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What a no underpants day did for our Intimacy?

I and my husband are both working professionals. Usually our entire week remains packed with meetings and professional outings. This leaves us with almost no time for personal leisure. Though work is important but it often dampens our relationship and we end up quarrelling with each other. But since we understand each other well, we easily forget our differences and get along nicely.

No panties day - itspleaZure intimacy tips

On one such occasion, after a stressful week we decided to spend some private time together. We didn’t really plan anything but had agreed to pamper and surprise each other with plenty of romance and intimacy. There was one more rule for the day that we will not wear our underpants. Since nothing was planned, everything was spontaneous, including our reactions and emotions.

As the day began, my husband had already started to follow the pledge by preparing a surprise morning breakfast for us. It was my favorite bread toast and orange juice. What more? He even served me well. Then he carried me in his arms and took me to the couch. He had decorated the whole area with roses and candles.

I was so impressed by all this and gave him a long kiss. He returned an even more mouth-watering smooch with licking and biting. We started to get physical and wild. Couch has always been our favorite place to make love and that’s exactly what we were doing as well. The no pants rule had already done its trick as we got indulged in intimacy and warmth.

In the afternoon we cooked the lunch together. Trust me, husbands are great assistant chefs, especially when they are on a mission to woo you. We giggled, laughed and made fun of each other and even spoke about how often we used to do such things in the past. We spent rest of the afternoon looking at old pictures and discussing stories related to each of them.

I decided to do something special for the evening. We had an early dinner so that we can spend more time in the bed. I had worn only lingerie to tempt my love. As we lied on the bed, he drew me towards him and started kissing. I switched some light music in the background and then started kissing him back. I leaned on him and started licking and smooching his neck.

I slowly moved to the bottom as we undressed ourselves. We indulged in all sort of naughty and mischievous activities. We first started by doing oral. My husband turns on when I move my tongue over him. It’s more like giving him a head start before making love. We then twisted and rolled as we were playing and touching each other.

As we started to make love I could feel the rush in my blood. There was some strange tingling and vibrations running across me. Though nothing new, but it still had the same amount of excitement as before. This intimacy and love is all we always crave for. We spent the whole night in the same way and it was really a great experience.

The no pants rule was an added advantage for the day as we spent more time in indulging rather than just pampering and playing. Such moments bring in some much needed respite in our otherwise boring and work loaded lives. Physical closeness is a sure shot way to spend some great time together.

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