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Buy Dildo for Sex Online in India at ItsPleazure to Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Dildos are one of the most popular and loved sex toys for women around the world. The shape, look and texture of a Dildo contribute towards its demand and popularity in India. Dildo in India is a loved sex toy and a frequently bought product by both men and women.

Dildo in India is available in a bunch of colours, shapes and types, making it ideal for masturbation as well as to use for couple play. Head on over to ItsPleazure and shop to your heart's content for the best Dildo in India.


What Are the Types of Dildo?

Dildos are extremely versatile, they come in different varieties of sizes, shapes and materials and can be found at easily. Dildo in India is a very popular sex toy and is used by both men and women the biggest  USP of realistic dildo being that it has a very life-like look and has been made with a very realistic texture to enhance the overall experience and contribute to a satisfying orgasm.

The different types of Dildos in India bring endless possibilities in the bedroom –


Lifelike Dildo – 

Life-like dildos are the most popular kinds of Dildo in India because this is a manual sex toy and its texture, shape and size resemble a penis making it a perfect masturbation tool. A realistic-looking dildo is extremely fun and very effective in the bedroom too when you’re craving for an intimate experience, you can also find one with a vibrating feature like the ITSPLEAZURE WOMEN'S REVEL FUZE - VIBRATING DILDO taking the entire experience up a notch.


Strap on Dildo – 

The strap on Dildo is essentially a strap which can be worn around the hip and has an opening to attach an object to it, a very popular sex toy and product in India you can use both non-vibrating and vibrating dildos in this. The Strap on is a well-known product among the LGBT community, the BDSM community and of course anybody who is looking for adventurous sex play in the bedroom. The ITSPLEAZURE STRAP ON VIBRATOR DILDO is a classic and flexible product you can use to surprise your partner.


Silicone Dildo – 

Silicone is the most common material in sex toys, it is flexible, durable and easy to clean which makes it a hit for Sex toys, a lot of dildo in India are made with silicone material and can be used exactly like a vibrator, only manual. The smooth texture of silicone is perfect to mimic the real thing and can heighten the experience tenfold, majorly found in realistic or life-like dildos, the silicone dildo is a must-have.


Glass Dildo – 

the most popular kind of dildo in India is the glass Dildo which is a very versatile sex toy and frequently bought in India. Glass Dildos too come in a lot of variety, you can find curved glass dildo like the ITSPLEAZURE WHITE TRANSPARENT 7" DILDO, phallus-shaped glass dildo like the ITSPLEAZURE SWIRL MUSHROOM TIP ROCKET DILDO, double-ended glass dildo like the ITSPLEAZURE RED CANDY CANE GLASS CRYSTAL DILDO, glass or crystal butt plug and many more. Glass dildos also come with ridges, dots and other texture on the surface to enhance the overall sexual experience, the reason why glass dildos are very popular is that they are unisex and can be used for both vaginal sex and anal sex.


Penis Dildo – 

While the varieties are endless and Dildos can be used in multiple ways Penis Dildos are phallus-shaped objects modelled after popular adult film stars, what an exciting time we live in isn’t it? You can find penis dildos and many more at  


How to Choose a Perfect Dildo for Sex

Whether you are a beginner or an avid sex toy collector, these simple factors to consider can help you pick out the ideal Dildo for you. Everybody’s needs and preferences differ which is why one must make sure to check off some basics on your list when you’re shopping for Dildo in India, especially if this is your first buy.


Size – 

First things first, Size matters and let no one tell you otherwise, of course, the way you use the size matters a lot too so before you plunge into a pool of dildos carefully consider the dong size that you’re comfortable with. If this is your first buy it is best to choose a smaller size and then buy a large dildo later, also consider the size that you’ve already enjoyed in your vagina or anus and base the size you'd like to buy according to that. The size matters when you buy a dildo online because if it's too small or too large it won't be as pleasurable and may have the opposite effect on your sexual experience than the one you were going for.


Shape – 

The shape here is associated with sensation, choose the shape depending upon what you want the dildo to do for you, for example, a curved tip would be an ideal G-spot dildo, a smooth surface straight shaped dildo is good for beginners and textured dildos with dots, ridges, lines etc enhances the experience when the textures create friction against the vagina walls. Selecting the shape of the dildo will help determine the kind of sensation you’ll experience. You could start with a mini dildo for sexual pleasure and figure out your preferred shape and size along the way.


