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5 Reasons Why You Must Insist on Condom Use During Sex

The flush of desire... The undeniable fizz of excitement as your partner takes you in their arms... The rapid beating of a heart, the closing of eyes and the quivering of lips as you wait for an earth-shattering experience. It happens to everyone. However, the throes of passion or a sexual situation can prove to be as dangerous, if not practiced wisely, as it can prove to be exciting.

Do you know a lot of people just aren’t sure how to insist on condom use when they have embarked on a sexual journey? But, insist they must. Let us tell you why you must insist on a condom during sex.

 condom use during sex



It’s dangerous!

Do not take it lightly. You can be vulnerable to life-threatening STIs. Now, that’s a steep price to pay for an evening of sex, however mind-blowing it is, don’t you think?

This should be reason enough for you to run to the nearest pharmacist or go online to buy a truck-full of condoms. What? Do you still want to go through the list? OK, then...


Be long as you want

Using a condom doesn’t guarantee 100% protection against pregnancy, but it’s as close as you can get. So, if you aren’t interested in flaunting a baby bump anytime soon, insist on a condom use. If you are a man, carry your own protection. Relying on your woman for birth control measures can sometimes backfire. Got it??


For his and her pleazure.

The array of ribbed, studded, dotted, and what not types of textured condoms available in the market to add more pleazure during the intercourse. The ribs, dots, and studs are put in parts where they could serve their purpose best. Apart from these, there are the extra pleazure condoms that delay climaxing. They help you last longer during sexual intercourse increasing the pleazure for both of you. Also, not to forget the fruit (strawberry, mango, cherry, and litchi) and spice flavoured condoms that add more romance into the whole sexual act. 


For wild sex

When there is not a shadow of doubt over contracting infections and risking pregnancies, you will realize that you enjoy your sex more. You can be as wild as possible and try out as many positions as you want without any nagging worry to burst your bubble. Believe us, guilt-free and doubt-free sex are better and wilder.


For any time, anywhere sex

Ha ha, this one’s naughty, and but very exciting. Imagine meeting an interesting person at a party to whom you’d want to make love to. And all you got is an alcove behind a cupboard for making out. Just open a packet and enjoy! No mess, no cleaning required. Shake hands and move away.

 Hope by now, you are convinced why condoms are important, and why you must insist on a condom use during sex. Enjoy sex and be safe!

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