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Buy Nipple Clamp, Floggers, Chastity Cage and other Pain Products Online in India From ItsPleazure

Are you a BDSM nut? Have you been craving a wild adventure in the bedroom while browsing through nipple clamps, harnesses and BDSM accessories online?

Indulging in pain and deriving pleasure from it is a very specific and sexually sadistic act which many people adore, fulfil your desires and deepest darkest fantasies with a wide variety of floggers, penis lock, riding crop, female chastity products and sex crop available at ItsPleazure.


What are Chastity Devices? 

Restraint is an integral part of Bondage and a chastity device is an ideal example of that, chastity devices restrict the wearer from the use of their genitals causing the sexual tension and seduction levels to rise drastically. A variety of female chastity devices and male chastity devices are available at itspleasure. The most common of them all are cock rings and cock cage.


Cock Rings -

Cock rings or penis rings as they are so fondly called are widely used male chastity device in India, while cock rings are immensely popular for features like stamina boost and fighting ED, the chastity cock rings (multiple rings) are used as a torture device as it restricts men from masturbating or having sex. chastity rings like the ITSPLEAZURE 5 RING GATES OF HELL CHASTITY RUBBER DEVICE (MEN) and the ITSPLEAZURE 7 RING GATES OF HELL CHASTITY DEVICE (MEN) are the best seduction tool that lets you reach peak erection and enjoy the pleasure of pain. Available in both leather and stainless steel, you can choose from options in materials, number of rings etc at ItsPleazure.  


Cock Cage -

If your interest in sadism (in bed) If you searching for chastity cage in India you surely are at the right place, ItsPleazure boosts of variety not only in different materials and colours but also styles. A cock cage is exactly what the name suggests, a cage for the penis and an extreme bondage toy (this is not really just a toy). While the cock rings at least provide the freedom of erection a penis cage is designed in a way to restrict that (or just be immensely uncomfortable) completely and they come with a chastity lock as well. Check out the different styles of cock cages like the ITSPLEAZURE METAL HOOP COCK CAGE WITH LOCK & KEY, the ITSPLEAZURE CAGE PENIS RING CHASTITY DEVICE SMALL/STANDARD LAVISH AND LUXURIOUS ADULT SEXY TOY and the subtle coloured ITSPLEAZURE ADVANCE CHASTITY CAGE PENIS LOCK- PINK.


While male chastity devices do not make it hard to defecate, urinate or maintain hygiene (in most cases) they do heighten sexual stimulation and is a hit in the BDSM community. When the wearer is aware of the restrictions they have, seduction becomes that much more fun and the pleasure is unimaginable.


What are Nipple Clamps and How to Use It?

The use of nipple clamps come in play for BDSM lovers but is certainly not limited to just them, stimulating erogenous zones can increase arousal and orgasms, nipple play is one such act. A unisex bondage product, nipple clamps can be used as a pain product on both men and women, there are a variety of clamps in different shapes, types, colours and sizes to choose from and its recommended that beginners go for the adjustable ones as they are flexible and gives you the freedom to loosen or tighten the clip. The nipple area, in general, is extremely sensitive and that’s what you want to play with when it comes to BDSM and bondage, knowing how to use them correctly can yield pleasurable results for you.


How to use Nipple clamps –

Using a nipple clamp is fairly easy, clip the toy onto the nipples and you will feel a sharp pain as slowly the blood flow decreases towards the nipples and the area becomes more and more sensitive to touch. An ultimate pain product, there are many varieties to choose from at ItsPleazure, take your pick from Clover Clamps to tassels or suction clamps to feel the sexual stimulation of nipple play. Classic, sensual and a BDSM favourite nipple clamps brings a lot of pleasure into the Dominant-submissive sexual relationship, you can choose from some bestsellers like the ITSPLEAZURE MENS FETISH NIPPLE CLAMPS AND GENITAL RING SET, the fancy ITSPLEAZURE FEATHER TASSEL NIPPLE CLAMPS RED, the classic ITSPLEAZURE CROSS METAL NIPPLE CLAMPS or the sexy ITSPLEAZURE V NIPPLE CLAMPS WITH CHAIN.


