It’s easier to turn her ON than you think
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It’s easier to turn her ON than you think

Dear Men, It’s Easier to Turn Her ON than You Think

Men are often accused by their partners of being selfish in bed and of being concerned only with satisfying their own needs. When their wishes/needs are continuously ignored or not met, women become less and less responsive to their partner’s sexual overtures, making sex a mere chore and often a forced and unhappy affair. The relationship suffers when this complaint becomes a regular occurrence. 


If you are getting a less than enthusiastic response from your partner to your declarations of love, we suggest you try out some of these tried and tested methods to bring back the spark in your relationship and have her say the elusive Yes!

Seduce Her

Help clear her schedule - Offer to take up some of her routine household chores and give her time to unwind and relax. You can take on the chores such as clearing up after dinner, putting the kids to bed (if you have any) and helping her plan and prepare for the next day. This is will definitely give her some free time to notice you and be open to your amorous advances.

Create a relaxing environment – For women, sex is not a thing you do; it’s an experience. For them the environment is as important as the act itself. Pay some special attention to the ambience to get your woman in the mood. We suggest using scented candles, light music, soft lighting and no ‘stressful conversations’ right before bedtime. 

Talk – Women love to talk. Simple. Indulge in a little flirting, some naughty and mischievous talk to get her into the mood. As far as we know, no one can resist the power of a fun and witty conversation. If your partner is comfortable, you can even talk about your (both) sexual fantasies and things that you expect from each other in bed.

Foreplay and afterplayUnlike men, women love foreplay and afterplay. For them foreplay is more important than the act itself. Spend some time kissing, cuddling and caressing each other, indulge in some more naughty banter. Some of you must be wondering what afterplay is – it’s the time you spend with her after sex. Instead of rolling to the other side and dozing off to sleep, spend some time cuddling and holding her. This will ensure that there is a next time. 

Get creative – Nothing kills a relationship like predictability and boredom do. Be spontaneous and plan surprises once in a while. You can indulge in role play, gift her sensual lingerie or a day at the spa, and go out for the weekend. The options are limitless. If you and your partner are open to experimenting, then you can even try using some of these toys/products to add some fun and excitement to your love life.

Don’t force it – This is the most important point. If despite all your efforts, she says No, accept it without grumbling and sulking. For a woman, having her wishes/opinions being respected is the biggest relationship turns on. If the relationship is On, how can the sex be Off?
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