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Buy Sexual toys for couples & LGBTQ sex toys online in India only at ItsPleazure

 Our life is full of stress, and we need to have a great sex life to get rid of the stress. Couple sex toys can be fun and heighten intimacy. They can help couples to try something exciting, and why only couples! There are specialized categories of lesbian sexual toys and gay sexual toys that can allow them to climax with their partner.

You can surprise your partner with these unique ideas that can improve your sexual relationship. The toys can heighten intimacy with your partner and help you try something new. This article will discuss some of the best sex toys for couple available online in India.

What are the best couple sex toys or LGBTQ Sex toys available at ItsPleazure?

Couples require an added spice to their daily routine. They can use sex toys to spice up their life. It can be fun to try something new and shed any inhibitions that either partner may have. You must gauge the reactions of your partner before introducing them to your bedroom. Nevertheless, it can be a great way to surprise your partner too.

The sexual toys for couples may come with detailed instructions on how to use them. There are variations that depend on how intense you like to be in the bedroom. These toys are usually marketed to straight couples, but there are various sex toys for LGBTQ people also. We will discuss some of the options available with us.


Vibrating Penis Ring to experience a pleasure & stamina

The penis ring is among the popular couple sexual toys. They are fun to use and can come within your budget. They prevent the blood from flowing back from the penis. Hence, you have a harder erection and makes you have sex longer. The vibrating rings also stimulate the shaft and can be used with partners for better stimulation.

The vibrations come from an in-built vibrator that can stimulate the partner for better intercourse. It can shift the vibration to the partner when the bodies are in contact. The ring is there to keep the vibrating motor in place. Most of these sex toys for couple are simple to use. You can choose from the basic rings or the fancy rings too.

Remote Controlled Vibrator- Feel intimacy while staying apart

Are you feeling horny, but can’t do anything because you are in a public place or in a long distance relationship?. ItsPleazure have a solution for this. Partnered sex can be awesome, but you try some teasing at times. You can watch your partner having orgasm using a sex vibrator or panty vibrator. These couple sexual toys can enliven your mind and create a relaxing environment to achieve an orgasm. They are a welcome addition to the bedroom and are uncontrollable during specific moments of intercourse.

The toys can also be used by lesbians who can look to ramp up the orgasms of their partners. You can control the premium ones through a mobile app. They use Bluetooth technology and apps to make these touch-less toys ideal to add that extra zing to your life. These sex toys for couple can be worn inside the underwear and can make masturbation easier anywhere, anytime.

Anal sex toys for the best anal play

If you are looking for the ideal gay sex toy, then these can be an excellent option. You can use these toys inside your butt or up the butts of your partners. It is essential to know that the butt can also provide adequate opportunities for satisfaction as there are several nerve endings. 

These couple sexual toys can be used as a prostate massager too during sexual encounters. These toys are made of glass, metal, or silicone. A butt plug up the anus can also assure a satisfying feeling of pleasure. The plugs can come in non-vibrating and vibrating options. Some of them can contain weights, like small silicone beads that can lead to explosive orgasms.

 Strapon- A versatile sex toy for all couples & LGBTQ

If you are looking for harness play or pegging, the strapon is the ideal lesbian sex toy for you. The strapons can be used by women for lesbian sex or during couple sex. There are several options and selecting one can be difficult. The strapon with a harness is always a good option to keep the dildo in place while ensuring security and stability.

The size of the ring must be chosen such that it is best for the harness. Few harnesses can fit in different strapon sizes. If the toy is slender, a stabiliser ring can help. You can also check the, and several of these couple sexual toys come with a flat base that helps if you are using it alone.   


Double Sided Dildo to double the enjoyment

Same-sex partners can wish to have a rhythm during intimate moments. These couple adult toys work best for lesbian couples, and the ones with ergonomic designs can work wonders during intimacy. The length of a couple sexual toys can vary but works best with those having strong pelvic muscles. When buying, always choose a product that allows adequate room to grasp it while using.

When buying, you can choose a longer anal dildo to reduce the chances of sexual transmitted diseases. There is no use of a harness as it might create few problems for beginners. You can use lube at both ends, but it is unsuitable for standing sex. The sex toys for couple made of silicone are simple to use also.


Top 4 Popular sexual products for couples & LGBTQ at ItsPleazure

You would not like to have intercourse, in the same way, every time. You can look for change and opt for one of the several sex products for couple. Bringing the sex products into your relationship can be intimidating in the beginning, but it is fun as well. There are several sexy products for couples & LGBTQ sex products too, from which you can choose the best as per your need. 


