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Buy women's vibrators in India online at ItsPleazure

Women have their sexual fantasies and try to enliven their fantasies through masturbation. There can be several reasons you may wish to masturbate and in this case, the sexual vibrator is one of the best option for you. The girls vibrator can provide the stimulation you will need and is used by placing them on the private parts. Continuous stimulation with the vibrating sex toy can give the orgasms you like to have. You can shop for clitoris stimulators online at an adult products store-ItsPleazure. They are shipped discreetly within a short time.

Types of Sexual vibrators for women in India

Adult vibrators can help women shed their inhibitions and fantasies. When alone, they can use the girls vibrator for their fantasies. You must keep in mind that there can be a variety of vibrators for girls, and it would help if you knew the ones available online. Before choosing one online, you must know about the various vibrator types.

1. Bullet Vibrator

If you are looking for mini vibrators, this product can be ideal for you. These vibrators for women are travel-friendly and can be easily carried out in a handbag. Some of the panty vibrators have a clit stimulator for additional stimulus to women to help them in arousing. These stimulators can provide vibrating pleasure to the breasts, G-spot, clitoris, etc. The powerful vibrations can help women to satisfy their sexual desires.

2. G-Spot Vibrator

The G-Spot is the ideal place to give orgasms that any woman can like. It requires specialized dildo vibrators that can quickly reach the place when needed. The girls vibrator may look like a wand but is slightly curved for better reach. The big head can stimulate the G-Spot and help in a better orgasm. The uniquely designed G spot stimulator that features multiple vibration levels. The motors are relatively quiet and usually below 50 db.


3. Rabbit Vibrator

These vibrators for women have a double mechanism to induce orgasms for women. It can be great clit vibrators that can be used for dual action. It has a unique feature that looks like the generic vibrator but with a g spot vibrator at the side. It looks like a rabbit's ear, and hence the name. Some others can have silicone mouths or loops. These phallic shafts are waterproof and can have different vibration speeds. 


4. Clitoris Vibrator

This girls vibrator exclusively concerns external stimulation. Most of them come with advanced technologies that provide the best pulsations during masturbation or sex. You can control the speed of the durable motors quickly. The silicone clit stimulator is ideal for solo pleasures. These toys are also available in various shapes. These vibrators for women can be used during sex with partners too. Apart from being robust, these models do not emit too much sound. 


5. Wand Massager

The wand vibrators can perfectly imitate the long phalluses that can be ideal for reaching an orgasm. The motors provide a strong vibration and have a flexible head that can rotate 360 degrees. The girls vibrator also has several vibrating speeds, and silicone materials can make it soft to the touch. The women vibrator looks like a microphone and has a round tip at the top. They can be used for stimulation of the clit or penetrative actions.


Benefits of using vibrator for sex

Ensures sexual satisfaction

There are various reasons you must have orgasms to activate your sexual response. The vibrators for women can help to stimulate fantasies and make you have a fulfilling sex life. Various products can stimulate your private parts and make you have a healthy sex life. You may feel that orgasms can only help fulfil your sexual wishes, but you know that the vibrators for pleasure can also help you have a healthier heart.

Acts as a stress buster

Having orgasms can help you have a free mind and stress free day. During orgasm, by using the vibrators for women, the good hormones are released, and they can help you to de-stress yourself. The hormones like oxytocin and dopamine are linked to happiness too. The body metabolism is controlled too, and you are more relaxed and content. Sexual satisfaction can also make the person with increased empathy and better self-esteem.

Girls vibrator helps you sleep better

Masturbation and sex with a partner can be a good pastime, but you can get good sleep too. Using the vibrator to induce orgasms can relieve your muscles, and a vibrator for girls stimulates the genitals to release hormones to beat stress. Your stress levels are reduced, the cortisol levels are lowered, and the metabolism rate is controlled. The vibrators for women can help you to have an orgasm. The sleep hormone prolactin is released, which can also ensure better sleep for you.

Have a better sex life

Are you having problems performing well with your sex partner? One of the best ways to get through this is by masturbation using a girls vibrator. For example, if you have pain when having sex, you can readily use these vibrator toys to relieve this disorder. Some women can also be confused if specific parts of their bodies are touched. They can use these adult toys to get rid of this feeling. They can experience sensations that can then be communicated to their partner.

Expanding the horizons

For some people, only sex with a partner cannot be fulfilling. They look forward to expanding the horizon and indulging in masturbation to fulfil their fantasies. Vibrators for women can revitalize the mind and stimulate the private parts for earth-shattering orgasms. It can also help them be happy and have a fulfilling sex life with their partner. 

How to use a sex vibrator toy?

The vibrator is one of the options for women to fulfil their sexual fantasies. You can use various girls vibrator that can provide external or internal stimulation of the sex organs and lead to an orgasm. The newbies may be intimidated when they use it for the first time. We will now discuss ways to use a women sex vibrator. 

