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Sex Lubricants: All You Need to Know

There is no doubt that an active sex life has its health benefits. That’s why many people do not shy away from using everything from toys for couples to role play costumes and all in between. One of the products that people say have helped them improve their sex life more than other things, however, is sex lubricant. Contrary to the common notion, lubricants aren’t reserved for older women who experience vaginal dryness. Nor are they intended to fix any sex problem. Rather, they are meant for any women, young or old, experiencing dryness in the vagina, or those with a small vulva. In this post, we discuss all that you need to know about sex lubricants, starting with the common reasons behind vaginal dryness.



Common Factors that Affect Vaginal Secretions

  • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, contraception
  • Side effects of full hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and immune disorders
  • Diabetes and other medical conditions
  • Medications including antidepressants, and contraceptive pills
  • Use of chemical products, and
  • Lack of foreplay


 Why Use a Lubricant?

According to a recent study, “Women's Perceptions about Lubricant Use and Vaginal Wetness During Sexual Activities”, 2,451 women reported that they felt positive about lubricants and that using it made it easier for them to reach orgasm. The study also shows that both men and women enjoy well-lubricated intercourse. All in all, the benefits of using sex lubricants include:

  • More pleasure
  • Prevents both penis and vagina from damages of abrasion
  • Helps make sexual intercourse last longer
  • Heightened arousal during foreplay

 sex lube


Types of Lubricants Available

There are a wide variety of sex lubricants available in the market. Some are organic while others are water or silicon-based. In the absence of proper knowledge on these products, partners can feel irritation, thrush or allergies, instead of pleasure, as some of them are dyed and may contain ingredients that may not suit everyone’s skin. Therefore, it is essential to use only quality products and always read them before usage. Here are the common types of lubricants you need to know about, with their features.

Water Based

  • Inexpensive
  • Most commonly used
  • Safe for all sexual activities, including with latex condoms and diaphragms
  • Available in large varieties
  • Easy to wash off after use

Silicone Based

  • Last for a long time
  • Safe for use with latex condoms
  • Not suitable for silicone sex toys

Oil Based

  • Long lasting
  • Silky smooth experience
  • Great for masturbation
  • Not safe to use with latex contraceptives




There are different ways modern couples try to improve their sex life. Among others such as toys for couples and adult sex games, lubricants are one of the most used. The reason behind this is that they are more of a requirement for women who experience vaginal dryness and don’t get desired pleasure during sex. Additionally, using sex lubricants also makes men feel better during sex. Once you finalized which types of you need and which you want to use, feel free to browse which options are available and how you get them discreetly.
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