoid entanglement.

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