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Screaming O Vooom Vibrator

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Waterproof Vibro Dolphin Massager

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Buy Sex Vibrator Online in India at ItsPleazure

The love for masturbation and self-satisfaction that hits every spot correctly can be achieved with vibrating sex toys at Itspleazure. which comes in all shapes and sizes and is an ideal pleasure toy for women. Whether you’re looking for some stress-free alone time or an adventurous experience with your partner, the Vibrator sex toy is the perfect companion for a pleasure-filled night of fun.

Browse through the wide selection at ItsPleazure and find a variety of brands and products to choose from, the selection varies from massagers, finger vibrators to strap-on and bullets. This sex toy is a classic and an all-time favourite for women in India, you can add this to your collection and use it for masturbation or simply spice up the romance with a partner. The use of a this sex toy is considered to be a healthy choice as it quite literally satisfies and relaxes the body and mind.


Different Types of Vibrator for Women in India

The satisfaction that a vibrator sex toy can bring to your sexual desires is very exciting, this sex toy can essentially be used by both men and women but is extremely popular among women, This toy can fulfilled all fantasies and add that spice to your sex life. There are various types available at Itspleazure and you can choose according to your preferences and desires, take your pick from Massagers, Bullet vibrators, rabbit and g spot vibrator, clitoral stimulator, strap-on, pocket vibrators etc. Some of the most common and popular women toys that you absolutely need in your toy closet are female vibrators, you can choose from Jelly massagers, Finger Vibrator and g spot stimulator which is perfect for masturbation.


Panty Vibrator - Get an Orgasm When YOU Want

Let’s talk about masturbation, it is fun isn’t it, well it is actually healthy for women to masturbate. Get an orgasm whenever you want with mini bullet vibrators that fit perfectly and can be secured by your underwear. Here’s how and why you should enjoy a panty sex toyWhy women must have this toy - 

- Releasing sexual tension calms and relaxes the mind and the body.

- Get to know your body with some intimate play with yourself.

- Vibrating sex toys helps learn all the spots that work for you.

- Single doesn’t have to mean No Sex when you have a personal pleasure machine with you.

- Sexual pleasure, of course, what more does one want from sex, masturbate with your favourite remote-control sex toy and experience orgasms like none other.

- Its help familiarize with our intimates which help detect anything unusual down there, detect diseases, infections etc

- Sexual pleasure, in general, is a way towards happiness which in turn means taking good care of your mood, heart, body and mind, a vibrating sex toy contributes to that.

Don’t know which panty vibrator sex toy to play with?

ITSPLEAZURE SILVER BULLET VIBRATOR – This is the perfect set to gift yourself when you’re feeling low, release all that sexual tension and enjoy some self-love with this mini pleasure kit consisting of a bullet vaginal vibrator and a carefully designed vaginal balm to heighten the sensations and enhance your experience.

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY HEAVENLY MASSAGE BULLET VIBRATOR – The terms Fifty shades of Grey is automatically associated with pleasure and rightfully so, have a steamy affair with yourself with this compact yet powerful massager. The Size is not intimidating and since it is a clitoral stimulator you can play with it and satisfy your needs even without penetration.

SCREAMING O VOOOM VIBRATOR – The different functions of speed and intensity on it appropriately named pleasure vibrator will take care of all your masturbation needs. A perfect travel size bullet sex toy the Screaming O is a customer favourite at


Girl Vibrator with Different Speed Settings

Understanding your vibrating sex toy can be very exciting, knowing the technicalities can help you choose the correct one that will suit you and meet your desires. A Vibrator Sex Toy be it a vaginal vibrator or an anal one usually have multiple speed settings where you can start with slow sensations and make your way up to the intense speeds.

All the different types of vibrator for girl is carefully designed to maintain its safety aspect, the motor, PCB and dials along with the outer materials and fabric are chosen to keep customer safety in mind.


Women Vibrators Are Made from Skin Friendly Material

Vibrator Sex Toy is very much made from skin-friendly materials and trusted names like ItsPleazure sell only the top-notch brands and well-reviewed adult toys.

When you’re picking out vibrating sex toys for yourself (or shopping as a couple) pay close attention to the material used and the way the product is priced, select vibrator for sex or for couple that is made of non-porous materials only, this helps you stay away from infections and maintain a longer shelf-life of your product.

ItsPleazure has a collection of the best quality and variety of sex toys but it is important to maintain hygiene when using any sex toys to ensure their longevity.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Vibrator for Sex

Buying a vibrator can be just as fun as using one, okay maybe not as fun but certainly exciting. The wide varieties of vibrating sex toys in shapes, sizes, functions etc are available under different brands and the selection process can be rather entertaining. It is safe to say that purchasing online vibrator is by far the most convenient way to shop for a sex toy since discretion is involved. There are however several things one should consider while/before buying a sex toy –


Size – 

One of the major factors in choosing your sex toy is determining the size you want, they come in different sizes as they are used for different purposes, some are massagers, some are clitoral stimulators, some are made for anal pleasure etc and figuring out what size you are comfortable with especially when it comes to penetration is essential.


Power –

With small buttons on them which is usually a sign that the toy comes with different functions like speed, intensity, silent mode etc can enhance your sexual experience. These functions can be very intense or mild depending upon the model.


Shape – 

This is a very interesting factor since the vibrators have different uses the shape itself contributes to pleasure in a big way, the rabbit vibrator sex toys are extremely popular among women due to its dual function of vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Once you know what you want from your toy choosing the shape would be easy.


Material and Feel –

Vibrator sex toys are mostly made with skin-friendly plastic or silicone material; these feel smooth on the skin and sends across the pulsating vibrations effortlessly. Choose the material of your sex toy that suits your skin and is easy to clean and store.


Price –

Sex toys are usually on the higher side when it comes to price, although they are worth it and considered a luxury item. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can set a budget and buy accordingly but do not compromise, cheap in price could also mean cheap in quality and when it comes to sex toys which are a foreign objects for penetration its best to be safe than sorry.


We Provide 100% Assurance of Female Vibrator with Brand & Price

Shopping for Sex Toys has been made easy with accessible friendly user-interface at ItsPleazure, the wide variety and different types of ladies vibrator to choose from and, of course, the assurance of known brands and competitive pricing.

Buying your first sexual vibrator is a special experience and to complete that experience we bring you only the best with adorable prices and great features. The pulsating sensation settings, different shapes and sizes, variety in vaginal, anal and clitoral stimulation and so much more is what a vibrator for female should be like and we meet your demands and pleasure needs right here at ItsPleazure.


Where to Buy Vibrator Online in India is the safest bet when it comes to your adult needs like buying sex toys and vibrator in India and here’s why –

- When you buy vibrator online you expect the best and that’s what you get with ItsPleazure, No compromise on quality.

- Only known brands

- Skin-friendly Material/fabric of sex vibrator online as well as all adult products listed at ItsPleazure.

- Wide selection in all products

- buy vibrator India from ItsPleazure worry-free, our Dedicated customer delight team is always available to help.

- Discreet packing and shipping of all products from sex toys to Lingerie and Sex furniture.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Enjoy adult vibrators delivered to your doorstep within 2-5 days across India with services like fast shipping, discreet packaging and multiple payment options.

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