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5 things You should know about "First Time Sex"

First experiences always have a lasting impression. First kiss, first date, and first sex are all moments worth remembering and are cherished forever. Everyone starts as a naïve with loads of questions and doubts but hey no one knows what could possibly be the best way to start with. You are not going to have any classes for this but you will understand it better only when you have been through the nascent stages all by yourself.

Having your first sex is similar to a rollercoaster ride. You start slow, get to the bottom of it and then hurry towards the end. Usually, people say the longer the better but it need not be so. As I said, it’s a rollercoaster ride and hence it will be fascinating only as long as it is pleasurable. Let’s quickly brief you on 5 things you should know before having your first sex.

 first time sex



Still a Virgin- Who cares?

It’s the 21st century where the whole world is inching towards modernization. So what is it that has held you back for so long? Probably half the guys you know have already had their first ride and others are too keen for the same. No one today cares if you have done it before or not, it’s just in your head. So stop waiting for the right person and go along with the rest. Just find your right mate who is eager to have it just like you.


Warm Up before the action

    Don’t be in a hurry to get to the end. Start it slow and steadily make progress for the ultimate goal- anal or vaginal sex. Infact even before you actually start you can make use of massagers or women vibrators to entice her up for the bait. Having sex toys for bedroom play can be an added advantage as women love them and it could surprise them as well. Remember that a lot of foreplay will aid for a stronger erection and feisty pleasure, so never rush through the proceedings and mess up the fun.


    Lubes can make things smoother

    There is a general myth that lubes are only for older people who cannot get it wet easily but that’s not true. Lubricants will add extra slickness to it which will make it smoother and more enjoyable. But be precise with your choice as an oil-based lube will hamper the latex condom and make it less effective. Always choose water-based or silicon-based lubricants for a seamless first time.


    It may or may not hurt

    The million dollar question in everyone’s mind is will it hurt? Will it bleed? Well please concentrate on your pants instead of the end result. As for the answer, it is not necessary that it will hurt or bleed the very first time you have sex. Bleeding is caused by tearing of hymen tissues and its size and rigidity differ for different women. Also if it starts hurting, it is suggested to stop pushing yourself because sex is more for the pleasure than for the pain.


    Plan your last night as a virgin

    It obviously sounds boring but then there are things you need to prepare for before getting laid. No, it’s not about decorating the bed with rose petals and candles. We are talking about small arrangements you need to take care of like arranging for a condom and looking for a private room. You can also check for the best men’s underwear and women lingerie available online and buy massagers and sex toys for adding more fun.
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