How to increase intimacy among Couples
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How to increase intimacy among Couples

This day and age everything has become very fast in your life. Everyone has endless demands and efforts are made to fulfill those demands without thinking about the beloved relations they have. Same is the case in a love relation of couples. They love each other and their feelings of having sex activities increase with the time, but after a specific period of time, they get tired of each other. When you talk about the couples that are married, they will have the same problem too. They are busy in feeding their children and they don’t get the time or chance to sit or lay together to have some activities that could enhance their intimacy.

Here are the following steps that can be followed by couples to restart their relation full of love.

intimacy between  couples

Visiting and Purchasing sex toys online:

If you are from India you can say it is tough to go out in some cities to find adult stores, so your best choice in such situation can be sex toys online. There are different sex products and personal care products available in online adult stores. Some of the famous products available for men and women are the following,

  • Body Glide
  • Personal Lubricant
  • Jasmine soap
  • Teddy
  • Bath salts
  • Oils to enhance the hormones
  • Energy Roll on

These products are some of many you can choose to get the sex toys which can really work to get your sexual relation going on.

Some tricks to increase the intimacy:

  1.  Touch each other at night time:

    As a couple, you should try to get in bed at night time and try to touch each other and enjoy the heat of the bodies. As a man you should try to hug her and squeeze her but and kiss her on his neck, this will make her feel hot from inside.

    1. Watch adult movies together:

    You should try to watch porn movies together, this will make you feel hot and it will force you to do the things you are watching the movie. You will surely get tired of watching it in some time and start your own intercourse.

    1. Take bath together:

    What will be better than going into the bathroom together taking sexy night dress of your girl off and start teasing her with kissing her chest and belly? You can give each other a bath and a massage together; this will lead you towards real feelings of having sex at the extreme levels.

    1. Sexy night dress:

    If someday, you are looking to set yourself to have a feel of the bodies of each other as a woman you should wear a very sexy night dress. You can buy lingerie online in India and there are many adult lingerie stores online too. Your appearance at the time can attract your partner towards you. So, sexy night dress is very important for you to enjoy the sexual activities.

    1. Do the naughty stuff:

    You can try naughty stuff, for example, you can take her fingers in your mouth and suck them or you can make her lay on you. Just try to do something unique and new this will really make you both feel Horny have sex at all the extremes.

    1. A day just for sex:

    You can decide just one day only for sex, you can do a different type of things such as lunch in a very lovely mood or a candlelight dinner. One that day you just put your all electronic gadgets and cell phones on switched off mode, and you should just dedicate the time to each other. This will help you to come close to each other and restart your sexual relation too.

    Bottom line:

    These are some of the ways which can help the couples to enhance their intimacy. There are many others ways just like giving time to each other, taking time of each other, doing something special, giving surprise, cooking food, scheduling parties and etc. These things are also very important for the success of a sexual relationship.
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