How to Find the Right Sex Whip for Your BDSM Play

Sex whips are a bestseller at ItsPleazure, as the name suggests whips, flogger, paddles and more spanking products are extremely popular within the BDSM community and more people outside it too are including these in their lovemaking to take things up a notch. Finding the right whip for you and your partner is very important whether you’re a newbie, an experienced BDSM player or just a wild soul, here are some pointers to keep in mind when picking yours –


Material – 

Most of the spanking products are made of skin-friendly leather, make sure to buy materials that suit you and your partner and neither of you are allergic to. A leather whip like the ITSPLEAZURE HEMP ROPE HAND SPANKING FLOGGERS WHIP is a cost-effective choice and made of Hemp faux leather is a good choice for a beginner.


Styles - 

adult whips come in different shapes, colours, sizes and styles, you should choose according to your fantasy and preference (and your partners, of course). From whips and chains to ridding crop there is a lot to consider, try the ITSPLEAZURE BRAIDED MINI WHIP RED as a newbie to get a feel of spanking products.


Grip – 

Use of flogger whip is a lot about a good grip, it gives you the freedom to use whatever angle you prefer and create the intended pressure. while spanking, do not compromise on price and quality, invest in sets and top-notch products like the ITSPLEAZURE LEATHER WHIP METAL CHAIN FUN GAME TOYS FOR COUPLE and ITSPLEAZURE ZEBRA HARDCORE WHIP from ItsPleazure.


Choose a Spanking Paddle to Add the Pain and Pleasure to your BDSM

While a whip or a riding crop can stimulate your partner and increase arousal, a spanking paddle is a pain product in the true sense. The look and shape resemble a ‘Small cricket bat’ and pleasure is derived from the pain caused by its impact on the buttocks. Due to its size, the impact is extremely painful and equally pleasurable for BDSM practitioners.

When you choose spanking toys remember these important things –


Intensity – 

there are many different types of spankers to choose from and the intensity depends on the paddle shape, thickness and material. This is one of the first things to consider when you pick a bondage paddle.


Type – 

A leather paddle like the ITSPLEAZURE ROUND FAUX LEATHER PADDLE and ITSPLEAZURE 'BITCH' BLACK SPANKING PADDLE are classic shapes and just like these there are many more paddles in different shapes, sizes, designs and colours to choose from. Determine what type of spanking paddle turns you on (and your partner) and decide as a couple.


Material – 

The appeal of using a spanking paddle goes beyond just its shape and the ultimate pain, the sound it makes and the way it stimulates your partner will change the way you enjoy bondage sex which is why selecting the correct material that suits the both of you is very important. Most of the spanking paddles are made of faux leather and are safe for skin.


Novelty – 

Yes! Spanking is great and if you’re into BDSM it’s a common concept, investing in a fancy yet efficient pieces like the ITSPLEAZURE 'XOXO' BLACK SPANKING PADDLE and the ITSPLEAZURE RHINESTONE PINK BOW SPANKING PADDLE not only makes for amazing gifts but shows your partner that you care.


In BDSM People Enjoy Pain

The terms Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism gives you a clear idea about sadism is attached to sex how the BDSM truly enjoy and believe that ‘Pain is pleasure’.

There are a lot of acts, sexual and otherwise, that can be considered bondage, the use of accessories like nipple clamps, sex whips and paddles simply enhance the experience for the couple and introduce additional intimate acts to perform. In BDSM people derive pleasure, arousal and orgasms through pain and in many cases may not even need to or want to have sex. The act of choking, being restraint, gagging, being blindfolded, focusing on erogenous zones only and thousands of other such acts help a lot in bondage, in fact, they can result in an intense orgasm without penetration.


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 days

Do you want to add a new accessory to your bondage toy collection or are you curious about the bondage world? Floggers, paddles, whips, nipple clamps and more ItsPleazure has it all. Order your favourite bondage accessories and enjoy Fast shipping, safe packaging and discreet delivery within 2-5 days across India.

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