Length and Girth – 

Once you have the size and shape selected to your liking the next step is to shortlist them based on desired length and girth. You may like long and thick dildos but it is important to know if you’d be comfortable using them for penetration. The length of the dildo may differ according to its base as well, which is also an important factor, a flared base can be used as an anal toy and can also be placed in a strap on, dildos with handles like ITSPLEAZURE COLORFUL DOTS AND HEART HANDLE GLASS DILDO have better grip providing comfortable vaginal penetration etc. when you’re buying a dildo in India consider the base, length and girth that you need and whether your purchase suits self-pampering or couple play.


Material and Flexibility – 

Dildos in India are available in a variety of materials from plastic or silicone to glass and stainless steel, the flexibility, texture and shelf-life of the product depend upon the materials used to make them. This is where we’d like to urge you to always buy from a trusted brand like where you can be sure about the quality of the product, good fabric/material and easy to clean are two things one should prioritize when shopping online for dildo in India.


How to Use a Dildos?

So, you bought a dildo, chose your desired shape and size and considered all the types of dildos in India to find an ideal one for you, the good news is that it’s time to break it in and enjoy, here’s how you can use your dildo as a beginner –


Lube up – 

Keep a lubricant (your dildo friendly lube) handy and be generous with it, irrespective of the type of dildo you’ve bought lubricant is your friend as it will not only help the dildo slide in but also add a smooth, comfy and pain-free experience. 


Know what you like – 

Most people know what they like since the dildo is a manual sex toy its ideal for beginners as you can control and change the kind of thrusting and speed. Asses the kind of movement, sensation and intensity that you want before penetrating.


Position – 

If this is the first time you are masturbating with a sex toy the simple way to go about it is to lay on your back to ready yourself for vaginal penetration, there are of course endless ways and positions to consider for optimum pleasure and fun. You’ve certainly imagined using a dildo, when you buy online dildo in India there are different curves, textures and lengths available you can change your position according to the type of dildo as well.


Realistic or Non-Realistic Dildo? The Choice is yours!

The options in realistic and non-realistic dildos make it possible for one to experiment and enjoy multiple functionalities, textures and types. While both are equally pleasurable and can be enjoyed depending upon your mood many people prefer either or and stick to it. Realistic dildos and non-realistic dildos both have a different approach in masturbation as well as in couple play and sticking to what one likes is very important here.

The choice is certainly yours on which one to buy and use but you can always keep both in your toy closet and use according to the mood, roleplay adventure, partners demand or your requirement.


Realistic Dildos – 

Realistic dildos have an almost natural look and feel, the phallus-shaped objects are closest to the real thing mimicking a penis and for many is an arousing and inviting sex toy than one that may not look like a penis.


Non – Realistic Dildo – 

non-realistic dildos are extremely fun because they are so versatile, usually made with materials like glass or stainless steel these are hard due to its material but have different textures on them that can heighten the sensation while penetrating. People who can get past the non-phallus look and are more inclined towards the features, can enjoy a wide selection of glass dildos in India at


Can Vibration Be Added to the Dildo?

Vibrators and dildos in India are both loved and high in demand, it is fascinating how different yet similar both the toys are. We are so glad that someone thought of adding both the components to get the best of both worlds, yes vibration can be added to a dildo toy.

There are several ways one can add vibration to a dildo, while the strap on harnesses can be used to keep the dildo in place and adding a vibrating product to the base would work the most popular way is by wearing a vibrating cock ring. The pulsating effects from the cock ring transfer to the strapped dildo and can cause arousing sensations. This way you can add vibration to your dildo or simply choose a vibrating dildo when shopping for dildo in India.


Our Customer's Experiences with Sex Toys Like Dildo?

It is safe to say that almost everyone who has ever experienced a Dildo is in love with it, some choose to indulge regularly while others choose to bring dildo into play occasionally but most adults enjoy using a dildo in India. Here are some reasons that customers have shared why they love using Dildos.


Ease of Access – 

Trusted brands like ItsPleazure has made sex toys like Dildos easily available keeping intact the quality, cost and variety. Dildo in India is not a novelty anymore, in fact, it is a part of regular sexual gratification for many. Our customers adore making a dildo purchase now more than ever as they can trust the quality and can enjoy updated and new designs as well.


Pricing – 

Everyone knows that investments should only be made in good quality products and sex toys are to a certain extent a novelty item although there is a large market for Dildo in India, ItsPleazure customers have a satisfying experience because we bring both affordable and high-end dildos to them, dildo cost depends upon the type of dildo and varies with changing features, brands, material etc.


Better Relationships – 

Sex is a big part of any intimate relationship and while the dildo price is a USP the biggest advantage of buying dildo online India and including Dildos in couple play is its positive effects on the sexual experience and overall relationship. Several customer experiences boast about how using dildos have given the couple a chance to explore their sexuality and each other’s bodies, taking into consideration their partners’ needs and knowing exactly how to please them.


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