Understanding the various types

First, you must familiarize yourself with the various vibrators for women. The internal vibrators can be inserted into your private body parts to provide additional pleasure leading to an orgasm. They must be flexible and can vary according to shape and size. The external vibrators are not so flexible and can stimulate the genitals externally. They can also come in several varieties of design and shape. The rabbit vibrators have dual options and can stimulate your organs internally and externally.

Exploring the body

You must understand what you need and whether it is in sync with your sexual desires. Do some research about the options, and then choose one that can help you explore your body. You must also take your time to visualize your fantasies that can remove any performance anxiety. It is also suggested to lubricate the vibrators for women for vaginal vibration with a toy safe sex lubricant. It can also help you set up the mood to enliven your fantasies.

Doing the foreplay

It is necessary to be in the right atmosphere to play the sexual thoughts. You can also use the toys during sex with your partner. The toys can form a critical part in ensuring foreplay with your partner. The environment can be set up according to your preferences. The foreplay can help to prolong your orgasms while also ensuring that you have the best ones for some time. Using vibrators for women can be sensual for you as you use them in your private parts.

Considering your preferences

The sex toys must be used according to your preferences. There are various techniques to use the toys, but it also depends on the private parts you prefer to stimulate. It is better to be slow when you do anal penetration using a girls vibrator, and it will prevent you from any injuries. Always start with the lower vibration modes and increase the modes slowly as you get into the mood. Newbies must always keep the motor speeds at lower levels.

How to choose the best vibrator for females?

The vibrator for women is a suitable option to induce sexual feelings and help in masturbation. The girls vibrators can also improve your performance with your partner. There are various clitoral vibrators and other options before you. We will discuss some of the tips to consider when choosing one.

1. Size of the vibrator

You must consider the size of the vibrator before buying it. If you are a newbie, it is better to start with small vibrators. If you buy a large one upfront, it could lead to injuries. A small one can help you understand your limitations, and then you can gradually buy a larger one later. The girls vibrator for the clitoris is smaller and can provide great orgasms. The miniature vibrators are the women sex toys of the future and are travel friendly too.

2. Shape of the vibrator

Once you have decided on the size of the vibrator, you must also consider the shape of the toy. You must be clear about preferences that can help to determine the shape you can buy. There are several uniquely shaped vibrators for women, like the egg vibrators, and they bring out the craziest orgasms for you. Do research about each type and find out the features and how they can be operated. Consider your preferences, but you can consider the dual-action ladies vibrators too. They can allow vaginal, anal, or clitoral stimulation too.

3. Material of the vibrator

When buying any sexual vibrator for women, you must consider the material from which the girls vibrator is made. Many of them are made of silicone but I think the ones made from medical-grade silicone. The vibrating toy must be non-porous and must be easy to clean. Buying from a reputed brand will also ensure they are appropriately hygienic too. Never use the jelly-like ones as they could be made from phthalates as they are harmful to the body. You can choose a metallic toy too.

4. Price of the vibrator in India

If you want to buy a girls vibrator, you must have researched the types of products available. Once you finalize them, you must also consider the price of the remote control vibrators. You can buy vibrators online, as several options are available at budget prices. Also, keep in mind that the more excellent features are costlier. For example, if you want to buy a remote controlled or Bluetooth enabled toy, they will be more expensive than standard vibrators.

Tips to clean & store female vibrator

Choosing the ideal products

When buying a girls vibrator, always consider the ones that can be cleaned easily. Ensure they are non-porous, which will make it easier for you to clean the toy. Glass, silicone or metals are the best choices for you. Please don't buy the ones made of rubber or jelly-like materials as you could find problems cleaning them.

Clean them properly

Always clean the vibrators for females properly before and after using them. The manufacturer will provide a product brochure with the vibrators for women that will cover how the product can be cleaned. Please go through it in detail and take steps to clean the toy. Mostly, you can use a damp cloth and a soapy solution to properly clean the toy. Never submerge it in the water while cleaning it. A waterproof toy can be of help while cleaning.

Store it discreetly

After cleaning the girls vibrator, you must always wipe it dry and store it discreetly. Most manufacturers will provide a box where you can keep it. Storing it in a container can ensure it does not get dirty and ensure it is hygienic to be used again. Also, store the vagina stimulator at a secret place such that it is away from view. It must also be easier to retrieve it when you need it.

Order vibrators for girls online in India at ItsPleazure

There are several sex vibrators for women online, but you must buy from a reputed brand. Women are also looking to buy sex vibrator online. It helps them to enhance their sexual pleasure. These toys can be used to achieve orgasms whenever needed. 

The best vibrators for ladies are available online at ItsPleazure. There are several options for buying vibrators online that come within your budget. The vibrators for women are durable and are shipped discreetly to your address within 2 – 5 business days.  


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