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5 Sex Toys for Married Couples’ Steamy Sessions

Adult sex toys are not popular in India, for couples are not too comfortable disclosing their secret sexual pleasure to their partner. While it is natural to self-pleasure on a few occasions, spending more sessions with your battery-operated-boyfriend than real guy requires introspection. Before you become habitual of lack of sexual pleasure through intercourse and fulfill your desires via sex toys, introduce your man into your world filled with vagina vibrator and female massagers.

adult toys for couples

He may appear apprehensive in the beginning, but once he is comfortable using the pleasure tools, he may put the vibrators and massagers to great use, and generate stimulation that takes you to a place you have never been. You can find adult sex toys suitable for both men and women for sexual intimacy. Such toys for married couples are easily available at online stores, allowing you to buy them in complete privacy. This blog highlights 5 couple sex toys popular in India that you can think of buying online.

Demon Massager

The demon massager is an intense, compact bullet shaped vibrator with flexible horns. It is designed to send vibrations to the tips of the vagina to generate intense stimulation, resulting in ecstatic pleasure. The massager has one-touch activation and is powered by a 3-speed motor. It comes with an additional pulse function for stimulating intimate encounters. The flexible horns stimulate the clitoris and G-spot. Additionally, vibrating the flexible horns on the head of the penis can also stimulate men and give them pleasure. A wireless and waterproof toy, you can use the massager even in the shower. It is coated with premium silicone latex and is phthalate free, allowing you to measure the depth of the love hole without worrying about infection or irritation.

Mini G-spot Vibrator

A mini G-spot vibrator is perfectly sized to generate the desired stimulation in females. The upward curving tip of the vibrator nuzzles the G-spot, and its 10 vibrating functions guarantee pleasure to satisfy your sexual urges. Your man can use the bulbous tip to nuzzle your clitoris or caress your G-spot to build stimulation and help you reach orgasm. Use the vibrator without worrying about infections or irritation as it is made of silicone, which is safe on the skin and hypoallergenic. The 3-speeds and 7 patterns of vibration allow you to experiment and get total satisfaction. Take this waterproof vibrator into the bath or shower to bring alive your fantasies. You can also use it with water-based lube for satisfying play.

Teardrop Bullet

The teardrop bullet is a powerful and erotic vibrator functioning at different speeds that take you to the ultimate pleasure zone. Rub the clitoris with the bullet during foreplay to stimulate the desired sensation. Adding to the usability of the sex toy is its small size that allows it to enter the vagina comfortably without causing any pain. As a powerful stimulator with multi-speed properties and compact size, the teardrop bullet is an ideal toy for anal sex too.

Vibrating Finger Ring

A vibrating finger ring is one of the tiniest tingling mini vibrators on the market. You and your partner can enjoy its intimate enhancement as it literally puts the pleasure control at your fingertips. Men just need to wear it on their finger and reach for their partner’s G-spot. It is easy to turn on the vibrator and the sensation in generates can help women reach the highest levels of ecstasy during foreplay, making them perfectly stimulated and lubed for some passionate sex.

Vibrating Pleasure Ring

The vibrating pleasure ring is designed to increase the intensity of pleasure for both parties. It features pleasure knobs that stimulate both partners simultaneously from the rhythm generated within the ring. The man wears it on an erect penis at the base. The bulging bump faces forward, while the vibrator being should be on top. Push the on/off switch located on the side of the vibrator inward and carefully enter the vagina to intensify your pleasure senses during sex. Generally, the vibrations last around 30-40 minutes, depending on the charge. You can stop the vibration by pulling the on/off switch outwards.

Time to Vibe Together

There is a lot to explore during foreplay and sex, and with the right couples sex toys, the sky is the limit. Look at the options available on the market and discuss your fantasies with your partner before buying. If you need to check out couple sex toys highlighted in the post and more options, visit itspleaZure today. We are a renowned store selling sex toys online in India. Browse through our comprehensive product range to buy edible toys, vibrators for couples, vagina vibrator, female massagers, or any other adult sex toys across India. Give us a call at +91-7506942318 or fill out the contact form, and one of our professionals will get in touch with you, shortly.

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