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ItspleaZure Blue Bullet Vibrator

Rs. 2,159.00 Rs. 1,299.00

ItspleaZure Blue 10 Anal Beads

Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 499.00

Screaming O Vooom Vibrator

Rs. 2,199.00 Rs. 1,799.00

ItspleaZure Pink Bullet Vibrator

Rs. 2,159.00 Rs. 1,299.00

IO Mini Massager Pink - 2 Sleeves

Rs. 5,079.00 Rs. 4,879.00

Screaming O Soft Touch Vooom Bullet - Mix

Rs. 1,929.00 Rs. 1,729.00

We are the Ultimate Online Shopping Destination for Vibrators For Women, Clit Stimulator, Ring vibrator And More

Looking for a one-stop solution for your adult needs, step into Itspleazure and find your candy land with the best of brands in Adult toys like Vibrators. Vibrators for women have many types with different functionalities. Here you can find a sea of options like -

Clit stimulator

For most women, clitoral stimulation is what gets them off and works better than penetration when looking to pleasure yourself, Vibrators designed and dedicated for the clit is a good place to start. If you are beginner and are yet to explore toys, you may not be all that comfortable with penetration just yet, check out the rabbit vibrator, not only is this one of the popular types but certainly lives up to its reputation, a multi-function vibrator is both a clitoral vibrator and can be used for vaginal penetration, this will help you explore your body and help you reach utmost pleasure.

Pocket Rocket

Compact vibrators are a thing of the present and we are so glad that it is, women do enjoy taking their sexual needs into their own hands and with quirky designs and shapes in pocket vibrators, this compact and convenient sex toy is a part of every woman's life. Check out the Itspleazure Mini Bullet Vibrator Lipstick, My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara and the absolutely versatile The Screaming O Fing O Tips Vibrating Finger Ring (a Finger Vibrator)

For some steamy alone time, you want to make sure you have exactly what works for you, after all, you know you best. The classic personal massager is a very flexible toy it can use form everything from arousal, massaging to penetration and is also one of the very popular g spot vibrators. Check out the Charms Curve Massager and Io Mini Massager Pink.

Is Vibrator Safe to Use?

The short answer is Yes, Vibrators like many other sex toys are very safe to use. When you shop from ItsPleazure you see only the best quality products brought to you from trusted and well-known brands. It is a myth that vibrators are not safe, in fact, there is a versatile pleasurable toy that can be enjoyed both alone as well as with a partner.

If you are a beginner here are some helpful tips for you so you do not fall prey to the myth, vibrators can add much needed or additional fun to sex or masturbation, all toys will contain an instruction manual and directions for cleaning and storing be sure to familiarize yourself with them. Even if you are using the vibrator by yourself use a new condom on it every time and if you plan on sharing it with your partner a wipe down before and after every use and a New condom before the switch is the way to do it. This can help avoid any infection or diseases, it is a precaution and while is a toy is very safe to you maintaining hygiene whilst having fun is up to the user.

We Provide 100% Assurance of Female Vibrator with Brand & Price

Sexual vibrator is a wave of the novelty for many but has certainly been around for longer than we can possibly remember, finding the perfect place for your intimate needs initially can be a daunting task and with Itspleazure you can kiss your worries goodbye.

Ladies vibrator brands like Screaming O and Fifty Shades of Grey among others are acclaimed and accepted brands across the world and Itspleazure houses only the best brands with a range of products fitting all budgets. The best pricing in adult vibrators made from good quality material is in itself a steal deal, enjoy these with free shipping above Rs. 1000/- at checkout.

Vibrator Is Not Only For Singles, but It Can Boost Your Relationship Also

Sex toys like Vibrators can be used to enhance your sex life and bring spice to your endeavours with a partner. While these may be used by a large population of men and women for masturbation vibrators are certainly gold in the bedroom. The functionalities of a massager and a sex toy all wrapped into a compact powerhouse are what makes it so versatile.

Using a vibrator is a lot more about satisfaction than self-love, in fact, couples who want to try something new or play out certain fantasies reach out for vibrators more often than not. This also acts as an intimate act of trust and bonding with your partner letting them explore your body and vice versa.

Vibrator for Men Are Equally Famous

Yes, Vibrators are Unisex, the sensation of mild or intense vibrations of your penis can be very stimulating. While most of the vibrators are penis shaped and designed for women, they have more than just one use and can be enjoyed by men too, especially if they enjoy anal penetration.

Having said that, there is, of course, a range of products designed keeping the male body in mind and ring vibrator are certainly the most popular among them. A vibrating penis ring that can be worn while pleasuring oneself and while sex brings an added sensation into the mix, these too have intensity setting options and can be played with to find the best-suited one. Another vibrator for men is butt plugs, for men who enjoy anal sex this is a boon, it’s shape and functions are specially designed in a way to bring you pleasure through anal penetration.

Gift your better half a penis ring and see the wonders it brings to the bedroom, check out the bestselling FIFTY SHADES OF GREY YOURS AND MINE VIBRATING LOVE RING, SCREAMING O BANG O and THE SCREAMING O VIBRATING RING. This would be an amazing surprise for your man and trust us it is really a gift for you too, the vibrations of a penis ring can be felt when your partner thrusts into you and the sensation can be very gratifying.

Enjoy shopping for vibrators for men, women, and vibrator for a couple at Itspleazure sitting almost anywhere in the world, we guarantee you of delivering quality products at the best market prices is what we abide by.

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