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Girls today are more ready than ever to explore their wild side and do stuffs they have never been indulged in before. They are willing to take the road less taken and do experiments with their guy in the bed. Infact more than the guys, it’s the girls today who come forward and ask for more exaggerating pleasure while having sex. They are also open to try things like vibrators, sex toys, lubricants and more to add the extra fun element to their make-out sessions.

You need not try anything superficial; just try something you have never done before. It will be a more like a fun exercise which will surely be enjoyed by both of you. Girls or guys, both are willing to go an extra mile and ensure complete satisfaction and ecstasy for their partner. Here’s a list of some interesting tips that you can try as a part of your experimentation.

Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Start “Experimenting” In Bed

  1. Use Dim Lights

There’s a lot of chaos with the light on/off thing as each one has a different approach towards it. Some may prefer having sex with the lights on to be able to see the emotions with their own naked eyes while others may prefer to just enjoy just the screams. To come to a consensus and to add more sensuousness to the situation, you may instead try using dim lights or candles. Dimness turns the atmosphere hot and seductive and is considered to kindle romance as well.

  1. Give yourself a Head-start

One of the most soothing ways to start the proceedings is to have a hot water bath or a massage session with your partner.  The cuddling and teasing will add more spice and allow you to prepare yourself in the most enticing manner. There are a lot of items that you can use like women massagers, babydoll lingerie and other romance toys to seduce your partner and tempt him. This whole process will allow you to relax and also interconnect with your partner before you hit the bed and get lost into the wilderness.

  1. Try the “No Comments” Talk

Ask your guy to lie down and tell him not to move or speak for the next few minutes. This will allow you to explore his body and tickle him up without getting any feedback in return. Such an alluring exercise will enable his hormones with sky rocketing speeds and generate strong crazy emotions that you might have never seen before. You will also be able to feel his body and experience the vibrations as you connect to his soul.

  1. Have fun with your lingerie

One great way to evoke pleasure is to wear fun lingerie. You can wear a sexy bedroom costume, the corset lingerie or just the normal women’s wear.  Lingerie can help you entice your partner and make him feel charged up. You can even choose to dress your guy with bikinis, bra and panties, obviously if he agrees to. This will bring some wittiness to your bedroom and add wildness that will spice up your intercourse.

  1. Mirror your image
One interesting thing you can try is use mirrors while having sex. It will surely be fun to see yourself getting entwined with each other. Many couples follow this practice and see great changes in the way they approach sex. This method will help you shed your shyness and make you more bold and practical. Seeing your image in the mirror will also enable you to try new styles and positions and even indulge in silly stuffs that will make you more playful.


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