Roleplay costumes to live your fantasy character

A sexplay costume can help couples enact their kinkiest fantasies. Transforming into a different role can lead to a new excitement in the bedroom. People use these toys to engage in a seductive game involving both partners. It can test your inhibitions and test out various activities that you would not try otherwise.

People may be intrigued, but you would not be judged based on your fantasies or feel silly to enact them. When selecting the costume, keep in mind choosing one made from stretchable materials. Do not be insecure about your body, and select one of the couple sexual toys that can highlight your features.

Best couple sex games for erotic sexplay

If your sex life is in a rut, you can try new sex games. You can start with some dirty texts and move on to the card games. There are specialized games with activities for gays and lesbians too.

We have a collection of some of the best sex games for couple that you can enjoy. They will act as an add-on for the couple sexual toys and bring a zing to your sex life. Couples can also read some Literotica while playing these games. There are pleasure dominoes, a four-player dice game, sexual position vouchers, and dare coupons. 


BDSM sex products to get your kinky side out

BDSM sex toys can help you act out your bondage dreams and its another way to spice up your bedroom. These bondage products can add to your roleplay scenarios and help the partners explore their sexualities to the fullest. You must understand your partner fully before indulging yourself in kinks.

When selecting the toys, you must ascertain the ones that can turn on your partner. There is the sex swing that can allow you to enjoy positions that you never thought even existed. The fetish whip and leather thong are other kinky sex toys for couple to revitalise yourself. Other options like leather chastity devices, collars and penis wraps can improve your sexual appetite.


Foreplay Products to enjoy passionate romance

You will not have complete satisfaction without satisfying your partner. It is necessary to have brilliant foreplay too. It can trigger a physical response that can make intercourse even better. It can lower any inhibitions and have sex even better between the partners. Foreplay can also help in lubrication that ensures more pleasurable sex. 

Studies show that only a few women reach orgasm during intercourse. You can also make use of the foreplay tools for better sexual activity. The sexy products for couple can help to warm up before getting into the act. There are massage kits and lubricants that can spice up the foreplay. The chocolate body paint & edibles prove to be a chink in our armour that makes for passionate lovemaking.


Is it safe to use couple sex toys?

Are you looking to add extra sauce to your sex life? There are several sex toys for couple that are available. The requirements for these toys can vary across couples, but there is no denying that they can remove the dullness from your life. They can heat the bedroom and allow couples to enjoy them together. 

As the requirement for a couple sexy toys increases, you must know whether it is safe. As a starting point, you must consider the materials that are used to make them. Only consider options that are made from safe materials. Do not use the ones made from phthalates that are banned in several countries. Some of them are porous, too, which can lead to infections spread to the partner. 

One of the mistakes that many make with sex toys for couple is that they are not washed regularly. Unclean toys are not suitable for the genitals and can lead to urinary tract infections. Some of them can retain sexually transmitted diseases, too, as they can retain viruses and bacteria. The guidelines for cleaning are provided with each toy, and you must adhere to them.  

Some of the couple sexual toys allow a condom, and you can use them too. Always buy them from a renowned brand, that will reduce the chances of bad-quality products. Moreover, do not share your toys with your friends, increasing the risks of transmission of diseases. Also, do go through the documentation in detail. You must bear these small directions in mind and ensure you are using them safely. 


How to clean and store LGBTQ sex toys? 

Users must clean the toys regularly according to the type of materials used in making them. There are several couple masturbation toys for you from which you can choose. They can help you last longer and help you satisfy your partner, too, through kinky roleplays. However, cleaning the toys is necessary too, and it may not be a pleasant thought for you. You must go through the documentation provided to know how you can clean them.

You must disinfect the couple sexual toys before and after use regularly. If the couple sex toy is made from ABS plastic, you can use soap or a sex toy cleaner. You can easily wash the cotton parts with soap and cold water. If you use a motorised toy, you can clean it with a sanitiser or a soapy damp cloth. You can also use a soapy cloth for materials made of latex or jelly rubber. The leather parts can also be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth.

The sex toys for couple must be stored in the same package provided to you by the seller. They can be stored in small boxes that can fit them. A plastic container of the same size can also protect them from dirt, you can also use a small satin bag to store them properly.

Get couple sexual toys for couples with discreet packaging & fastest delivery at ItsPleazure

If you are looking for quality adult time with your partner, you can use these toys for a better experience. Several adult couple toys are available, but it is safe to choose a renowned brand like ItsPleazure. You can choose from the various options available as there are several sex toys for couple under a single roof. 

All the products are unique, adorable, and trendy. They can cater to different needs and sexual desires that you may have. They are made from premium quality materials and are available at low prices. The focus is on customer satisfaction. Moreover, they will be delivered to your doorstep in a discrete package.



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