Women Massagers for Beginners – Chapter 101
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Women Massagers for Beginners – Chapter 101

Massagers are a great tool to recharge you and create an enticing mood for fun. These personal toys will help you prepare yourself for a vibrant time with your boyfriend or husband in the bed or you can choose to use it for your own personal pleasure as well. Massagers are also known as dildos and vibrators in common language.


What are massagers?

Massagers are sex toys that are designed in a way to allow you the pleasure of vaginal or anal insertion. These are not the regular massagers that help you with your relaxation and recreational activities. In a way you can tell these are perfect sex toys to entice your feelings in the bed and make you go wild. The feel you get while inserting, removing and thrusting a dildo is similar to what you will experience while having real sex.


Massagers, Vibrators and Dildo by itspleaZure


People also use it in different ways like, running them over the skin during foreplay or gags and also while practicing oral sex. You are free to rub it on any part of your own body or on your partner’s body and enjoy the buzzing vibrant tickles that will take you high.


Both of you can use it, simultaneously!

Double-ended massagers are also available for use with varied size shafts pointing towards the same direction. Two partners can share the same dildo while trying to create the sensuous feel. In this case, it acts like a “see-saw” in which each partner takes one end of the toy and receives stimulation.


How to start the journey?

For beginners, it is important to ascertain your own capacity. It is recommended to not to over-do with the toy or else it can create pain and make you feel uncomfortable. The average size of a penis is about 5 inches in India, so it is always recommended to go with the standard size or start with something smaller.

Especially for a woman, it is important for her to know the size of her partner so that it feels real and comfortable while using the vibrator. Start on a slow pace and by inserting it inch-by-inch to understand what is comfortable for you. You can even try different positions to find the one which excites you more.    

Massagers are available in different shapes, sizes, and types. You can choose hard, soft or plastic or choose a jelly-like vibrator to get the feel of a real one. These massagers trigger compression and relaxation of muscles which promotes resonance and oscillations in the body, which in turn tickles the excitement in you. It is a very soothing and convenient way to charge you up.


Which one to choose?



 You can choose to buy from a variety of options which are available online as well as in retails. For example, you can choose ‘The Screaming O Fing O Tips’ that uses disposable Fing O Tips which gives you tingling sensation or you can select the “California Exotics Teardrop bullet’ that sends powerful and erotic vibrations with different speeds.



 These also come in shapes that resemble a common commodity in your household. Presenting you with ‘Screaming O Vibrating Mascara’, a chic and discreet multi-functional massager with a soft sensation-focusing ‘Flex Tip’ that removes all the dullness from your lackluster face and gives it a fresh and flushed look. It will be difficult for anyone to guess that it is not a makeup brush but instead it’s your sex toy. Now you need not worry if your mother checks your handbag or wardrobe and inquires you about the additional items you keep close to you.

What’s more? Besides coming in different shapes and sizes, all these massagers are water-proof, battery operated and have different vibrating modes. Go choose the one that best suits your style.

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