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10 Most Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

There are many romantic ideas you can try this Valentine’s Day. There are conventional ideas like giving a bouquet of a dozen red roses, perfume, jewellery, chocolates or a romantic candlelit dinner in a luxury restaurant.

But this time, we would like to make February 14th a little bit more romantic, fun and interesting with our full list of unique romantic ideas for you and your spouse.

valentine day ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas for your Man

  1. Cut a piece of hot pink paper in a form of heart shape and write a special romantic message using your red lipstick and tape it on the bathroom mirror for your super man to see on Valentines Day morning
  2. Try spraying an intimate item of your man with your favorite perfume and put it in his briefcase or on the rear view mirror of his truck or car
  3. Surprise him by preparing some heart shaped cookies and serve them in his lunch. Make sure he doesn’t know what you are preparing until it is served
  4. When he arrives home from work, make a rose petal path that leads to the bathroom where you will be and soaking near the candlelit with a glass of champagne, this is to let him know that you are getting ready for a romantic Valentine evening
  5. Put some candy hearts with your favorite little lovely saying into his coat or trouser pocket before he goes to work

Valentine's Day Ideas for your Woman

It is not a surprise that women love presents and shopping. If you and your spouse have been together for some time, she will love being reminded that you still deeply care for her.

  1. Since we all know that women love shopping, a gift voucher to her favorite online lingerie store will make her heart melt and reignite the love she has for you 
  2. Women are very emotional; they appreciate non-commercial presents as well, so crafting a hand-written love letter with genuine feelings will touch her deeply. And the best part is it doesn’t have any effect on your pocket.
  3. If she is always the one to clean the house, take turn in doing the domestic chores this Valentine weekend by washing the dishes, doing the vacuuming, doing the laundry, and cooking dinner. Women need to be pampered by their man. Don’t fail to open every door for her and softly say, "Ladies first," at every opening.
  4. If you really want to do some extra cool stuff, offer massage, brush her hair and paint her toenails.
  5. Buying her a sexy night dress or lingerie is the perfect present because it will thrill you both on Valentine Day. There are varieties of sexy night dress and sexy lingerie available in our online store.

Make this February 14th a memorable one for you and your spouse by giving him or her one of these 10 romantic Valentines Day pleasure.

Have a great day!


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