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Buy Handcuffs, Gags & Restraints, Sex Blindfolds Online in India at ItsPleazure


BDSM is an intimate form of pleasure which is incomplete without restraints, restricting your partner's movement puts the control in your hands and for many, that is sexy and arousing. Find everything from bondage tape, bondage ties, bondage gags, rope bondage and many more restraints (accessories) to live out your deepest fantasies. ItsPleazure houses a wide variety of handcuffs, mouth gags, blindfolds and more in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials. 


What are Sex Handcuffs

Handcuffs are popular restraint products usually used as a bondage sex toy and regularly incorporated in cosplay. Handcuffs for sex are restraints for the wrists to limit the movement of hands during sex, this act of restraint, for example, being handcuffed to bed brings about sexual pleasure to the partners involved and plays really well in BDSM play.

Similar to handcuffs restraints like leg cuffs are also available and serve the same purpose by restricting the movement of the ankle/legs in this case. Talking about handcuffs and leg cuffs is incomplete without mentioning rope bondage, the use of a rope is extremely sensual in bondage play and more often than not is used as an alternative to handcuffs. Sex handcuffs or sex cuffs are simply a tool of restraint helping arouse one’s partner or making them submit to your fantasy.


Types of Handcuffs for Sex and ways to use them

 There are many different types of handcuffs sex toy that come in different shapes, sizes, types and are made of different materials, learning the different varieties available can help identify your preferences or simply give you something new to add to your collection. 


Metal Handcuffs – 

Metal handcuffs are the most commonly used ones, regularly used by the police these metal handcuffs restrict hand motion by keeping the wrists cuffed together. Since these are normally used by the law enforcement, they are flexible enough to be folded in two making them convenient to carry and store, same apply for the fans of fantasy play and roleplaying, you can store them discreetly and play out all your bad boy/bad girl and cop fantasy with these. 


Leather Handcuffs – 

Another widely used material in handcuffs is leather, leather is easily associated with erotic and sexy attires for sex and has a sensual feel to it, leather is versatile and is used in many ways in handcuffs, from the link chain joining the two cuffs to the sleeve of a hinged handcuff if you or your partner is turned on by leather, this ones’ for you. 


Velcro Handcuffs – 

The most convenient of the lot, sturdy yet simple to use the Velcro handcuffs are perfect for beginners, most handcuff and leg-cuff sets use Velcro to tie up. Using this as newbies sets in a sense of calm and worry-free experience as bondage can be intimidating in the beginning, also in cases where women and men use mouth gags, Velcro handcuffs are an ideal choice. 


Furry Handcuffs – 

A sight to behold, furry handcuffs is a feast to the eyes as well as a quirky bondage product, the look of the soft and furry material surrounding the cuffs makes the experience sensual, usually combined with ankle cuffs furry handcuffs make wonderful gifts to first-timers or just a simple surprise for your bondage loving partner. 


Here are a few ways/positions in which you can use handcuffs –


- Handcuff yourself or your partner to the bed, you can choose to cuff one hand which gives you enough mobility to play with yourself during sex or spread them on Other sides and cuff both, this restricts movement and heightens stimulation as you can’t move your hands eve while orgasming. 

- Handcuffed together, this is an intimate way to handcuff oneself, cuffed to the partner you will have to be creative in bed with new positions.

- Handcuff the wrists front and centre or behind your back, these two are common yet overtly pleasing, cuff the person receiving oral sex, this stimulates them even more whilst limiting their movement or control over you. 

- Explore more than just your bed with handcuffs, this is such a versatile toy that you can explore any corner of your house in many different ways, cuff your partner’s hands to a chair, railing or a pole in the house and treat them to lap dance or a striptease. Moving out of the bedroom also gives you more flexibility to explore new positions. 

- Most people who include handcuffs into their sexual encounters are turned on by bondage, make use of this pair of restraints and play out your fantasies, combine them with blindfolds or dildos to make it an even more passionate and sexy night.


How Can I Start Using Sex Restraints?

 Diving into the world of bondage or introducing restraints in your sex life is a big step especially if both of you are beginners. Before using sex restraints, there are a few things you need to consider.

