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Shop Sex toys for girls or vaginal toys for women online at ItsPleazure

Our stressful lives have made us neglect our sex lives. However, to have a healthy relationship, you must frequently indulge in fun and frolic in the bedroom. There are various reasons why the sex performance of women can reduce. The use of female sex toys can help women reverse their non-performance and have the best orgasms in their lives.

ItsPleazure is an online shop where women can experience the most erotic lifestyle with safe and authentic products. The female masturbators are hygienic and sourced from the best brands globally to ensure women have intimate moments of romance and pleasure. The sex toys of women are packaged and shipped discreetly, without even the supply chain not knowing what is inside. The brand name also does not appear on the invoice as your privacy is crucial for us.

What is meant by women sex toys?

What are the different types of masturbators for women available in India?

Women can choose from several sex toys, and they can equal the number of sexual positions possible. The masturbator for women is ideal for ensuring the better sexual health of the users. They are available in various shapes and differ based on the purpose they serve. We will discuss some of the women sex toys that are available in India.

Vibrator for women's intimate pleasure 

The vibrator is available in various designs that cater to the specific fantasies of the users. It is ideal for solo as well as partnered pleasure and can help you to reach orgasm without any doubt. 

  1. There is a G-spot vibrator that has vibration motors that can lick the clitoris to give you intense orgasms. It can also hit the G-spot that can make the orgasm more dynamic.
  2. There is a fishtail vibrator or a whale vibrator that is like actions taken by fish. These female masturbators can take women through the vibrations their body needs. The vibrators have variable speeds that can help you intensify the orgasms gradually, making it more erotic for women. 
  3. The wand vibrator is among the popular classic female toys. The advanced techniques act as the personal massager and offer strong vibrations. They usually vibrate at high RPMs and make women have more intense vibes.
  4. We round off with an introduction to the egg vibrator. They are discreet and compact, which brings double the pleasure of the multiple frequency engines. You can get the orgasms according to the thrust you need, and it is ideal for vaginal, nipple or clitoral stimulation. The toys can be used solo by women or with their partners too.

Female massaging toys: Enjoy the pleasure anywhere you want 

Massaging is another option among the girl’s sex toys, that can allow you to have the orgasms you need for healthy sex life. You can control the massagers by pressing the power button, and you can vary the speed. The users can change the speed based on their fantasies and the throes of pleasure they wish to have. The dolphin massager is among the creative women sexual toys that provide vibrations of various speeds.

Your intimate areas are stimulated with the intensity needed for having complete sexual pleasure. These toys also provide several rotation modes and can be controlled manually. Always ensure you buy quality & safe female masturbators that can be cleaned easily.

Dildo to experience real penetrative sex

Ben wa balls to tighten the vagina

The ben wa balls are for those who are fond of experimenting with sex. They are also called geisha balls or venus balls that have a silicone coating. These sex toys for women are used for sexual stimulation and can be easily inserted into the vagina. You can roll the balls around to bring forth the bursting orgasms quicker.

Are you aware that these sexual toys for females can also be used in vagina strengthening exercises? It can also help to strengthen the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles. It will help to enhance sexual satisfaction and tighten the vagina. They are available in a variety of weights too. Lubrication can be used on the balls to allow them to glide inside your vagina.

Sex machine for women: Try various penetrative sex positions

There are sex machines that are popular among women to achieve sexual satisfaction. The mechanical devices provide pleasure and joy to women. The machine is available online at reasonable prices. The fucking machine has adjustable angles making it ideal for women when alone and trying to have a new experience. It has additional suction power, and there is a speed control power supply and an attached vibrating dildo. They do not occupy too much space and can help you indulge in safe sex.

What are the benefits of using girl toys for sex?

Few women feel the pressure of having to perform at the highest level. They are constantly feeling they are leaving their partners craving for more. Moreover, there are single women too who wish to live out their sexual fantasies. The girl’s sex toys can help you be quiet about your masturbation habits and help you have an improved conjugal life.

