What Does Your Favourite Sex Position Say About You?
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What Does Your Favourite Sex Position Say About You?

Different habits attribute different mannerisms to your personality. The way you sleep, the way you talk, and even the way you make love tells something absolute about you. You all know that your favorite sex position is one which gives you pleasure while getting physical with your partner. It enables you to release the best orgasm in a relatively undeterred way. But then did you know that it also says something unique about your personality as well.

Sex is amongst the most common acts that every human gets involved in. So it surely tells a lot about you and your personal characteristics. Let’s look at the most popular sex positions that you would easily find in your own bedrooms and also know what it has to say about you.

What Does Your FAV Sex Position Say About You

  1. Missionary

Missionary is probably the most common sex position followed all around you. It’s the way you are taught to do sex in the first place and you might have also seen the same in films and TV serials as well. So what does it say about you? Well it tells you are a classic. You believe in long-term commitments and you are not afraid of exchanging vows with your love. People might think you are dull and humorless but then it doesn’t matter as you know your target and you are bang on with your approach.

  1. Standing

This is an exciting position where you are pressing your partner against the door or in the shower. You are making love to her by standing straight and not by lying in the bed. Guys who love having standing sex enjoy adventure and are very out-going in nature. You love to indulge in exhilarating things and enjoy doing stuffs that involve some amount of risk. You are naughty, mischievous and have a sense of adrenaline rush in your blood. Such people are ready to go an extra mile and see if there is anything worth it.

  1. Doggy Style

Whether you are pushing hard or you are grabbing and pulling her back, this position does have something wild associated with it. People who prefer such positions are the ones who own a wild personality. This position is loved by all men as you can get a deep and satisfying penetration. There is intimacy, pleasure and fun associated with this position. Even the women who loves it are attributed with a naughty personality and are the ones who enjoy being kinky.

  1. Woman on Top

A position that is deeply loved by both the women and men alike where in the women is the commander of the make-out session. Levels of intimacy and penetration are decided by her and she is the leader of this position. It is pretty evident that you are not concerned with the woman being in-charge of the proceedings and being dominant in the relation. You are submissive but not necessarily timid when it comes to taking up matters in your own hand. For women, it means you are extremely confident and comfortable.

  1. Spooning
Spooning is often related to cuddling and teasing in the bed. No wonder it is a favorite amongst many couples and they are super comfortable when they are doing sex in this position. This style is more about the romance and the softness involved with the sex. It tends to explain that the couple is comfortable with each other and they love their relationship. They are looking to slowly move forward and confide in each other which are symbols of a progressing relationship.
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