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Buy Sex Delay Spray for Long Lasting Sex 

All of us enjoy or aspire to enjoy a healthy sexual lifestyle. However, there are times when the guy may not last for longer while their partner is still not satisfied. In such cases, the guys ought to use sex spray for long-lasting effects. These delay sprays for men in India can be bought online at affordable prices and discreet delivery

How does Climax Spray Work for Long-Lasting Sex?

Research has proven that men last for 5 to 7 minutes on average, and however, men suffering from premature ejaculation (PE) last for less than 2 minutes. To solve this problem, climax spray for men has become imperative. The climax spray works by minimizing the sensitivity caused due to sex in the most sensitive regions of your penis and numbing it. With no significant sensitivity to your penis, you can last longer in bed, prolong your ejaculation, and finish your partner to orgasm. 

When the penis is treated with friction, it gets aroused, and an ample amount of friction leads to ejaculation. With a climax spray, the nerve endings present on the end of the penile area would be blocked by the chemicals and this will misguide the nerve endings to a point where they will go numb. A brief period of 10-15 minutes will help soak up the formula to the nerve endings for an extended period of sexual fun. 

Other names for them could be penis desensitizing spray for premature ejaculation spray. The climax spray is extremely easy and can help men riddled with ejaculation issues enjoy sex. With these long-lasting sprays for men, the bedroom lives and your partner could be pleased successfully. These sprays help men desensitize their most sensitive area and prevent the expulsion of semen for a bit of time. The spray takes effect quickly and you can dive in directly with your partner. 

How to Use Long Lasting Spray The Correct Way? 

Using delay spray for men is not hard, and it is like applying any other spray. However, using this on your sensitive areas may be difficult for a few. Therefore, following the steps below will provide you with the best results. 

STEP 1: Applying the Climax Spray 

The best application of delay spray for men is knowing how to use a delay spray. When you get the climax spray, you might get confused. Since every bottle comes with precise direction, you may take their suggestions. For the delay spray use, follow the instructions below-

1. Shake the bottle well. 

2. Put the nozzle of your spray above the sensitive areas of your penis. It must not be too close or too far as accidental spillage may occur, and a distance of 30 cm is recommended. 

3. Push and release the climax spray. The spray must be kept away from the frenulum and the glans of the penis. However, if you have sensitivity issues in the underside of the glans, you must apply it down first. 

4. Massage the spray with a circular motion into the skin of your penis until dry. 

STEP 2: Waiting for the Effects of Delay Spray for Men 

There are several climax spray benefits. Though, they may not be seen if you do not apply the climax spray correctly. Once you have used it, you must wait patiently for it to take effect. On average, a good delay spray for men will be absorbed by your skin within 10- 15 minutes.

STEP 3: Washing the Product Off 

After using the product and having an intense sexual adventure with your partner, you must clean the area of the application or your genitals with soapy water. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Delay Sprays 

Despite being easy to use, sex delay sprays are seen with stigma. However, there is no shame in maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle. When our customers buy these climax delay sprays, they develop a curiosity towards the product. Some of the frequently asked questions about these delay sprays for men are-

1. How Long Does the Effect of Delay Sex Sprays Remain During Sex? 

A sex spray works differently on different men. The effects of the climax sprays can vary based on the sensitivity levels, the amount of spray you apply, and the product you buy. On average, a well-branded product must last for an hour or more. 

Since the product is chemical-based, sex spray side effects are fully practical. Since every bottle of delay spray for men is made of different elements, not every brand would have a side effect on you. Thus, you must check the ingredients and any potential side effects. 

While applying climax sprays, you ought to be careful of the amount you are taking into use. If applied more than prescribed, you may risk losing the sensitivity on your penis temporarily. They may also result in you being unable to get an erection for a brief amount of time. 

2. When to use Climax Control Spray - Before or After Erection?

If you are confused about applying climax spray, you need not worry. You are free to apply the climax spray before or after achieving an erection. If you choose to apply the spray before sex, you can wait for its effect to come into action and may utilize your time to provide foreplay to your partner. 

If you wish to apply the climax spray after you are semi-erect or fully erect, you can do that as well. It could be extremely helpful to directly target the spots you wish to desensitize, and that can give you a precise effect. However, it is not recommended as it has been noted that most of the guys lose their erection before 10 minutes, if not constantly titillated. 

3. Can I use a Condom With Delay Spray? 

Several customers ask us how to use a climax delay spray with a condom and if it is safe. Many chemicals present in these climax sprays are not very harmful to condoms, and one can quickly wear a condom after applying the spray. However, you must still be careful to read the precautions and the direction on the sex delay spray for men. You must wear the condom only once after the fountain has been dried and the effects have materialized. 

4. Are Delay Sprays Safe to Use During Sex? 

All the climax sprays for men are safe to use only if used correctly. Since all men are unique, their penis sensitivity will vary. To know what works best for you, you must experiment with different brands and formulas. Climax spray side effects can be avoided if you are cautious with a few tips. 

A. Going Overboard With the Amount 

Each bottle of a climax spray comes with a recommended number of sprays. If you do not get your desired results, you may work your way up with the number of sprays. But before you do that, you must wait patiently for the effects to take place. 

If you accidentally go overboard with the number of sprays, you might lose sensitivity to the applied area. But it should not be a cause of worry; the sensation would return in about 30 minutes of washing the product off. 

B. Using Minimal Amounts 

Sometimes men get scared of losing their sensitivity and become stingy with the amounts. Though it is not a bad practice, the effects would be very mild and might not let you last longer. Therefore, you must follow the recommendations that come with the product. 

If the effect seems mild to you, you may apply a little more till it helps you control your ejaculation. Since the sensitivity differs from men to men, using the delay spray for men a little at a time will last a long way. 

C. Accidental Application

While applying the climax spray, you must put the nozzle close to the parts you wish to desensitize. If not, the chances of accidentally spraying it in the wrong places multiply. You must be cautious not to spray the formula on the frenulum or the glans of your penis. 

The frenulum of the penis is the tissue that connects the head of the penis with the shaft of the penis. Accidentally applying the spray to the frenulum would feel very irritating during sex. The glans of the penis is the head of the penis. Though the head is very sensitive, the underside is the more sensitive area. The climax spray must not be applied there either.

Buy the Best Quality Delay Spray Online in India 

While there might not be any physical outlets selling delay spray for men, delay spray in India can be bought online. These delay sprays are affordable and accessible to all the masses. A delay spray may cost anywhere between INR 600 - INR 1500. Depending on the price range, the delay formula may come in oil, spray, or balm. You may choose either based on your preferences. 

The delay spray online shopping can be done on any website which possesses a huge collection of products for their customers. For these purposes, ItsPleazure will turn out to be your brand of choice. We have a gigantic collection of sex spray brands such as ‘Mini love for Men Delay Enlargement Spray,’ ‘New Super Viga 60000 Delay Spray for Men’, ‘Super Dooze Dragon 34000 Delay Spray for Men’, ‘Peineili Oil Male Spray,’ ‘ Tiger Oil Male External Spray,’ and more in all price ranges. 

With us, not only would you be able to buy your preferred climax spray, but you would also be eligible for a discreet delivery and a small shipping duration of 4-5 days. This makes it altogether more of a reason to get your hands on a delay spray for men quickly and prevent premature ejaculation from affecting your sexual life.


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