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Buy Butt Plug & Anal Bead online with low price only at ItsPleazure

Several people prefer to stimulate their anus, and the anal butt plug is the ideal option for them. They can use them according to their wishes and can be put on for a long time. They can also be used as sex toys for couple during romantic times. You can also use anal beads that are also an excellent option for gays and lesbians. Anal sex toys are popular because of the unique please that the users can derive. There are several options available online at ItsPleazure.

What is meant by Anal Toys in India?

The anal toys can stimulate the nerves in the anal opening and can be used by both sexes. Men can use it to stimulate the prostate, while women can stimulate their vulva. The toys can be made from different materials, like stainless steel, silicone, or glass. The gay sex toys can be used during a sexual encounter by a gay pair.

You can remove the inhibitions and use an anal plug with spherical components or balls to stimulate the zones around the anus. The couple sex toys have a smaller base and cannot be moved inside the anus. While you can use them alone, they can also be used when having sex in a group.

There are several lesbian sex toys that can be used to have a different feeling altogether. You must relax your mind when using them. They can be used with a lubricant to make the insertion comfortable to the user and prevent any injury.

Types of Anal Masturbators available at ItsPleazure?

1. Anal Masturbators according to material

Anal sex toys can help to spice up your sex life and help you to try something different. They are conveniently sized to stimulate the anal nerve endings and satisfy your desires. They can be of various materials like metal, glass, or silicone. 

The metal butt plug has a silvery finish, and the distinctive sheen can provide the added sparkle in your sexual affairs. The silicone butt plug is more flexible and is waterproof. They are soft, phthalate-free, and non-porous. You can have a better experience with a glass butt plug if you place it in a refrigerator. The coldness will add a new dimension to your fantasies.

2. Anal Sex Plugs according to shape

They are among the familiar anal sex toys used by both men and women. They can be used during role play and bondage using the various shaped toys available. The crystal butt plug can easily stimulate the inner walls of the vagina apart from the anus. It provides better friction, and entering the anus is smoother. They are ideal for wearing for a long time and convenient to insert.

The anal beads made a unique shape with round beads to stimulate the anus. The toy has a flexible tapering size, and some of them have a vibrator. The anal hook is made from metal or other substances and usually finds its way among the familiar LGBTQ sex toys. There is a hook at one end, and the other part that goes inside the anus has a small ball at the tip. The tail butt plug is small and usually metallic. They are lightweight, and the tail is generally furry to play with your fantasies.

3. Vibrating Anal Toys according to function

The anal plug can be augmented using a vibrator for additional pleasure. You must remember that there are several non-vibrating toys as well. It is an enjoyable experience, and they can be made from silicone, metal, or jelly. It is suggested that you avoid the ones made from jelly. The vibrating anal butt plug is stable enough and has several vibration modes for more fun. They are very soft to the skin. 

The vibrating anal beads are unique because they can provide a different sensation when inserting them in the anus. The vibrating modes can be changed easily by a button. There is a mixed feeling of relaxation and tightness when it is used.

Advantages of using Anal Toys for anal sex

It generates a beautiful feeling

Several people prefer to try something different. Anal sex toys are one of the best options to stimulate the anus. They can help to generate new sensations by stimulating the anal nerve endings. You can also have several vibration modes for additional pleasure. Beginners can also experiment with some of the smaller toys. The anus vibrator can also help to stimulate the prostate for men.

Bring out shattering orgasms

You can understandably have orgasms by tickling your clit or vagina. But you can also stimulate your anus for an orgasm, and only a handful of people know this. These toys are inclusive and allow the users to understand what is turning them on and ease the inhibitions that they may have. The other point to note is that the vagina and clit are near, and the toys can stimulate them too. It can lead to improved orgasms for men as they can have a stronger erection.