It leads to sexual satisfaction

Studies show sex toys for women are great tools to live a more satisfying sex life. It allows them to explore their body more and have a better quality of orgasm. The more people experiment with toys, the more they can know more about themselves. It will also help them to have added satisfaction with their partners.

Once you know everything about their body and your sexual likes and dislikes, you will appreciate yourself. Using sex toys for females can help to experiment with new stimulus areas and various sensations safely.

Improves self-confidence

Sex toys are suitable for your mental health too. It can help women under pressure perform with their partners by soothing their souls and the mind. Women can know more about their bodies and explore them to the fullest. Experimenting with various sensations can also help to control their orgasms longer.

While sexual relationships can fade with time, pleasure toys can bring the spark back into your sex life. They can also stimulate the body and mind together, which will also help to hit the pleasure spots at the right time.

 Breaks the monotony

One of the main issues women face during sex is that they no longer have the right mental or clitoral stimulation for achieving orgasm. Even a simple discussion of suitable sex toys can help to satisfy your sexual desires. Sex toys for women will allow women to understand their partners better and perform better during sex.

Sex toys can also invigorate the relationship with their partners and break the monotony. It will help to increase the pleasure during sex with their partners. The toys can also help women to have orgasms that will refresh them


Boosts the libido

Your dip in sex performance could be due to lethargy and boredom. The introduction of sex toys in the bedroom can help to boost your sex life. While sex toys can enhance the chances of a fulfilling orgasm, the use of these toys can also improve your libido. 

The women sex toys can also improve the lubrication levels of the vagina and increase elasticity and blood flow. It will also increase the sex drive of women and make them crave more. Very soon, it can also bring out the tigress in you in the bed.

What are the myths associated with female sex toys?

Vibrators replace the partners soon

Vibrators are sex toys for the vaginal or clitoral stimulation. It is one of the most common female sex toys.

There is a misconception that women with a happy sex life do not need masturbators. In fact, female sexual toys can help to enhance the sexual relationship of a woman with her partner. When having sex, there are various other aspects in the relationship, including foreplay and kissing. Vibrators are fantastic to arouse a woman during foreplay.

What you experience during the foreplay can ensure the quality of the sex you have. The women sex toys can allow you to know about your body, your pleasure points, orgasm and thus improve your sexual relationship with your partner.

It must resemble a penis

It is true to an extent, but not necessarily the accepted fact. Do you know that the vaginal entrance and the clitoris have more nerve endings? Many of you may believe that there must be a penetration deep inside for the ultimate pleasure. But the pleasure zone can be said to be located on the exterior of a woman's clitoris. You can also use smaller toys that would be enough to stimulate the clitoris and bring out the orgasms for you.

Partners do not accept sexual toys

We now know that women sexual toys can help in bringing out the ripping orgasms from women. Hence, you can infer that the partners would not accept the toys during a sexual encounter. However, it is a wrong notion. Several partners use it to satisfy the female partner, and several men have used it during their sexual encounters. 

What is the correct way to clean female sexual toys?

Now you know that the ladies sex toys can help you have a better sex life and help you have better health. But the materials used to make the toys can help to ascertain how to clean them. The non-electrical ones made of stainless steel, glass or silicone must be cleaned by using boiling water.

You can use a damp soapy cloth to clean the leather items. There are various toy cleaners available online too. Do some research and check if you can use them.

Where to buy toys for the vagina?

Women sex toys do not replace human partners but can improve your sexual prowess. So, how can you select the brand to buy your favorite sexual toys for women? We will discuss this further.

As a starting point, you must understand the fantasies that will help you select the type of women sexual toys suitable for you. Once you finalize this, have an assessment of your budget. There would be several options available before, but you can easily shortlist only a few products when you fix the budget.

Also, check the remarks and testimonials by earlier clients. It will help you assess the brands that you have shortlisted. Request the client support team to provide details about the durability and safety of the products. Finally, you must check whether the online store allows the discreet shipment of sex toys for women.

ItsPleazure provides a wide range of products for all categories you prefer. The prices are within a specific range and readily come within your budget. We also offer discreet shipping and reach the destination within 2 – 3 days. With our focus on customer satisfaction, we provide the best quality and durable products for you.


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