- if your partner is also interested in bondage play and trying on restraints

- what level of restraint is he/she comfortable with?

- what role your partner and you want to play, which one of you is the submissive and dominant or do it want to switch frequently?

- Communication and safety are of utmost importance in BDSM when you plan on using sex restraints make sure you do that with a partner you trust and always have agree upon a safe word.

- Start with beginner products like Velcro handcuffs, satin blindfolds etc that can be easily opened by the wearer in case of an emergency or if the scene gets too much for you, if you use lock & key restraints make sure to keep the keys on an accessible distance. 

- Once you and your partner have got the lay of the land and are comfortable with restraints you can move on over to extreme restraints like a straitjacket or Breast binder. Make sure to play around with beginner bondage toys before moving up to something extreme like breast bondage as these cater to the kind of pleasure that is essentially derived by inflicting pain.


What is Sex Mouth Gag?

Mouth gags are bondage accessories that shift the power dynamic in the bedroom in an instant, when your submissive partner chooses to or adheres to your wishes about wearing a mouth gag you take away their freedom of speech (metaphorically and a bit literally too) as they can make noises but cannot speak clearly. The control and power felt by the Dominant partner play a big role in the sexual release one feels.  Adult gags is a fetish for many and bring the wearer to a complete stage of submission, there are many types of sexy gags available made in different materials, shapes, sizes and colour and can be found at


What Are the Types of Bondage Gag?

 - Ball Gag

 A wide variety of bondage ball gags can be found as they are the most commonly used ones, a ball gag is simply a gag for your mouth shaped like a small ball with straps on either side to help keep it in place. The ball gag user holds the ball behind their teeth in place and slip the strap/band over their head, buy a classic ITSPLEAZURE LEOPARD PRINT BALL GAG or invest in a fancier one like the ITSPLEAZURE FETISH DOG BONE MOUTH BALL GAG – BLACK.


- Open Mouth Gag

 Another variety of mouth gag is the open mouth gag, these are again a gag to restrict speech and introduce extreme submission but comes in various shapes with a doughnut-like a hole in the middle, this fulfils the purpose of a mouth gag as well as makes it possible to enjoy oral sex while wearing it. Some examples are the ITSPLEAZURE OPEN MOUTH GAG PINK and the ITSPLEAZURE PLEASURE ME RED MOUTH GAG.


- Harness Gag

The harness gag is a mask-type product that covers the mouth with straps going over the head and around it too, this harness is an extreme bondage gag and should be used by experienced BDSM payers only, the ITSPLEAZURE FETISH MOUTH HARNESS AND BALL GAG KIT is a perfect example of harness gags and a treasure for your toy collection. 

How to Choose Adult Gags?

If you’re ready to indulge in adult mouth gags, it’s best to understand what factors are involved, picking something you’d be comfortable wearing (as comfortable as you can be gagged), that suits you and caters to both you and your partner’s fantasy is important. 


Size – 

Size and shape are the first things you need to look for when you’re buying an adult gag, ball mouth gags for example come in small and large both sizes, the various shaped gags too have different dimensions and you should determine what size you are comfortable holding in your mouth or a certain duration. When it comes to shapes there are breathable gags (holes in ball gags) gags with holes for oral sex, sex and fancy shapes etc, choose according to your Dominants partners preference as well as your comfort level. 


Colour – 

when it comes to colour in mouth gags there are endless opportunities, there is a wide variety to choose from shapes and they all come in various collars, prints etc. a pop of colour can add novelty in an otherwise leather heavy bondage closet. 


Material – 

This is one of the most integral parts of choosing sex toys, bondage attires and accessories like mouth gags since your mouth (tongue, teeth, lips) will directly come in contact with the gag for a long duration it is of utmost importance to buy good quality and skin-safe products. Make sure you invest in materials that you and your partners can comfortably use without worrying about an allergic reaction. 


Discreet and Faster Delivery in 2-5 Days

Are you interested in seducing your partner with a sex gag? You can take things up a notch with bondage gags discreetly and safely packaged and delivered to you within 2-5 days across India. Enjoy facilities like fast shipping and multiple payment options at ItsPleazure. 

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