Bringing out the unique fantasies

Are you aware that the anal vibrator can also have an enhanced effect on the vagina? The width of the vaginal canal can be widened and provide additional please to the user when they use the anal plug. The ones that are longer can deliver unique sensations to the body. They can be inserted according to the pleasure levels of the user. Men can also find using anal toys for men worthwhile as they can induce earth-shattering orgasms.

Create unique bonds with your partner

It will be great to know that anal play with your partner can add a unique value to your sex life. However, it will need higher communication levels with the partner. You must also know the tolerance levels and vulnerability of the other person. You can indulge in erotica without the usual penetration. Having sex repeatedly in the ordinary course can be boring and using these couple toys can be helpful. They can also readily double up as the best LGBTQ sex toys.

How to choose Anal Sex Plug online?

The material used

There are several options available for you, but you must choose one that is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. The metallic ones are durable, but buy a butt plug online from a reputed brand. It will ensure you have a better-quality product. You can use one made of glass, but you must handle them carefully. If you are using a silicone toy, ensure it is medical-grade and non-porous. It is better to avoid the ones made of leather or jelly.

Checking the size

The first point to consider is the penetration level you can tolerate. If you plan to use it on your partner, understand the tolerance levels. It will help you ascertain the size of the anal plug that you can buy. The length and the size of the bulb girth must be suitable to the level of the penetration depth that can be tolerated. If it is for a beginner, it is suggested that you choose the smaller anal toys in India.

Type of the toy

You must be aware that there are various types of the anal plug. Experienced users can buy vibrating butt plugs that can provide a unique sensation. These can also double up to stimulate the prostate for men and the vulva for women. You must also do adequate research about the various types of toys available and select one based on your fantasies. The shape of the bulb and the neck are factors to consider for these toys.

Considering safety aspects

The users must remember that anal sex toys can get sucked into the anus if they aren't cautious. If you don't buy from a reputed brand, there may not be any security feature to prevent this from happening. There should be a small plug that will help to avoid any such incident. You must also consider the hygiene factors. Clean it regularly and ideally use it with a condom. Always buy one that can be cleaned easily and is waterproof.

Tips & precautions while using Anus Vibrator & Anal Stimulators

Taking care when using

Several people enjoy it when they use butt plug and can be used during sex with a partner or masturbation. You can make insertion easy; you can start with some foreplay to ease the muscles. You can press the plug's tip against the anus and gently push it inside. Pressure can be increased gently, and if the pain is unbearable, you must stop. Beginners must get initiated with a toy of a smaller size.

Using a lubricant 

One of the best ways to use anal sex toys is to apply a lubricant to the area. However, you must always check whether the lubricant will be compatible with the material used to make the sex toys for men & women. For any doubt, you must contact the manufacturer for details. Ideally, water-based lubricants can be used with metallic and glass toys. When using silicone toys, always ensure it is waterproof.

Cleaning the anal plug

You must clean the toy regularly to prevent spreading any infection. It can also prevent any sexually transmitted diseases. You can wash them off with anti-bacterial soap and water. However, please do not use any scrubber on the silicone toys as it may lead to scratches. The toy can be dried out and stored discreetly to be utilized later.

Don’t keep it there too long

If you plan to put on the anal sex toys for a prolonged time, you must lubricate the area and wear adjustable underwear. However, it is suggested that you don’t wear it for more than one or two hours. It can squeeze the inner walls of the anus and cause injury. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, it is better to take it out.

Buy best quality & affordable Anal Vibrator & Beads online only at ItsPleazure

The anal plug is a unique toy used by men and women to derive pleasure and ensure their fantasies can come to life. There are several products available based on shape, size and features. Women can use it to stimulate the anus or other sex organs. The anal toys for men can be used to stimulate the prostate too. 

The toys come in various shapes, sizes, and features. You can buy a butt plug in India online from a reputed store. It will ensure that the products are of the best quality and hygienic. At ItsPleazure, there is an assortment of such products you can choose according to your wish. The products are shipped discreetly, and you will receive the shipment within two to five working days. 

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